Vietnamese blonde hair: the best luxury and charm hairstyles

Vietnamese blonde hair is one of the beautiful and favorite dyed hair now because this is a creative color, fresh young and unique that any girls can not ignore. Let’s read with this Ivirgo articles here!

Although not the new hairstyle but the hair dyed blonde color is always the hair color dyed beautiful skin, brighten the face without fear of fad. If you want to own a beautiful dyed hair like this dream is the choice is full of charm and appeal for you. The Vietnamese blonde hair are welcomed as a new trend.

Vietnamese blonde hair

Let’s find out about Vietnamese blonde hair.

Hope the sharing below will help you no wonder when you do not know how to choose beautiful dye hair color to appear in the upcoming New Year 2018 to spring.

  • Vietnamese blonde hair: with hightlight color tone

With trendy girls, you will definitely like to combine several hair colors together. There are many options for you:

Hightlight color with multiple layers of hair alternating, suitable for her personality

Hightlight color-  partial dyeing with this type of dye, you should choose the hair around the face to dye, which will help your face bright and radiant.

Ombre color often makes a splash, an absolute personality for a person, but they can also be very gentle and elegant if you know how to choose colors. If you are a personality, choose the ombre with the Vietnamese blonde hair color. If you follow the gentle, feminine style, choose a gentler gourmet to create a natural, subtle.

What you care about when dyeing any hair color is that it matches your skin tone and your face? Because not all hair colors help to skin tone and brighten the face, there are a lot of light tone picky skin. However, for the blonde color is not too prominent and not too dark. It is very suitable for a Asian skin characteristics. If you have yellow or dark skin color, the most suitable color for you to dye your hair is brown and blonde. These tones will help your skin become shiny and refreshed. Therefore, Vietnamese blonde hair is always an attractive choice for both men and women that you can not ignore.

In the sunshine, Vietnamese blonde hair color will shimmer up to make you look like a princess who attracts all eyes of everyone around.

Hair dye will make the structure of the hair damaged, easy to dry fiber is inevitable. However, you can limit the above if you choose a dye that has advanced ingredients and is suitable for your dyed hair. You need to take care of your Vietnamese blonde hair carefully.

Avoid dye exposed to the sun: Sunlight causes the dye to fade and the hair becomes discolored. Hair restraint is too frequent, affecting the durability of the dye.

Vietnamese blonde hair

You should steam your hair once a week.

Do not dry your hair with a hot dryer: After shampooing, dry your hair with a fan or a cold dryer. Avoid drying your hair with a hot dryer because the heat will not adapt to the hair (wet to hot) so it is vulnerable to cuticle and split ends.

Use natural nutrients to permanently color hair: hair dye treatment with natural nutrients is the best way to help hair recover quickly. You can use coconut oil, olive oil.. natural moisture balance for hair, restores damaged hair and keeps the scalp healthy from the inside out.

Use specifically shampoo for dyed hair: Hair dye shampoos will contain the right formulas, which will protect your hair from scarring and split ends, while helping to keep Vietnamese hair color longer.

For a dyed hair to keep the dye lasting and smooth, you need to know how to properly care for your hair. Some simple hair care tips above will help you to have shiny, strong hair.

Vietnamese blonde hair is brings lightness but it is very attractive because it is the color of beauty and the face is very easy to choose costumes and make-up style to create harmony and youthful.

With Vietnamese blonde hair, You can confidently and change the style with this dye hair color. You will look really bright youthful hair color than the traditional black hair as before. Therefore, do not be afraid to change yourself with this attractive and youthful hair style.

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