Make your hair beautiful with Vietnamese hair accessories

One day, you feel boring with your hair which is without any hair accessories, you are confused that how to have correctly choices. Do not worry about it, this post will make your hair beautiful with Vietnamese hair accessories, especially in your big day or on your wedding day.

This post also shows you kinds of Vietnamese hair accessories and how to use them properly.

What is Vietnamese hair accessories? How many kinds of them?

They are only accessories like other accessories, but they are made from national Vietnam and made from Vietnam, depend on traditional Vietnam but also have developing accessories of global.

Firstly, hair accessories are anything which is put on your hair and make your hair beautiful. They have a lot of different shapes, sizes, and styles. They can secure your hairstyles or create something new and different on your hair. Make you unique in the big party with your friends. Some are a good way of getting your bangs off your face, and others make you different.

Vietnamese hair accessories
Vietnamese hair accessories

Ther are a lot of kinds of Vietnamese hair accessories, such as Jaw clip, variations, clips, combs, scarves, head wraps, pins, stretch combs, barrettes, elastics, Tiaras, headpieces, headbands, sticks, banana clips….

How to choose Vietnamese hair accessories properly.

Firstly, you should determine that you use Vietnamese hair accessories for what: for a normal day, for the big day (have a birth party or celebrations or anniversary days…) or for your wedding day.

For your normal day, you should choose the simple, polite accessories. That does not mean that you have to choose monotonous accessories or do not choose beautiful accessories. Clips, combs, scarves, head wrap… are convenience things for a normal day.  

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For your big day, important day, you should choose bright hair accessions, more splendid things. That makes you highlight on the crowd people and that is very suitable.

Vietnamese hair accessories for wedding day or big day
Vietnamese hair accessories for wedding day or big day

For your wedding day-the unique day in your life, your choices are very important for an important day, let choose carefully and in details for perfect hair on your wedding day, you should choose accessories which have the characteristics following:

  • Depending on your traditional attires and styles but you also can experiment with globalization fashion trends, as long as you are beautiful
  • Let’s remember that your wedding dress is the king and any Vietnamese hair  are going to support it and whatever you should choose to pair up with your dress, to highlight your dress.
  • Pay attention to your hairstyles, they have to be the most suitable for your hairstyles and make overall is pretty.

How to use Vietnamese hair accessories to have such a beautiful hair

As I mentioned before, we have many kinds of Vietnamese hair accessories, in this post, I will give you the ways to use some popular accessories.

First of all is Combes.

Combs are usually made of plastic and metal such as … you can insert each comb into your hair to lock your hair in hairstyles. They have many teeth, and have many sizes. If your hair is very long and thick, you should a bigger size and on the contrast, you should choose small others.

Vietnamese hair accessories
Vietnamese hair accessories

This is suitable for any hairstyle because they are very easy to use. Let’s put them in backward and upside down and put them into your hair. The teeth of theirs need to be facing toward in front of your head.

You can use pins or stretch combs, barrettes or clips like that, it is very easy to use them.

You can choose combs which is simple for a normal day or splendid others for the special day.

Secondly, Using scarves and head wraps on your head for a strange hairstyle.

They are very suitable for a picnic, strolling or celebrating days, even wearing it at home to do housework … and with those who have long hair and even short hair if you want to hide all hair into scarves, you will become standing out from a crowd and have a fun day. Scarves and headwraps can be made from many materials such as silk, fabric, woolens …. They are usually soft and easy to wrap or tie around the head.

I hope that after reading this post about Vietnamese hair accessories, you can choose the most suitable accessories for yourself and always be splendid on the crowd. The women have to be beautiful, making yourself more beautiful day by day is the smartest way to upgrade you.                                              

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