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Should you be reading this article, it means you are interested in weave. Indeed, weave is getting more and more prevalent these days for a reason. Thanks to weave, you just do need to wait for a long time for your hair to grow. You can achieve a gorgeous look right after the installation. Among quite a few types of weave, 10 inch weave is among the best choices for an outrageously natural look while you are feeling so comfortable in that new appearance. It is better for sure; in addition to classic straight long hair, weave allows you to experience many different styles. Just new hair, new me once with 10 inch weave!

Description of 10 inch weave

10 inch weave is described in the perspectives of many clients as fierce and fabulous as those of celebrities whom they often admire on the red carpet. It is not exaggerated that it makes you a star, even a diva everyday. So what does it have to empower many ladies to be self-confident like that? Let’s get involved and figure out its outstanding features that you may know or may not know before.

When you search for 10 inch weave, the top-searched keyword should be natural looks of your hair. Why is that? Because it helps to add length and density, as well as change color to the extent that completely refresh yourself without any chemical damage.

Moreover, you can experience many hairstyles of 10 inch weave such as available braids, curly or straight styles. This kind of weft is also easily washed and replaced while it is durable throughout the time. It is among those which require less care and maintenance – a proven statement from leading hair stylists.

10 inch weave
10 inch weave – sexy and natural look like real strands

Should you be still wondering how short 10 inch weave is, please have a look at the picture below. It is the invocation that we have mentioned many times in previous articles about some types of weaves. On the contrary to 8 inch weave – a very short hairstyle that makes you outstanding and emphasized in the crowd, 10 inch weave and 12 inch weave are just to help you achieve popular short weaves. By this, we mean that 10 inch weave makes sure that you still keep your serious but freshing appearance. You may not be the one who everyone needs to turn their head to look but you are formal enough.

10 inch weave
The invocation that has guided many ladies on the way to choose a suitable hair length.

How beneficial it is?

This weave is a usual suggested length for hair extension users. It appears in hand tied or machine made weft. Short weaves often bring a natural look, which is a sophisticated choice for both office work and a special night out or even a date. Short as they are, short hairstyles are extremely versatile. To be more specific, we will indicate how flexible they are as it follows.

When compared to long and lustrous strands that can be a perfect option to create mystery and allure, short weaves like 10 inch weave are best suited with a professional and polished appearance during the week. However, by cutting fringes to rock a carefree face and putting on a little black dress, you can easily style a shiny short bob with this kind. Therefore, you are likely to achieve the sexiness.

10 inch weave
Imagine one day you are nothing different from a celebrity on the red carpet

How to style 10 inch weave?

This should be a predictable question as after buying, many clients are definitely in chaos due to the fact that they do not know how to do with a bundle of weave. As updated from many sources, the recurrence of the fringe look is a hot trend in short styles. It means that bangs are no longer the only spotlight in hair stage.

10 inch weave
There are many choices out there for you to choose and work with…

Currently, fringes have been designed to look both delicate, flirty and feminine. A 10 inch weave enables you to style, curl or even create a long hair. Before getting started any kind of styles, do not forget to comb out all the knots by a wide tooth comb from bottom upwards. Unlike clip-in hair extensions, heat must not be utilized to weave, even though you are in a hurry.

+ For straight 10 inch weave hair:

There are three common styles for straight texture, namely asymmetric style weave, swept away styles and bob with front fringe. Each of these styles requires unique features of face and desires to a certain look. For more information, let’s have a look at the table below.

10 inch weave
This is bob with fringe style that can be adopted to many girls to be more energetic and much younger.
Asymmetric style weaves Swept away styles Bob with front fringe
– A slender and polished look

– Most suitable for long and oval face

– Be more stunning thanks to the combination of two hair colors. For instance, dark brown and burgundy

– A highlighted look

– Most suitable for round and oval face

– Good color combination: dark brown or pure black

– A great look in general

– Most suitable for short and petite ladies

– Best suited with chestnut color

– A desired look: feminine

+ For curly 10 inch weave hair:

For those who are interested in sexy waves that curly texture possesses, you may be in two minds between cropped straight weave and swept over styles. A detailed analysis is in the table below.

10 inch weave
To get the beauty that others cannot deny like this, 10 inch weave can help you.
Cropped straight weaves Swept over styles
– Features: a curly base, a crop layer on top

– Color suited: lighter hair color

– Face suited: round and oval face

– Usage: to add height to your personality

– Color suited: darker hair color

– Suited with people with diamond or heart shapes

– Usage: to achieve a nice bold look by slightly curly or wavy hair

Which choice is right for you: 10 inch weave or 10 inch clip ins?

The only similarity between weave and clip in is that they are all among popular hair extensions in the market. They are the best solution for those who are suffering from a bad haircut or some serious problems about hair. They all add length and volume to client’s natural strands in an effective way.

However, they are just two separate types which are made from different manufacturing process; thus, they have significant differences in terms of quality and features. In this part, we will address weave first.

10 inch weave
This is 10 inch weave – straight texture

10 inch weave is ideal for coarse hair. Regarding the making process, 10 inch weave is meticulously sewn into a tightly-braided section of client’s own hair. Therefore, it can reach the highest level of a natural look. Of course, it is more natural than its counterpart simply because it is carefully made and it is more expensive.

In terms of durability, it can be considered that it is as durable as 10 inch clip in hair extensions. However, as it requires serious un-keep, you have to visit the salon every six to eight weeks. When taking care of it, you also need to pay much attention to steps.

10 inch weave
Range of color of 10 inch clip in hair extensions

On the contrary, clip-in allows you to be lazy at caring for hair integrations. You can wash and style them in any way that you desire. It is not a picky and hard one. However, even if you choose human 10’’ inch clip in hair, sooner or later, you have to deal with a ratty and worn look.

Especially, if you use it frequently, you will be disappointed it a bit. The thing is that it somehow brings about a fake look for a wearer. By this, we mean others can recognize that you are wearing hair extensions, which nobody wants when they are in public.

An outstanding feature is that it is super easy to install and remove. It is the easiest one among a myriad of types over there. You do not need to be so complex at finding the ways to store or care for it. Just treat it as your own hair. That is a major reason that lures people into buying some bundles to try.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you elaborate how short 10 inch weave is?

Look at the picture in the article and you can see it is of shoulder length. From many reviews, it is not really short. It is acceptable and good enough to make you like it.


Is it the case that Brazilian 10 inch weave hair is the most prevalent type?

The answer should be not really! You can see a lot of types on Amazon or Alibaba. Brazilian 10 inch weave is well-known for a long time, which makes it be on the top-searched keyword when you google. You can try some bundles from Vietnam or Cambodia because they are all good and reasonable. There is no type that is better than the others. They are just different.


Is 10 inch weave suitable for my bob wearing? I mean type of closure?

It is quite okay if 10 inch weave is your choice. However, it would be better if you choose 8 inch weave of closure.


If I purchase some bundles of pure black color, can I bleach it?

Yes, of course. Remember to bleach it to a slightly lighter color to avoid any damage to nature of hair and its durability.


Will this 10 inch weave come bad smell?

10 inch weave
Is it true or not as I did read some feedback from Amazon about the smell of weave?

No, it does not. As long as you wash it before application, we can make sure that you will feel comfortable with it.


#1. Hi, I am the one who is always moaning about long hair. I just hate it because it takes a long time to care for. Therefore, 10 inch weave was born to be mine. On some weekends ago, I ordered 3 bundles of 10 inch weave from Vietnam. I just do not remember its exact name but its website may be I am so amazed at its fast shipping while the fee is still reasonable. I chose Vietnamese hair because it has good quality but much cheaper than other more famous types in the other side of the world. It is of shoulder-length but I chose to create a bob with fringe. I am satisfied with this natural look a lot.

#2. I just love to hear some pieces of advice from Vietnamese vendors though I have not had a chance to buy any bundle from them. At that time, I was not really willing to put hair from other people on mine. I was so scared but now, it is okay. I feel like being a true king of them and I can feel the mutual respect, which is fabulous in service. Therefore, I will order some right after leaving some lines here.


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    • Hello. You can choose hair color according to your preference and style. However, there are a number of factors to consider when choosing colors: skin tone and face shape. Wish you have the right hair color.

    • Thanks for your question. We will ship to you as soon as you order. For the most convenience, we have been in contact with shipping services throughout the world. Hope to be of service to you.

    • This hairstyle is very popular. It is a lot of diva and celebrity choices in parties or press conferences. In addition, 10 inch waves are also common in everyday life.

    • Of course. You can comfortably style to get the best look. However, you should take care of your hair carefully, preferably to limit the contact between hair and high temperature instruments. If required, spray your hair first.

    • 10 inch wave is the hair style suitable for sporty look. Because the 10-inch wave is quite short, you will look extremely neat and active with this hairstyle. You can leave the hair short or curly bob gently.

    • A light skin that fits all hair colors. You may look gently with dark colors or stand out with bright colors. Wish you choose the right hair color.

    • 10 inch wave is not difficult to maintain. However, you need to take care of them carefully. Wash your hair after use. Brush your hair frequently to avoid messy hair. Avoid using high temperature instruments, the maximum temperature allowed is 200 degrees. In addition, you should also avoid direct contact of hair and sunshine.

    • Of course, but do not overdo them. In addition, there are many types of shampoo specifically for wigs. You can refer to more.

    • The use of wigs is not difficult. You can wear a wig in 5 minutes. And after a while, when you are familiar with your wig, you even spend 2 minutes per wear. There are many people who are confident to wiggle without a mirror. Moreover, the wig also takes only 2 minutes to remove. Indeed, wigs are the perfect choice for those who want to save time and money on hair care. Instead of having to spend hours styling, wear wigs. Good luck.

    • Our 10 inch wave is made from real hair, extremely meticulous. It will be difficult to distinguish between 10 inches of wave and real hair. Even, people will chisel because of your trendy hair

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