14 -16 inches weave straight virgin hair

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Whenever you think about a new hairstyle, you must experience the whole gamut of emotions. You must be really worried as all the terms in this field seem to be unknown to you. You ponder if it is weave hair, hair weave or hair extensions? Actually, weave is another way to call hair extensions and there are a variety of weave that you may be interested in. In the previous article, we have already known about 18 inch weave; thus, we open up this topic for 14 inch weave to be more detailed, which helps you have a better choice and a more glamorous look.

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Description of 14 inch weave

14 inch weave
Overview of how long 14 inch weave could be in popular types

If you do not have long hair or your hair is not luxurious enough for you to keep it long, what will you do? Waiting for a long time for your hair to grow up is also irritating. In this case, weave is there to help you to achieve instant results and instant enhanced look.

How long is the 14 inch weave?

14 inch weave straight, as you have already seen in the picture, is of shoulder length (about 35 cm). It is essential to remember that the length of weave is calculated when hair is straightened. Therefore, when you estimate the quantity of bundles you may get, please allow for a certain type of hair extensions you desire to have.

14 inch weave
Its length may alter depending on the type of weave

Here are some of our recommendations for you to choose a suitable length of hair extensions. (see in the table)

+ Front view

14 inch weave

+ Back view

14 inch weave

12 inch Used to thicken your own hair of shoulder length
14 inch Its length and volume below the user’s shoulder
16 inch Longer hair, which makes clients girly
18 inch Popular option for length and volume
22-24 inch Used to make clients outstanding and make other say wow

For more details

What are typical features of 14 inch weave?

Should weave be collected from human beings, especially from one donor, you will not need to be worried about it quality. Simply because 14 inch hair extensions can be installed on all kinds of natural hair. There are way more different styles and textures in various color, with additional enhancements or highlights. However, I will only focus on popular textures that I am sure that you are looking for!

14 inch weave is ‘intact’ actually. It is healthy and neat with no tangle or no shedding. As it is virgin collected from either one donor or more than one human beings, its quality is without doubt hi-end. These hair integrations stay gorgeous without any fears of washing or handling.

It is a big misconception that weave is only used by black women or those from such races. In fact, many influencers take advantage of weave to have a more outstanding appearance in the crowd. It is not hard to find them in the magazine or talk show online. I even call them as the faces of weave and weave lovers.

When it comes to 14 inch weave, it is often regarded as one type of hair extensions without split ends and it is characterized by one-directional cuticle arrangement. It can be installed on all types of natural hair. Now, we would move on analyzing its texture for you to choose from.

+ Straight hair for ladies on the go

14 inch weave
Be wonderful in straight hair

There is nothing much for you to do if you decide to go for straight hair, except for combing and brushing. 14 inch weave does ensure you less maintenance than any other kinds of hair integrations. Another plus point of this texture is that you can create curly and wavy styles from straight texture. Versatility can be achieved easily.

Note: should you want it to be thicker, purchase some from Peruvian donors.

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+ Beyonce-inspired texture – curly and deep wave

It is suggested that curls are born for girls who desire to be seen in the crowd. If you are the new comers in beauty industry, these textures may make you uncomfortable because it is big and hard to manage.

A good rule of thumb for a gorgeous 14 inch is to brush it daily and braid it at night. Should you be a fan of famous Beyonce, try defined curls or go for a body wave!

Same length – 14 inch but is it better if we choose 14 inch weave rather than 14 inch bulk? Explore the difference here!

After having a basic understanding about 14 inch weave, I would like you to accompany us and find your own answer to the question “weave or bulk”? Basically, 14 inch is the same length when it comes to both bulk and weave. So in this part, we only focus on the difference between weave (weft) and bulk in general.

First, weave and bulk all belong to hair integrations. They are just two branches among a lot of types. While bulk refers to hair without weft and is used to create weft or to braid, its counterpart is of course weaved already and is easy to apply!

Bulk, which comes as strand by strand, is packed loosely. It is fixed by elastics. Bulk can be considered as the origin and father of weft and wig. You can bleach, dye, change its texture from straight to wavy/curly and vice versa. It is mainly for braiding and as an unprofessional user, bulk should not be your choice.

14 inch weave
Bulk hair

Meanwhile, weave vietnamese hair is already weaved, of course. That means you can have an instant application without any fear of damaging its style or so. The only thing you need to do is to attach them to your scalp. That’s it! Weft hair can be tied by machine or by human hands.

In order for you to remember remarkable features of these two types, I would like you to look at the following table:

Bulk hair Weft hair
14 inch in length
Hair strands are cut and arranged strand by strand.

Fixed by elastics

Popular types among Russian and Brazilian citizens.

Utilized for braiding and creating weft, wig and the like.

Hair strands are packed with loose.

Hair can be tied by hands or machines

Easy to instantly apply

Prevalent in UK and the USA

Frequently Asked Questions

#1. How can 14 inch weave last?

It lasts up to a year or so if you know how to take good care of it. See other articles of us to achieve a proper care.

#2. Is 14 inch weave suitable for bobs?

12 inches and 14 inches are both okay for bob styles.

#3. How many bundles should I get for a full head weave?

There are many factors that we need to consider before going into answering your question. However, it is necessary to remember that 1 bundle is equivalent to 4 oz or 113.4g. The quantity has to allow for the head size, hair texture, hair fullness and types of weft. To have a better choice, do not hesitate to save the picture below:

#4. Can I dye it?

In theory, you can do whatever you want with 14 inch weave. Note that it will be easier to darken the hair rather than lighten it. So as for the original color not to be faded away, darker dying is highly recommended.

#5. Should I wash it before attaching?

Please wash it with a mild shampoo and use good hair conditioner before applying. Remember to ask for your stylist’s advice because should you use the wrong shampoos, your hair integrations will be dry.

#6. Is it okay if I put heat on it?

It is okay but it is not recommended. For a longer lifespan of hair extensions, heat is the enemy that you should avoid.

#7. Human hair or synthetic hair?

Human hair, of course. There are thousands of reasons that will talk you into purchasing human hair, namely its verality, flexibility and originality.

#8. How long does it take for 14 inches

to be applied?

For a short period of time, depending on which installation you choose.

#9. Can you suggest some great products to wash and condition hair? I have changed some but the hair keeps dry after washing.

Any alcohol or sulfate free. From my experience, Pantene is good.

#10. How to install the 14 inch weave? Do I need to go to the salon?

If you are the new comer in hair extensions, salon is a better choice, to be honest. If you are familiar with it, you can take your time and do it at home to save money.

#11. How is Brazilian human weave (14 inch)?

It is amazingly soft and luscious. You will definitely be in love with its natural color and various textures with affordable prices.

#12. Can I straighten 14 inches of wavy/curly texture?

Of course, you can. Straighten, bleach and dye are all fine.

#13. Is it odorous or odorless?

In deed, it is odorless. However, you are expected to pre-wash it before installation for safety reasons.

44 responses to “14 -16 inches weave straight virgin hair”

    • Of course. I dare not claim that all types of 14 inch weave are good or of high quality. From my personal experience, 14 inch weave is worth my investment. I decided to make a deal with Alibaba and indeed, I am always a fan of Vietnamese hair. Its natural wave lures me into wearing and even though Vietnamese hair is often longer than I expect, Alibaba did help me to get the wanted length (14 inch). It is silky, shining, soft and has thin grain. I have been using it for months without any fears of shedding or tangles.

    • I think it depends on each person. Personally, I prefer hand tied one because fortunately, I have got a chance to apply both types. Hand tied weft simply means that hair is sewn into weft by hand. All the processes are carried out by skillful workers, which is the reason why I love it. I always love vintage and traditional things. I believe that man-made stuff brings in itself the soul of makers.

  1. Can you share with us your secrets to choose a weave in general and 14 inch weave in particular?

    • There are 5 keys that I want you to never forget when choosing a weave to use. Purchasing hi-end products is absolutely recommended. However, it is not enough.
      + First, you need to know how to pick up a believable texture. Note that showing some scalp or your hairline in order for the look to be realistic.

      + Second, human hair is always on the top of the list. If you can afford hair extensions from human donors, just go for it without failure. Synthetic hair looks nothing different than plastic. It is hard to blend in your own hair, which makes others easily recognized that you are wearing weave.

      + Third, shape cutting is good. Every weave needs to be shaped and cut is necessary if you work out a lot. To look naturally, never forget to have your hair shaped correctly.

      + The fourth key: customize the weft to ensure a realistic appearance. No matter what you do as long as hair extensions are the most identical to your natural hair. Alcohol-free mousse is really good. You can try to apply it to wet hair before blow-drying.

      + Finally, let’s handle it with care. A good rule of thumb is to treat it as your real hair.

    • I cannot say which is better, actually. They all have its advantages and drawbacks. No option is perfect. However, if I have to choose one, I will go for double drawn as it is thick from root to tip. Purchasing double drawn means that you have to buy less but it does not mean the price will be reduced. Occasionally, double drawn is more expensive as you are getting more hair for your money.

  2. I know that there are 4 popular methods of hair extensions, which are double drawn stick tip (I-tips), double drawn nano tip, double drawn nail tip (U-tips) and double drawn weft extensions. So, is there any big difference among these four?

    • In terms of quality, if they are all 14 inch weave with the same texture, their quality would be no difference. These names are called after the way the hair is weaved. Look at the table and you can understand why experts categorize them into 4 groups:

      Stick tip (I-tip)
      Nail tip (U-tip)
      Nano tip
      – also called cold fusion (using a pulling tool to pull hair through a small ring)
      – it it inserted into the micro ring and compressed with special pliers
      – also called hot fusion
      – hair is pre-tipped with keratin

      – apply by using a hot hair extension iron
      – secure individual hair extension strands by a tiny nano ring.
      – the ring is super small that no one will recognize your client has hair extensions in place
      – as we said before, hair strands are tied/weaved for easier installation

    • I would recommend Alibaba, AliExpress and Amazon. They are all reliable online platforms that you can rely on. In addition to detailed description of products and fixed price, you can refer to customer experiences of other users. Therefore, you can have a better choice without any hesitation of being defrauded.

  3. Can you tell me a bit about loose curly texture of 14 inch weave? You have mentioned a lot about curly, wavy and straight but I am not keen on those kinds. Thank you so much!

    • Thank you for your intriguing questions. Loose curly hair, especially from Vietnam, is often collected from young girls with no permed and no oiled. I am sure that it will bring you a greater charm as it does not hold short strands. It is soft and silky. Moreover, the weft lines are very tight and neat. No shedding and tangle free.

      This picture will talk you into making a deal immediately.

    • I knew that getting thick weft with dozens of dollars and the price goes on well with its longevity. Pay cheap, get cheap. I understood that fact but to my surprise, my weave did last 2 months without my proper care. I believed that if I had taken good care of it, it would have been alive for longer time. I chose to have Brazilian 14 inch weave applied as when I washed it, it waved up exactly the way I had expected. It would be weird a bit but I have made a decision on purchasing some bundles to give as a present for my close bitches.

  4. I have some kinds of allergies to chemical products. So, it would be my pleasure if you suggest some natural treatments that I can do it myself.

    • I think that you still have to apply chemical shampoos as there is no way that I can suggest you to replace them. In terms of conditioners, there are way more remedies for you. Oil is highly recommended to keep your weave in good condition. My suggestion is coconut oil, olive oil, sesame oil and so forth. You can follow the recipes here (dẫn link bài natural treaments for hair extensions) to make use of avocado, organic eggs and aloe vera. One new method that I want to introduce to you in this article is fenugreek seeds. To get shining for your 14 inch weave, all you need is to mix one teaspoon of this powder with half a cup of water.

    • I cannot agree on its price. Though its fixed price on the Internet is reasonable, shipping and handling fee are a bit high. I chose partial sew ins to cover my cap, which made me extremely happy. The thing is that after using for a while, I could see how frizzy it is. Practice makes perfect actually. Now only by running fingers through it could I create my gorgeou frizziness. How amazing. One tip for those who are gonna have it is to use hair conditioner to avoid dryness.

    • Hello. 14 inches of hair extensions and 16 inches of hair extensions is different in length. 14 inches is shorter than 16 inches. You can refer to the hair length estimation picture for 10 inches, 12 inches, 14 inches, 16 inches and so on

    • Hello. You can completely dye your 14 inch weave straight. However, we want to draw your attenttion to the following things. Before dying, you should spray the hair to protect your extensions. Use dyes which is high quality. Limit the use of high temperature hairdryers. If you use them, make sure the maximum temperature is 200 degrees Celsius. Wish you have the satisfactory color of hair extensions. Thank you.

    • Hello. 14 inch weave straight extension is pretty safe for every face. If your face is quite round, this hairstyle can mask some of your face and the length of your hairstyle will make your face look longer. In addition, you can comfortably style with this straight hairstyle. Light curly hair is a good idea for you. Thank you.

    • : How to mix clothes with this hairstyle? Can you give me some advice?
      Answer: Straight hair can work with most types of clothing. Each type of combination will give you a personal style. For example, combining straight hair with vintage clothing will make you look soft and gentle; combined with work clothes make you look mature and noble; combining with sportswear gives you a dynamic look, especially when you tie the hair back. You can freely choose the clothes and style, to suit your circumstances and hobbies.

    • You just order online, we will ship to you immediately. We have links with shipping companies around the world so shipping will be as soon as possible. For specific information, you can contact us. Thank you.

    • To use a 14 inch weave for a long time, you need to take care of it carefully. First, you need to wash your extension regularly because it is like real hair, need to be cleaned. You should limit the use of high temperature hairdryers. If you use it, the highest temperature accepted is 200 degrees Celsius. You can dye or stretch to style your hair, but you should spray your hair before styling. Regularly brush the hair to untangle the hair. Thank you.

    • Applying extensions is simple. You will take a little time to get used to it. At first, you can take 5-10 minutes. However, once you get used to it, you only need 2 minutes to apply your extension onto your head. You can also remove your extension simply and quickly. Thank you.

  5. I did not have much time to look after and style my hair so I decided to buy my own extensions. However, I want to have beautiful and natural hair look. Does 14 inch weave straight look like real hair?

    • Hello. To answer your question, we insist that our extensions are made of virgin hair, so it looks completely natural. You can be confident when wearing 14 inch weave straight because it looks like your real hair and people will not recognize it

    • Extensions are like real hair, so shampooing is very necessary to extensions. You can use the shampoo which you usually use for real hair, because our hair is virgin hair. However, for wigs to be more durable you should use the shampoo dedicated to it. A good preservation regime will help your hair last longer.

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