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Every woman in the world has right to own a nice hair. However, nothing is perfect and we can not count on nature, or in the other words, your hair should not depend on destiny and let it go easily because it needs being more beautiful all time. 16 inch weave turns up as a salvation of bad situations

Today, hair extensions become more popular than ever, with 16 inch weave, you are totally able to enhance your own beauty. Hope that our product will satisfy your need!

16 inch weave
16 inch weave

Product description 16 inches

Why choose 16 inch weave of IVIRGO HAIR?

Hair extensions of IVIRGO HAIR 16 inch remy hair have the right amount of weave to increase the volume and length of your natural hair.

You often see your superstars, your idols look so gorgeous with their hair only with one or two bundles of 16 inch weave human hair. 16 inch remy hair extension is the only term for every girl who are so cool, so sexy, so creative to renovate themselves with beautiful hairstyles.

16 inch hair extensions for whom?

Our product is used by anyone who needs a beautiful standard strand of hair. Moreover, our customers are also hair or beauty salons that use hair extensions to satisfy clients’ requests. Besides, we also have partners and they are other hair companies. Different vendors can order from us a large quantity of 16 inch remy hair weave for export. More interesting, because IVIRGO HAIR is one of the top Vietnamese companies exporting natural raw Vietnamese and Cambodian, we make sure that our price is reasonable to every object of customers.

Here are some details of product :

  • 100% remy virgin human hair.
  • Soft, brilliant, smooth
  • Unprocessed, without nits, no lice or harmful insect
  • Full tip and No short hair inside
  • Lengths of hair: 16 inch
  • Guide: 16inch remy hair weave needs 2-3 bundles for a full head
  • Color natural: back or dark brown
  • Texture: 16 inch wavy weave, 16 inch straight weave, 16 inch curly weave and other particular types…

We have 3 main kinds of hair weave texture, which are wave, straight and curly

16 inch weave

A comparison between 16 inch weave and 24 inch weave

At this article, I recommend you 16 inch weave. First, before you decide to get yourself a new appearance, you need to distinguish all aspects between 16 inch and 24 inch remy weave. The length of 16 inch human hair weave equals to 40 cm, which is considered a short strand of hair you got. On the other hand, 24 inch weave is relevant to 60 cm, which means the end of your new hair nearly touch your waist. Two kinds of this weave bring your pretty different appearance so you need to base on many factors such as your form of face, your height, your origin hair,… etc to choose out the best remy hair extensions

Moreover, keep in mind that the longer the hair extensions are; the higher price you have to pay. Think your own budget and your desire over to get yourself the most suitable weave. And one thing you need to know that regardless of whatever remy hair kinds, in our company we have many length and texture waves which meets all your customer’s request


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is it human hair?

A: Yes, it is human hair. Our company only purchases human hair extensions. If you still worry about its quality you can try some testing methods, one of which is testing by high temperature (using fire)


Q: Why the hair from your vendor is so cheap?

A: Well, different from hair retailers, we are a professional hair company and we have our own factory which is located in the North of Vietnam. Our company receives both wholesale and retail order at the wholesale price without agent fee. That is the reason why our price is quite competitive and reliable.

16 inch weave
16 inch weave

Q: Is it virgin hair?

A: Yes, it is virgin hair. However, it also depends on the particular types of hair extension you order and the customer’s budget. We can 100% make sure to you that all our products are real human hair, not synthetic hair.


Q: Why my hair always get tangle?

A: Well, you must understand that hair is made up of dead cells so sometimes being dry or too oil is unavoidable, which causes your hair tangle. Keep in your mind that besides your natural hair, you have to take care of the hair extensions, please pay a lot of attention on these words: “vitamin B12, vitamin K2, protein, omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin C, vitamin A, biotin, calcium,…etc.


Q: Can I return the hair if I do not like it?

A: Yes, of course. In our return policy, you can return the product in 15 days, you can send back to our main department in Ha Noi, Vietnam no matter what reasons, but be sure the hair in it is original state and the quality of the hair is still in the first condition. We will refund your money as soon as possible.


Q: How many bundles/pieces can make a full head?

A: To our professional experience, our suggestion is 2 – 3 bundles of 16 inch weave. However, if you want a thick, burnished full of vitality hair strand, you can use 4 bundles.


Q: Is there any Customs tax?

A: It depends on the policy from each of country that you have to pay the Customer tax. But as a general rule, we are able to put a low amount on our invoice to avoid Custom Tax, but due to different policies in different countries (especially South Africa and Brazil). There may be a Custom Tax which is not considered to be included in the price and must be paid by the buyer. When ordering you can leave a msg about how much you want us to include on the invoice.


Q: If I want to buy the 20 inch instead of 16 inch weave, should I be getting the 3 bundles or just one bundle?

A: According to our opinion, you had better get just 2 or 1 bundle, which depends on how full you want your hair to be.


Q: How long did the hair last?

A: According to our experience and most of the feedback, the hair can be kept in one and a half year with a perfect care and in several months with normal care. Because our hair extension is human hair, you had better take care of it as your own real hair even with more attention, which will help you last the product’s life-spa


Q : Are 2 bundles enough for a full head?

A : To our professional experience, our suggestion is 3 bundles of 16 inch weave. However, 2 bundles may be suitable for the smaller head size. We will not make sure that 2 bundles are able to bring back expectedly thick and full hair for you. Therefore, 3 bundles will be better.


Q: Do you have a closure for the ombré color?

A: Well, we can satisfy any request including colors, shapes, lengths or textures. You only need to determine which kind of hair extensions you like Cambodian or Vietnamese hair. The ombre color is totally available for you.


Q: Can you dye the hair?

A: Yes, you can. Because our hair extensions are human hair, all you need to do is treating it like your real hair. Our hair product has never been chemically treated and it can, therefore, handle the coloring process very well. You can dye, color, wash, flat iron, do anything to this hair that you would do with your own hair. Of course, keep in mind that you have to take care of 16 inch weave carefully. If so, it will be manageable and easy to untangle.


Q: How to detangle my hair?

A: If you get trouble in detangling your hair, why don’t you try some kinds of softening product. After that, if it does not work much, you can move to the second method: saturating your hair with a detangling conditioner or your favorite conditioner and then detangle your hair. The more “slip” the better, the more moisturized your hair is, the easier it is to detangle.


Q: How to tell human hair from synthetic hair?

A: There are many ways to tell apart human hair and synthetic hair. We will recommend you one of the easiest methods to find out the true hair. Human hair can put up with high temperature.First, you need to choose out a single piece of hair and test them by burning and smell

If the hair becomes ash and appears white smoke, it must be human hair because human hair is made up of natural protein. On the other hands, the synthetic hair will turn to some sticky ball or dark liquid and appears black smoke with a bad smell


Q: How many pieces for a full head?

A: There are many factors to determine how many pieces for a full head, but in general we usually recommend you a common figure for a full head. Although on the Internet, you usually learn that the correct number appears on almost article, we will recommend a different figure from the fact:

If you get a 12 – 14 inch hair, you should use from 1 to 2 pieces. If you want to own a full head, depending many factors, sometimes 2 -3 bundles is enough, sometimes it is up to 4 bundles if you choose 32 – 40 inch weave.


Q: How to measure the correct length of hair?

A 16 : Some people mistake that the length of hair includes the current shape regardless of how curly or wavy it is. However, the proper way to measure the length of the hair is to straighten the hair instead of measuring the hair directly.


Q: Why does my hair lose the pattern after washing?

A: One of the reason may be the origin hair. Our product is 100 % human hair so its texture sometimes is not as good as expected. Other reason may be the lack of proper care. You should carefully treat the hair extensions as your own real hair. Wavy or curly form was made by steam and high temperature, with no chemicals, so the texture will be looser as a result after washing. To improve this situation, you can restyle the hair to own a special style you want.


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