Nowadays, with many attractive styles, 1B hair is always outstanding because of its natural beauty and attracts viewers. 

In this article, Ivirgo Hair Factory will introduce you to the 16-inch loose curly weft 1B version with delicate, elegant, and super luxurious jet black color.

It is perfect for bringing the user youthful, dynamic, and playful beauty. Check out these detailed hair reviews now!


It is not easy to have traditional black hair that is bouncy and vibrant. If only by taking care alone, it will take a long time to get there.

Using hair extensions is a perfect solution for you to have the beautiful hair you want. The 16 inches loose curly weft 1B is your best suggestion.

This hair model is shiny jet-black and feels solid and smooth when used. It is suitable for any age or style. This hair bundle is an impressive proposal for middle-aged people to help rejuvenate their face and add freshness to their face.

This hair helps your face become more radiant and attractive, particularly for younger people. Made from Vietnamese hair, 16 inches loose curly weft 1B guarantees you quality. Accordingly, you can easily bleach or style according to your preferences without worrying too much about damage.

But don’t overdo changing hair color too many times. That quickly changes the texture of the hair and increases hair damage.


Owning wavy curly hair will make you stand out in the crowd. Yes! And 16 inches loose curly weft 1B is exactly what we want to send to you.

This hairstyle has a unique curly shape, making anyone who sees it for the first time will be attracted. It is curls of the same size and texture to bring shine and vitality to your overall hair.


We manufacture this version in 16-inch lengths to suit all our customers’ usage desires. It can be versatile in becoming an attractive shoulder-length haircut or cutting short to cover your fat face.

Yet, we’re not advocating you cut it short. As such, it quickly changes the hair structure, which makes it dry and brittle.

With 16 inches, you can easily create many unique hairstyles to make yourself more beautiful. Tie them up or let them loose to show off your charm, personality, and purity.


Many hair extension manufacturers prefer to pack about 500g/bundle for convenient purchase and use. Each bundle of finished hair will be divided at a smaller rate, about 100g/bundle, to meet the user’s moderate-use requirements.

This difference has helped our products achieve a high order rate. Sixteen inches loose curly weft 1B is the most popular model. Yet, we still offer larger weight bundles. We can do it quickly if you want 300g or 500g hair bundles.


We ship orders every day of the week, including weekends or public holidays. The estimated delivery time is about 2 – 5 days from your order’s approval.

Of course, you can track our shipping through third-party platforms.


Are 16 inches loose curly weft 1B good for people with large faces?

Yes, possible. For those with more prominent faces, choose this product to create a perfect concealer effect. Specifically, it helps your face become slimmer and more natural.

Is it possible to cut this short hairstyle?

You can cut it short by creating the styles you like. Yet, it will affect the hair texture, increasing the risk of damage and breakage. Even if you apply an intensive care plan, it will not be able to bring its quality back to the original.

We recommend keeping your hair in its original state, giving you more volume and smoothness. Always remember any cutting, clipping, and heat effects on these hairs will yield poor results.

How should I take care of my hair extensions?

For curly hair extensions, we need a specific care plan. Here are tips for you.

  • Choose the right quality shampoo: Priority should be given to using shampoos with natural ingredients, which will bring the best hair care effect. In addition, you need to be careful to limit sulfate products because it will make your hair dry and frizzy.
  • Avoid excessive bleaching and dyeing: Bleaching and dyeing with a dense frequency is the leading cause of hair weakening. So could you think carefully before doing it?
  • Limit heat impact: Heat should be on your hair extensions because it will loosen the connection and separate your hair extensions from your natural hair.


The reviews about 16 inches loose curly weft 1B above will help you understand the product and make the earliest purchase decision. This version is the perfect suggestion for individuals who like excitement, personality, and flexibility.

Read, review and remember to leave feedback for my article!

Thank you for reading!


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