18 inch weave straight hair extensions

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18 inch weave straight 18 inch weave straight 18 inch weave straight 18 inch weave straight

Should girls or ladies want to try different hair styles, they will have a variety of options to choose. One of the trendiest styles is to wear weave in order for a fuller and enhanced look. According to a survey carried out recently, 18 inch weave Straight is the type that helps you to look at the best possible manner.

Let’s get to know all the revealing secrets about 18 inch weave in case you are considering purchasing a weave to wear. It is the case that this weave ensures you a natural hair admired by many people.

18 inch weave straight hair extensions

Your desire to have enhanced looks will be accomplished thanks to 18 inch weave hairstyles. Generally, it is of shoulder length (about 45 cm) but depending on your hair textures, the length of weave would be altered. The same weave will make you different in each texture, namely curly, straight and wavy hair.

18 inch weave straight
You can easily imagine how long 16 inch weave is
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There is a wide range of available hair weave styles in 18 inch category. As this weave is supposed to be natural, it is expensive when compared to other types. As for straight hair, should you be 5 feet, it comes right down to around your upper back. Allegedly, the hair reaches upper in case you apply curly or wavy weave. Note that you should stretch curly and wavy weave to straight one when you measure the length.

A rule of thumb to remember is that you never wear a weave more than 4 inches longer than your natural hair. From my personal experience, when my hair is 14 inches long, I should choose to get 18’’ weave, which is really well-suited.

So how many bundles should you get?

Clients always text to ask me about how many bundles of weave they should get or purchase. If you want to achieve a natural look and a full head installing, 2 or 3 bundles would be highly recommended. Bear in mind that the longer the length, the more hair you need to buy should you prefer a full weave. However if you desire to have a more gorgeous look, at least 3 bundles of 18 inch hair weave is suggested.

A good weave is like a fine wine which enhances your beauty and charm. Therefore, if you are not sure of the quantity or quality of 18 inch weave that a client like you need, please do not hesitate to ask or comment to let Ivirgo know your problem.

A close match between 18 inch weave and 14 inch weave

Should clients invest in weaves to have a better appearance, I would advise them to purchase weave in staggered lengths. Natural hair is likely to grade down in a natural way and from my personal view, 14 inch weave is gorgeous as its counterpart.

18 inch weave straight
You can easily imagine how long each type of weave is in this picture

In the picture, the length of each weave is clearly demonstrated for you to easily imagine. 18 inch weave is equivalent to 45 cm while 14 inch weave is about 35 cm.

While 14 inch weave gives users’ hair a stunning and heavy look and it can be applied on all kinds of hair, 18 inch weave is the best for a natural look. These days, 14 inch weave styles are more preferred when it comes to clients who have short and light hair issues. However, this does not mean that 18’’ weave are not popular in that it feature curly, fusion and bonded hair waves.

A clear similarity between the two styles is that they are all available in different textures and in different colors with additional enhancements of highlighted and lowlights. For an enhanced look and hi-end quality weaves as you wish, 18 inch wave and 14 inch wave are always on the top of the list!

One tip when applying these two weaves: Their natural end tips will look the best in their natural condition and you can cut the extensions as little as possible after installation, which helps you save an amount of money.

Frequently Asked Questions

#1 Is there anything special on how to take care of 18 inch weave? If yes, please specify them here to help me expand the weave’s longevity. Thank you!

#2 Is it ridiculous if short girls try on 18’’ weave?

#3 Is it good if I purchase Vietnamese hair extensions and ask them for order?

#4 Maybe it is not related but do you think 22 inch weave is too long?

#5 Where can I get the high-quality 18 inch weave? Can you name some for me as preferences? I mean all the places that accept worldwide delivery.

#6 How long can I use 18 inch weave? More than a year or not?#7 Could you give me a more detailed guideline on how to choose the length of hair extensions?


19 responses to “18 inch weave straight hair extensions”

    • It is a frequently asked question actually. Suppliers often do marketing to make them more different than they really are. Basically all the virgin hair is good and reflects the ethnicities. It depends on your preferences rather than its quality. One thing that makes one type of weave be more popular is delivery. Should you really like Brazilian 18 inch weave but you live too far from all the suppliers, the only choice you have is to buy other types with more affordable prices and shipping charges.

  1. This is the first time I have purchased weave from your company – Ivirgo. It is good and affordable as for me. However, I had read this article before making the decision on how many bundles I should have bought. It turned out to be a lack of one bundle for my order. Can you give me some tips to avoid this awkward case?

    • If you want weave to cover full your head, you need to pay attention to the size of your head. Those who have a big head (maybe a big head is a rude way to call) may need 3 packs of weave to be full. Meanwhile, tiny heads only require 2 packs and even there is a bit left over.

  2. 18 inch weave on short girls? I have yet to get weave applied; therefore, I do not know which type will suit me. I have searched thoroughly on Google and most of the results go for 18 inch weave. Nevertheless, I am a bit short (close to 5 ft tall) and my hair is about 2 inches pass my shoulders. Would I look ridiculous on 18 inch weave? Or 14 inch could do better?

    • If you are 5 ft tall, do not outdo yourself. I mean one size does not fit all, you know and 18 inch may be too long for you. I think 16 inch weave would be perfect for you but if you are not confident enough and you want to make sure that you will be pretty, not ridiculous, go with 14 inch weave. Extensions really help you to enhance your hair, believe it or not!

    • You can dye and curl the weave as your natural hair on whatever color you like. After being dyed or curled, the good news is that the weave is still kept in good quality. Remember the rule: treat your weave as your own hair.

    • Now here is our general guideline for you to choose the length of hair extensions. Just a few lines but I think you still need to note down for fear of making mistakes.

      + 12 inch hair: when your own hair gets the chin or so. 12 inch weave will transform it into shoulder-long hair.

      + 16 inch hair: when your own hair reaches the shoulder or longer. 16 inch weave will transform it into hair passing the collar bone.


      + 18 inch hair: when your own hair reaches the middle of your back or shorter. Clip-in is preferred.

      + 20 inch hair: your own hair is mid back long. It helps your hair to be thicker

      + 22 inch hair: if you want your hair to reach past the middle of your back or longer.

      Just all the things that help you to choose better!

  3. This is Rony from Serbia. I guess that you remember me. I have become your customer since July, 2017. Hair extensions were the best choice for me at that time when I unconsciously had my hair cut too short. I have searched for a while and decided to order some bundles from yours. I do not expect too much. At that time, I just needed something to help me not to look ridiculous. However, after 1 year of utilization, I found it to be wonderful. I just want to say thanks for your dedicated consultancy and quick shipping. To be honest, I did not take good care of the virgin 18 inch weave though you guys tried to give me a very detailed lines lol. But wow, my weave still lives until now. I think with all your help, you deserve my thanks from the bottom of my heart, Ivirgo!

    • You have made my day, Tina. Thank you for your nice words you gave to us. If you have time, could you please send us a picture in which you are wearing your weave. It would be our honor to keep your photos as our models.

    • Your question is really inspiring because many of our clients used to raise that query but we just forgot to write an article to answer. With 18 inch weave and 10 minutes, you can be much more gorgeous, believe us!
      + Braiding is perfect in 10 minutes. As 18 inch weave is the medium length, French braiding will help. Make sure to keep your hair and weave dry and start raking your fingers through hair.
      + For medium or short hair, twist is more suitable and less complex.
      + Only by slide-swepting your hair makes you glamorous. This method helps you to become the soul of any parties or events.

  4. Thank for question
    It depends on the grade of weave that you prefer (in the market, we have 6 grades from 5A to 10A). The price varies according to the grade. If you are looking for 100% Unprocessed Virgin Brazilian Hair Body Wave, One Bundle Hair Extensions 18 inch 7A Human Hair Bundles Natural Black 100g/PC ASHAIR (18 inch), its price is $26.99. A good rule of thumb is that the longer the weave, the more expensive a bundle is.

    • If you want to apply weave at home (at any length), tape-in is a great choice. Moreover, 18’’ hair extensions are extremely inconspicuous and easy to install. Make sure that you are experienced enough to apply for hair extensions. If it is your first time, my advice is to go to the salon for better application.

    • It matters when it comes to the price tag and it does not matter when it comes to the quality. By this, I mean quality depends on the users. From 5A to 9A, if it is virgin hair, you do not need to care much about the quality. I ensure that once wearing, you will be addicted to it!

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