20 inches body wave weft 1b


One of the most attractive, trendy, and eye-catching hairstyles is wavy hair. With this hairstyle, you will be younger and more graceful when walking on the street.

There are quite a few popular hair extensions for body wave hair styling. However, wholesale hair vendors will recommend you 20 Inches Body Wave Weft 1B, one of the best-selling models this year.

If you are still wondering whether to choose this model, let’s look at the detailed reviews below.

Product Features

Let’s continue to quickly read the details below to understand better this Vietnamese hair extension through the criteria we set out below.


Body wave is a hairstyle that mixes curly and straight weave hair with a rich and luxurious texture. It will keep curls soft for a long time using.

There are many types of body waves. Yet, the S-shaped form is the most popular.

Each bundle of hair usually weighs 100 grams. The Ivirgo Hair Vendors provides a monthly quantity of products up to 1000-2000 kgs/month. But to be eligible for delivery, you must order a minimum of 100 grams.

Also, if you need a large quantity, you can order in advance and contact the sales page early to have them prepare an order for your product.


While the density and fibers are the same as straight hair, because body waves have an energetic body, you’ll notice they’re thicker than regular hair. 

The length for each bundle ranges from 6 inches to 32 inches so you will choose based on your needs. 

It’s characteristically bouncy, and you should choose a size that’s a little shorter than your usual standard. The greater the thickness, the heavier the hair becomes, and you will find it tiring to wear them.

Besides, body waves can create thicker hair for thin and short hair by adding a wave to body waves.


You have two choices, including natural black or bleach and dye. In addition, after purchasing, you can also recreate them by dyeing or bleaching your favorite colors. 

Whatever you do with it, always carefully condition your hair to keep it at a specific room temperature.

Unlike other models in the same segment, its color fastness is impressive. You can only retain it for a few months if you know how to store it.

Easy to maintain

Although this is permed hair, it is straightforward to maintain. The reason is that the body wave combines straight and curly parts.

You will easily remove knots like straight hair extensions or need to use detangling equipment and tools like curly hair.

Hence, don’t be afraid to maintain or remove your hair daily. The body wave is the most manageable hair to use and keep in the curling models.


The answers to the recently received questions will help you to some extent in using and maintaining body waves.

How do you maintain body waves?

Although body waves are easy to maintain even when you don’t need to do any extra activities, better yet, you should prepare a quality mousse to keep your hair curled all the time. 

Apply the mousse evenly to the hair and curl them in a curve. You have kept the hair in excellent condition and place with just a few simple steps.

How can I protect my waves while sleeping?

Here are ways to help protect your waves while sleeping

  • Switch to silk pillowcases. Cotton fabrics can be rough and draw moisture out of curls.
  • Wear a hood while sleeping and avoid unnecessary hair loss.
  • Use a scalp massager instead of a daily comb. It will strengthen your hair and massage your scalp for easy blood circulation.
  • Nourish the scalp with specialized essential oils such as argan or others.

Can I brush my waves too much?

Brushing wavy hair with too much frequency leads to hair breakage or thinning. A reasonable time to comb hair for each side is 7 minutes for the front and 7 minutes for the back and sides. 

Brushing stimulates the scalp to release natural oils for smoothness and shine. But make sure you brush only a few times or brush too hard.

How do you keep waves from falling out?

It is recommended to moisturize daily with a conditioner containing protein. Moisture and protein are essential for hair waves not to lose shape in high heat and dry air.


Body waves are always the first choice for young ladies. Your appearance will change if you use wavy hair. Hopefully, the information shared above helps you better understand about 20 inches body wave weft 1b.

Thank you for reading!

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