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Straight hair extensions are no longer strange to beauty lovers. However, the needs of girls are much more than that.

For girls who were born with curly hair or who want to change their image, the 26” natural wavy hair extension is the most suitable choice. The product is top quality and can upgrade your look without much effort.

Let’s find out more about the features and interesting things around this model with Wholesale Hair Vendors!

A Quick Look Of The 26” Natural Wavy Hair Extension

Unlike naturally straight curls, finding a style that suits curly-haired girls is a difficult problem. You will need to consider the characteristics of the hair model to make the best choice.

Some features of interest include the length, density, and curling pattern of the hair. Ivirgo Hair Vendors is confident that our 26” natural wavy wig can meet the needs of most customers.

Unlike the curly hair model, which curls in a continuous 360-degree spiral, the wavy pattern has a wave shape that stretches from the hair tip to the hairline.

This model has a natural color of black or dark brown. This color is favored by many girls because of its simplicity and popularity. If you want a more personal look, this hairstyle can also be dyed or bleached to enhance the lighter color tone.

16 inches is an ideal length. They are long enough to give the look of absolute femininity and allow the barber to adjust to his liking such as layering.

Besides, the origin of this hair extension is Vietnamese hair. As mentioned, Vietnam is a country famous for its quality and natural wigs.

Since this is virgin hair, we promise not to use any chemicals or heat on the product. They are completely safe for the health of consumers and do not irritate.

How Long Do Wavy Hair Extensions Last?

With specific and careful care, your hair extensions can last from six months to two years. In particular, good quality models will have a longer life than models of unknown origin.

So, how to take care of the wig properly? Compared to a straight wig, wavy or curly hair extensions will require more care and moisturizing effort. Here are some useful tips you can refer to.

Wash Your Hair Gently

With hair extensions, regular care and shampooing require careful care. You need to pay attention to cleaning the hair regularly so that dirt and oil on the scalp do not affect the extension.

In addition, use a shampoo that is natural and alcohol-free. This shampoo is not only suitable for those who have just styled their hair but we recommend it to everyone.

Finally, don’t use your fingernails or a comb to scratch your scalp while washing. Use a wide-tooth comb to gently detangle your hair before rinsing.

Tips To Take Care Of Your Natural Wavy Wig

Besides shampooing, daily hair care also determines the durability and longevity of the clip-ins. Curly hair will be a bit more demanding than regular straight hair.

Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Limit the use of a dryer after washing your hair because it can dry the scalp and stimulate more sebum secretion. Instead, dry your hair naturally with a towel. This ensures that your bouncy curls won’t be deformed by the water.
  • Apply hair serum to the palm of your hand and rub it between your hair, do not comb it. With the spray, spray evenly on the palm of your hand and then gently comb through the hair.
  • Limit combing so you don’t turn your hair into a jungle. Instead, use a wide-toothed comb to keep your hair in perfect shape while effectively detangling it.
  • Girls who use hair extensions like tape-ins need to avoid using coconut oil-based hair products. The enzyme found in this natural essential oil has the ability to weaken the bonds and cause your joints to loosen.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Your Hair Grow If You Wear Wavy Hair Extensions?

Manual hair extensions, tapes or clips will not damage your hair or prevent it from growing. The clips used to attach hair extensions are more or less the same as regular hair clips and they will not affect hair growth as long as they are applied properly.

How Do You Sleep With Wavy Hair Extensions?

The best way to go to bed with extensions is to tie your hair in a loose ponytail or braid and secure it with a silk elastic band. Ideally, you should also rest your head on a silk pillow. 


The 26” natural wavy hair is suitable for most people because it helps users look more luxurious, gentle, and polite. It is mainly favored by office girls, singers, actors, and many others.

If you still have any questions about our sales or shipping policies, don’t hesitate to get in touch. The consultants of Ivirgo Hair Vendors will answer your questions immediately.

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