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If you want to have longer and thicker hair, you need to read this article. 30 inches weave are the really good choice for you. To be proud of one of the top vendors providing hair extensions, today, we want to introduce about 30 inches weaves. There are many things you should know about them and they can change your thinking.

Not only do they add the length of your hair, but they also are beautiful. If you haven’t ever tried in very long hair, 30 inches weave will be something new. You will become more sexy, gorgeous and confident. Don’t hesitate anymore! Let’s us show you some advantages over them and let’s watch some reviews about them right now!

30 inches weave

Descriptions of 30 inches weave hair

What are the weaves?

A hair weave, also known as weft hair is an extension of the hair that hair stylists use to make the natural hair become thicker, longer and increase the volume and texture of the har. Weaves have many styles, length, color, and texture. You will not worry about the hair extensions.

There are lots of unique styles you can choose with the hair weave. For example, with the black and short hair, your hair can have red and long hair with the help of weaves. Especially, this type of hair extensions is glued to the scalp or attached in some other different ways skillfully. Therefore, weaves can blend with real hair perfectly and rarely people can detect them. Weave hair is a favorite extension of young people and they are the main customers using weaves.

Weave hair can be synthetic hair as well as human hair. Ivirgo hair is the big vendor that only provide 100% human hair. We provide high – quality hair types and have the customers coming from all over the world. You can visit our website to find out some weaves that you like.

There are a variety of hairstyles in our stock such as straight weave hair, body wavy weave hair, deep curly weave hair, natural wavy weave hair, etc… Besides, lots of weave hair extensions are straight but they are still available in other shapes.

If you take care of hair extensions carefully, you can use weave hair for a long term. Besides, someone uses them as a temporary method. When you need hair extensions for special associations, you totally choose weave hair. Besides, you can style the hair extensions such as curling hair, perming hair, straightening hair extensions.

To cover the scalp perfectly, you should choose some weft and we will provide the number of wefts you want. Do these advantages meet your expectation? If the answer is yes, please connect with us. Let’s visit Ivirgo hair! Whatever you need about hair extensions, we will provide for you.

30 inches weave

Ivirgo hair has provided a variety of weave hair types such as 12 inches weave, 24 inches weave or 30 inches. It is up to you to have your suitable hair extensions. Nowadays, 30 inches weave are extremely long hair. You should think carefully before choosing it. You also need to think which shape you should choose to blend with your real hair

30 inches straight weave

If you want straight hair extensions, 30 inches straight weave is a great idea. The extensions are soft, silky, shiny and bright. Especially, they are 100% human hair so that you can feel safe and comfortable when using them. With the help of strong and healthy extensions, you will become more beautiful, attractive and confident when wearing them. Their lengths are really really impressive that make you look prettier. We provide different hair colors which are suitable for many hair types.

30 inches body wavy hair

If you are bored with your current style, you can try in 30 inches body wavy hair. The hair extensions care particularly in order to maintain the best statement by Ivirgo hair. The curls are soft, bright and amazing. Young people or someone who likes the dynamic should choose 30 inches body wavy weft hair. This style has never been untrendy and is worthy of trying in

30 inches deep curly hair

30 inches deep curly hair is really beautiful and used widely by Brazilian. The price of it is reasonable and suitable for most of the people. The hair extensions are originated from Vietnam and Cambodian hair so that you can be safe from its source.

You have seen some beautiful images of 30 inches. Next, we will introduce some details of 30 inches weave to give you some information about this product:

  • Length: 30 inches hair weave extensions (75 cm)
  • Weight: 90 – 120g (Depending on customers’ demand)
  • Grade: 100% virgin Hair
  • Hair Weft: Machine single weft
  • Smooth, silky and excellent
  • Bright, shiny and brilliant
  • Originated from Vietnamese hair and Cambodian
  • Variety of hair color: black, brown, dark brown & light brown, etc…Can bleach and dye
  • Can be styled by hair dresser such as curling, perming, straightening, etc..
  • Hair texture: maintained well, no nits, no lice or harmful insect, no shedding, no tangles
  • Use for a long-term with suitable care method
  • Ivirgo hair is the professional vendor, offers 100% real human hair that Is beautiful, soft, healthy. Besides, raw hairs are donated by healthy donors. We supply types of hair extensions such as tape in hair, clip in hair, weave hair, sew in hair, lace frontal hair, etc..

What are the differences between 30 inches weave and 30 inches closure?


First, we will talk about the same of 30 inches weave and 30 inches tape in:

  • Hair texture: They are 100% real human hair, no synthetic, no Chemical, no Shedding and tangle Free
  • Hair quality: good quality, soft, thick and silky
  • Make the women become more beautiful, confident and attractive
  • Use for wig, hair extensions
  • They have the same length of extensions
  • Currently, we have had these hair so that you can find to buy them on our website.

Here are the same points of 30 inches weave and 30 inches closure. They have many interesting similarities and advantages. To know deeply about these extensions, we will introduce you to the pros and cons of each type.

Next, we should discuss the difference between 30 inches weave and 30 inches tape in hair.

30 inches weave

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  • Suitable for coarse, curly or thick hair
  • Awesome, high and invisible wefts that are sewn into your own hair which is braided to cover your head
  • They are very difficult to detect
  • Soft, silky and really bright
  • Long lasting
  • Lightweight but put some tension on your natural hair
  • They are applied by being sewn into the braided hair of the women’ own so that they make us feel like they are coming from the own scalp
  • High quality



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[su_box title=”Cons” box_color=”#bf000a” radius=”4″][su_list icon=”icon: ban” icon_color=”#bf000a”]

  • Not suitable for thin or fine hair
  • Little pricey so that you need to think carefully before spending money to buy them, but it is worth!
  • Need to visit hair salons regularly to maintain the good condition for the extensions. Experts advise that you should visit salons every 6 – 8 weeks






30 inches tape in

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  • Suitable for thin or fine hair
  • Quick installation if you know the method
  • Easy to maintain with proper care
  • They can be reusable many times
  • Soft, brilliant, and shiny
  • Reasonable cost because you can apply them at home and it is easy to care for tape in hair
  • Least damaging
  • Invisible and flexible; you can brad tape in hair extensions, style them without worrying about detecting



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  • Not used widely for thick or medium hair
  • Need to take care regularly




Here are some differences between 30 inches and 30 inches tape in. We think that 30 inches have many advantages so that you should try in them. If you want to have very long hair, weaves hair are the best choice. They are beautiful, undetected and comfortable. They are also maintained for a long time. And many beautiful bloggers choose 30 inches weave as their hair extensions. Therefore, you don’t need to worry when using it. It is worth to use!

Frequently asked questions

Q: Is the Remy hair unprocessed?

A: Yes, the hair is cut from some donors with full cuticle aligned, no acid bath, natural unprocessed.


Q: Can The Hair Be Dyed And Iron-Flat?

A: It is Remy hair and it totally can be dyed and iron-flat. When you use hairdressing tools, you should take care of the temperature of them. Let’s keep the low temperature or not, the hair will be destroyed and unhealthy


Q: Where can I buy them?

A: Nowadays, there are many providers all over the world, and you have many choices. But I think you should choose us because we are the big vendor that provide many types of hair extensions and you will not be satisfied when using our products.


Q: What can I do to take care of 30 inches weave hair?

We are glad to introduce you some tips to take care of 30 inches weave

  • Take care of weave hair with shampoos and conditioner

It is essential to keep your hair clean and healthy. Therefore, experts encourage you to wash the hair every one or two weeks. To have the healthy hair extensions, you should choose sulfate-free shampoo because it is the best choice for the weave hair. You can choose famous shampoos and conditioner for the weave hair.

  • Take care your weave hair at night

It is really essential to keep your weave hair safe when you sleep. Remember to keep your hair always dry and never sleep with your wet hair, your hair can have the musty smell and matting. Besides, it is good for you to choose satin craft and wrap your hair carefully. Additional, choosing soft satin pillow for good sleep is a good choice to not affect the weave hair

You also can braid your weave hair before going to sleep. Because the curl pattern looks perfect and defined waves if you do that way. You will be relaxed and happy to fall asleep without worrying anything about your hair!

Visit the hair stylists at least once six weeks

You should visit the hair salons every six weeks. The hair stylists will advise you how to take care of weave hair properly. If you can’t manage to maintain the weave in a great condition, you should visit hair salons.

  • Dry your weave hair properly

It is a good way to let the hair dry naturally. It helps to prevent the hair from breakage and hair losses. If you don’t have enough time, please use the hairdryer on low power to dry your hair.


  • Take care of weave hair with oils to moisturize the hair

Your weave hair is usually dry and lost of nourishment. Therefore, you need to use natural oils to moisturize them. Besides, it is important to ask the experts before using any types of oils to protect your hair.


Q: I have used this product. I am totally satisfied with the effectiveness it brings. My hair become longer, thicker and really beautiful

A: Thanks for your sharing. We hope you will support us. If you need any advice, please let us know. We are always welcome you

Here is some interesting information we want to share with you about 30 inches weave. Most women want to have beautiful hair. Therefore, don’t hesitate anymore. Let’s choose 30 inches weave to have the best results. Ivirgo hair can supply for you the suitable hair extensions. If you want to connect with us, please call at +84 968 509 490 to receive meaningful advice from us. We want to help you to have attractive hair. Let’s shine with your hair extensions!

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