Wavy double drawn weft hair wholesale

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There are many places to choose buy bundles hair wholesale but if you want to buy Vietnam human hair, let’s go to Ivirgo hair company. Ivirgo Hair company specializes in supplying hair wholesale, any customer can choose the product according to their own requirements.

Things to know before looking for to buy bundles hair wholesale

There are a lot of famous bundles of hair wholesale. First of all, we need to understand about human hair. The first is remy hair, Remy is the feature of a human hair. They are 100% human hair. Hair shops usually buy this type of hair for sale to salons, consumers. The second is virgin hair, which is the hair from a head (no mix, from one head). The bundles of hair wholesale are to bleach và dye easily. All salon like this with bleach and dye. The salon can dye them up to the standard color and very beautiful.

If you are a hair retailer like a salon, hair salon, then look for a reputable hair salon to buy. If you want to buy cheap hair, contact some hair bundle wholesale.

buy bundles hair wholesale
Where to buy bundles of hair wholesale

If you are planning to spend money to buy hair should understand the quality of each type of hair to suit the needs. If you understand the nature of hair, you can use them effectively for work.

Most hairdressers or salon owners, shop owners are looking for cheap hair wholesalers to make a profit. Some areas include the big hair market such as Vietnam, Brazil, India, Malaysia, Peru, … In these countries, millions of women have very long and beautiful hair. This is the main source of hair sales of hair wholesalers. From this natural source of hair, the hair salon will create a variety of hair products and will fit in many hairstyles that are easy to hook up. Especially Asian women, they have traditionally long hair and beautiful hair. This is the source of great hair that wholesalers look to.


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  • Buy at wholesale and cheap prices
  • Get high profits for hair salons, hair salons, even consumers
  • Easy to choose the type of hair if bought in bulk
  • Variety of models so customers are easy to choose
  • Save time, cost, effort, convenience for buyers



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  • Accept the quality at that price
  • Difficulties in consumption and competition
  • It costs a lot when any product wants to buy
  • Occurrences of commodity errors



Where do you should buy bundles hair wholesale?

Human Hair in Brazil – bundles of hair wholesale are very popular in the hair market. Because of nature, the characteristics of their hair and, more than that, the price is pretty cheap for wholesalers. It seems that every customer thinks that Brazilian hair is actually Bazilian hair. In fact, most of the hair is labeled as Brazilian, but hair wholesale company buy hair in other countries such as Vietnam, India, China, etc. Although not completely Brazilian hair but their wholesale hair products are very soft and beautiful. Brazilian hair is very easy to use and cost-effective.

Human hair in Malaysia – The properties of this hair are very soft and smooth and have a certain shine, but after a few shampoo, the gloss lost and the hair starts to fall off more. Therefore, this type of hair should be less laundered and preserved more carefully. We can use more shampoo and conditioner for this type of hair.

buy bundles hair wholesale
Where to buy bundles of hair wholesale

Human hair in Peru – bundles of hair wholesale are coarser and thicker than other countries’ hair. It combines well with the comfort of African American hair texture and Caucasian average texture. This hair looks very thick but very lightweight. You can use this type of hair as your wigs. Peruvian hair is great for sleek straight styles as well as short & dynamic styles.

Human hair in India – bundles of hair wholesale are considered to be India’s strongest industry. India has a bulk of hair. If you buy this hair, retailers will be very profitable because of buying bulk and selling cheap. The hair is soft, shiny and nice.

Human hair in Vietnam – bundles of hair wholesale totally natural is same as yourself hair. Because we didn’t use any chemical we do not want to use any chemicals how to change the structure of hair. All hair fiber was arranged equally on the top and same direction. Thick hair is big hair fiber, it is strong hair. This hair is often cut in Vietnam countryside and other areas and most popular of Vietnamese hair.

100% virgin human hair, no chemical, no dyed. It is soft, shine, straight. It has Unprocessed, without nits, lice, insect, no short hair inside, full in the end, no tangle, no shedding, last for long.


Q: Which place bundles of hair wholesale will you buy?

A: Human hair in Vietnam. 100% virgin human hair, no chemical, no dyed. It is soft, shine, straight. It has Unprocessed, without nits, lice, insect, no short hair inside, full in the end, no tangle, no shedding, last for long.

Q: What can you buy bundles hair wholesale for?

A: You can make hair extension to be longer and fuller.


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