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How much do you know about hair extensions in Vietnam? If you don’t want to spend money and only get worse, waste your time. You need to read this post before getting hair extensions Vietnam.

What’s the difference between hair extensions and hair extensions Vietnam?

Like the characteristics of hair extensions, characteristics of hair extensions in Vietnam is strong and silky and smooth.

Vietnamese hair is as know as high-quality hair extensions, Vietnamese is straight hair Except for Vietnamese hair. Almost of companies hair supply Cambodian hair. Cambodian hair is fairly good. Cambodian is natural wavy.

getting hair extensions in vietnam
Getting hair extensions vietnam

Before getting hair extensions Vietnam.

  • You need to know that Will you choose straight, wavy or curly hair?

As I guided you in the previous post.

It depends very much on your face shape. Except for, if you don’t want to spend much time with your hair extensions. You can choose straight hair, it is easy to care the hair.

If wavy hair is suitable for your face shape and you love the curl. It will make you more attractive and it will give you a new look.

You’re looking for curly hair. It can quickly change your look. If you do change your face, you can choose curly hair which is the best for your choice. Of course, many girls and women love the hair.

  • Should you choose synthetic hair or human hair?

Human hair is always the best choice for hair transplant if you can. Because the quality is much more expensive than synthetic hair.  Have you ever heard that you get what you pay for? Actually, maybe it’s true in the case. Synthetic hair will not give you a look as natural human hair.

Not like human hair, synthetic hair is very cheap and you can’t use heat to make a new hairstyle and it’s easy to realize the hair which you wear is synthetic hair.

Human hair which can give you a natural look.

You should choose virgin human hair or remy human hair. These qualities are high-quality hair extensions. It’s smooth, silky, bouncy and so good to touch. Especially, it can make you more confident and beautiful.

  • Which type of hair do you want?

The market is actually variety. There are weft hair extensions and bulk hair extensions and clip in hair and flat/u/i tip and closure and frontal… It depends on your country and what you like.

  • How much should I pay for hair extensions?

The cost of hair extensions is not cheap at all. It also depends on the quality. If you choose human hair which can make you satisfied. You will get long-lasting,

If you buy human hair, it’s perhaps that you have to pay a large money. But you will get long lasting and you will be satisfied. It’s worth trying.

  • How do hair extensions effect on your hair?

Hair extensions can use for whole life. It will never cause damage to it if choosing the right products and you take proper care of your hair.

After getting hair extensions in Vietnam

  • Choosing an expert salon in hair extensions

You have to find a reliable salon to make your hair. They can give you some advice. It’s necessary for you to care your hair.

  • How should you care hair extensions?

You should brush your hair before you wash it and go to bed to avoid tangles because wind, friction.

You shouldn’t brush wet hair because your hair is at the most vulnerable in the case

You should wash your hair in cold water if the weather is cold, you can wash your hair in the warm water.

You should gently wash to avoid scrub or bunch the hair together.

When your hair is wet, you add some drops of natural oil to add moisture to your hair.

Natural oil can work almost conditioner without any chemicals, silicone. Natural is always the best.

Washing it again in the cold water.

Blowing dry natural hair. It will take from 2 to 3 hours to wash and naturally dry your hair. You shouldn’t use heat because your strands are dried.

We should use argan, coconut oil from 2 to 3 times in a week.

Hair extensions long lasting. You should moisturize your hair as you do your skin.

It doesn’t matter hope this post will help you.

Thank you for your attention.


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