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The most of Vietnamese hair is the natural straight and black hair. It’s so healthy, strong, healthy and smooth. Some people think that the natural straight and black hair is simple and even bored.

But if you know how to make some creative and pretty hairstyles, you will definitely have a beautiful look. Coming here, maybe you imagine the hairstyles are sophisticated and complex.

But the following, I will introduce you to some lovely and simply hairstyles of braiding natural hair Vietnam. In particular, the braiding hairstyles are the hot trend for this fall in 2017.

It brings the girls the elegant, luxurious, gentle and extremely feminine, sweet. Also, you look more attractive and elegant because these hairstyles are suitable for many sets and accessories. You only spend 5 minutes on getting a new hairstyle every day.

The styles of the braiding natural hair Vietnam:

  • The basic ponytail:

This hairstyle is easy to tie and so beautiful. The first, you brush the hair behind your head and tie the ponytail by a small elastic band. You continue to brush to tighten, keeping the hair straight. Finally, you use a small portion of the hair to wrap around the elastic band and hide the ends of the hair under the elastic band. Most girls love this hairstyle, it’s really simple, elegant and courteous.

Natural Vietnam hair body wavy single drawn machine weft
Natural Vietnam hair body wavy single drawn machine weft
  • Braiding the deviated ponytail for the hair:

To create this ponytail style, you make a small braid on your left and behind the ear. Continue to braid until it hits your right ear. Then you tie the braided portion and the rest of your hair together, to have the ponytail. If you like, you can use a small piece of ribbon to hide the before elastic band. This will make the hair be pretty and sweet.

If you are used to it, you will only take 2 minutes in the morning.

  • Simple braiding hair with the ribbon:

You braid a little hair on each side of your ear until touching the back of your head. At the end of each of your braids, you use a small elastic band to tie it.

Then you use a beautiful ribbon to fix the two pigtails together and let the rest of the hair go naturally. This hairstyle gives the girls the sweet, feminine and sweetness

  • Braiding hair around your head:

With this style of hair, you braid two small pigtails from the hair on the ears. After that, you wrap them over the top of your head. After wrapping, you use a hair clip to fix it. Remember to use the hair clip skillfully so that you can hide it in your hair.

  • Braiding hair to be the natural ribbon:

The only thing you need to do is to take two small pieces of hair in front of your head, round the back of your neck and tie them together with a ribbon. You should tie it lightly and fixed it with a small hair clip. It looks natural that is extremely charming.

Natural Vietnam hair body wavy single drawn machine weft
Natural Vietnam hair body wavy single drawn machine weft

Some tips on braiding natural Vietnam hair:

When you braid hair, you can use the comb and the hair dryer to make your hair be smoother.

You should brush your hair regularly, because this helps spread the natural oils on the hair, and makes the hair look shiny and healthy. You should untie your hair at least 4 hours a day. This helps the scalp relax and it’s good for blood circulation.

To make your natural Vietnam hair more feminine and impressive, you can braid a little hair and use a hair dryer to dry it gently. So you have some natural waves of the hair. Or you can use a hair curler to instead of this. You should choose a dryer which has the function of ionizing. Remember only to press the average temperature.

Also, you should not concentrate a place to dry all of the hair. When you dry your hair, you have to divide the hair into the small pieces and brush them with a comb. Then you dry each piece of the hair and keep the dryer hair over 5 cm, do not leave too close to the hair. Just combing the hair when it’s dry completely to avoid damaging the hair.

Here are some ways to braid the natural Vietnam hair and some tips on the braiding hair. I hope that you will choose the best hairstyle to be able to walk around on the street confidently. The sweet braiding hairstyles will also impress in the festivities by the end of the year and definitely have the good effect around the world.

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