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With wig models from Ivirgo Hair Factory, you will have the best experience because of the best products.

We highly recommend their natural wavy weft 26-inch version. It is one of the few products with the most softness, smoothness, and luxury without mixing.

Let’s immediately refer to this product in the article below.

Product Features

Most women love natural wavy weft 26 inches because it has a very high shine, softness, and thickness. It is also durable and does not tangle or break easily.

To make it easier for you to understand, below, I will help you clarify the feature highlights of this famous hair extension. Let’s explore together!


We understand that everyone’s opinion on hair length is different. Of course, only some people want to keep a hairstyle long even though it’s an extension.

Fortunately, this Vietnamese hair comes with a 16-inch length option, ideal and best for all hair styles and types.

You can choose the 26-inch hair extension range if you pursue a glamorous long look. The natural wavy weft 26 inches has a full range to meet user needs.


Natural wavy weft 26 inches has many color options, such as black and dark brown. These two tones are familiar in most hair extensions because they will suit many skin types and natural hair shades.

Being able to dye and bleach is a big plus. In other words, you will quickly change its color according to your taste and lifestyle.

However, we recommend consulting a hair professional and maintaining it regularly to avoid damaging the product when bleaching or dyeing.


When it comes to hair extensions, you’ve probably heard 5A, 6A, 7A, 8A, and 9A.

If you are looking for a product that provides a high-quality hair grading system, natural wavy weft 26 inches is a solid choice.

This product includes these grades below:

  • 6A Hair: This category comprises 100% natural human hair.
  • 7A Hair: Unlike 6A hair, 7A hair is Remy hair. It is also pure human hair and contains no synthetic or chemical substances.
  • 8A Hair: 8A hair is thicker than 7A hair. It has an aligned cuticle and does not undergo heat or chemical treatment.


Natural wavy weft 26 inches hairstyle is mainly weaved, which promises to deliver perfectly thick and gorgeous curls. You have many options to create designs with it easily.


With this option, you will get about 100 grams/bundle weight. Yet, you can ask the supplier to increase or decrease the weight depending on your needs.


Natural wavy weft 26 inches is 100% virgin human hair and contains no synthetic or animal hair. It makes it the top choice for high-quality virgin hair.

Since the cuticles are intact and go in the same direction, it gives a beautiful natural shine to the user. Notably, this product allows the user to wash, curl, color and style as quickly as it does for the original hair.


What is a weave?

The weave is an artificial or natural hair extension. The stylist will secure it to your hair with stitches or clips. By 3400 BC, this hairstyle was popular in Egypt.

Weave comes with high durability and can last for several weeks. Unlike other wig options, it is sewn directly into the original hair to highlight and create volume and shine.

How many inches is waist-length hair?

If you’re after waist or waist length, your best length range is between 20-28 inches.

Is shorter or longer hair healthier?

The answer is short hair. Short hair is the healthy part because it is closest to the hairline. On the other hand, long hairs are exposed to environmental factors and human physical influences such as straightening, drying, and coloring. 

Over time, they will wear out daily. Therefore, short hair also means that it is new and very healthy.

What hair color is most attractive?

According to a statistical survey, up to 31.5% of those with color preferences think blonde is the most attractive hair color.

Yet, only some people fit this shade. Therefore, you should consult a professional stylist or experts in this field to make the best decision.


I hope that my detailed review in this article about natural wavy weft 26 inches has made it easier for you to make your final choice.

Always remember that we are here to help and answer anything to help you choose the ideal product for you.

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