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Now, Vietnamese hair is very favorited in the world and found since some near years. Because the products of Vietnamese hair is very good and have high quality. They have many types of the textures and colors. Retailers and wholesalers all over the world have been searching Vietnam high quality hair extensions wholesale so much. Here I say some information of hair extensions wholesale in Vietnam.

Vietnamese high quality hair extensions wholesale:

The Vietnamese hair extensions is very good, smooth, silky and healthy. Because the Vietnamese belong to the Asians. The natural hair is natural black hair, straight or natural wavy hair. The hair is strong and healthy so that we can make it to many types of wavy hair and curly hair. In addition, the hair of the Vietnamese girl is very long. They know how for care of your hair so that the hair is more beautiful so that it’s more favorited. Every year, there are many hair wholesalers come to Vietnam to find the good suppliers. They want to have the source of high quality extension wholesale every month regularly to do their business. They want to co-operate with the suppliers as the partner for a long time. So that, The Vietnamese companies need sure that They have to supply the best quality of hair for the wholessales over the world.

We know this, our company, Ivirgo Hair JSC Vietnam, always put the interests of customers on the top. The satisfaction of my customers is our pleasure. We are committed to providing 100% high quality hair extensions wholesale, 100% human hair extensions, no mix animal hair or synthetic hair. We take care of the retail customers as well as the wholesale customers with the dedication and thoughtfulness. In the first years, our customers mainly come from the American market, some EU countries (such as Russia, Germany, Sweden, Turkey) and Australia. In recent years, many countries are interested in the hair extensions industry. We send the good quality hair extensions wholesale over the world. We can develop more in the African market (as Nigeria, Zambia, South Africa, Algeria, and etc…). Here, their needs of the hair extensions are so large. Besides, we still supply the hair to European, American, Australian markets in large quantities. Even we supply hair to Asian areas in Singapore, Korea, Japan, Thailand, and Cambodia…

quality hair extensions wholesale
High quality virgin hair wholesale

High quality hair extensions wholesale of the virgin hair:

In addition to the popular human hair extensions such as the single/ double drawn hair and the same length hair, the customers are particularly interested in 100% virgin hair extensions. As you know, the virgin human hair is cut from the head of one donor directly and fixed with the rubber bands. It’s unprocessed, not mixed together. The wholesalers in the worlds want to buy the good quality virgin hair wholesale because the quality of the virgin hair is grade 9A, very smooth, soft and silky. When they bleach or color the virgin hair, it can be full from 95% to 98% of the color. One bundle of the virgin hair is cut from one donor, so that a bundle of the virgin hair weighs under or over 100 grams, belongs to its length and thickness. Some customers like the hair bundles which is just cut from the head and fixed with the rubber bands. Also the customers like the virgin hair which is made equal the top and fixed with the rubber bands. In Africa and America, most of the customers like the high quality Vietnamese hair extensions wholesale of the weft virgin hair. It’s made equal the top then sewn with the double skin lines.

If you want to find the good supplier of the high quality hair extensions wholesale, we hope that we can support you all in your request. I’m Bee, from Ivirgo Hair JSC in Vietnam.

Q: How many days can I receive the hair from Vietnam after you ship it?

It’s 2 – 3 days to ship to America or Australia by UPS  and 4 5 days by DHL.

It’s 3 – 4 days to ship to Europe by UPS or 5-6 days by DHL.

It’s 6 – 7 days to ship to Africa by DHL.

It’s 5 – 7 days to ship to Africa Russia by EMS.

Q: How can I do payment?

A: You can use Paypal, Bank Transfer, Western Union, Money Grams, Visa/Master card. These methods are so common.

Q: Which type of hair does Ivirgo HairJSC supply?

We supply the high quality of the human hair, 100% the virgin unprocessed hair of Vietnamese and Cambodian hair with full cuticle aligned, same direction, 100% remy hair, no chemical, no synthetic hair.


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