Straight euro double drawn hair 20 inhes and 24 inches



Are you looking for high-aesthetic Vietnamese hair extensions with the most reasonable budget? Ivirgo Hair Factory is one of the brands to consider. 

We are proud to be a brand with more than 10 years of experience providing natural extensions for human hair. 

One of our standout products is Straight Euro Double Drawn Hair 20 Inches And 24 Inches. This product promises to meet all your expectations!

Product Features

Ivirgo Hair Factory offers a wide variety of hair extensions. The Straight Euro Double Drawn Hair 20 Inches And 24 Inches is one of our premium hair extensions. It conquers users with its ideal length, bright colors, and excellent quality. 


We want to create products with the highest applicability, meeting diverse customer needs. Therefore, with Straight Euro Double Drawn Hair 20 Inches And 24 Inches, you will get curls of utterly natural color. 

This color can be combined with many different styles and outfits. You will also be able to use our hair extensions daily, participating in many events.

Natural hair color also allows you to bleach and dye your hair quickly. You will no longer have to face the case that the hair, after dyeing, does not have the desired color and the scalp is affected after bleaching. 

With Ivirgo Hair Factory’s hair extensions, changing your appearance has never been easy. 


We offer hair extensions in lengths from 20 – 24 inches. You can use hair extensions of this length directly or style them. Our extensions always maintain your most natural look. 


Our hair extensions are made from the highest quality human hair. It is lightweight and has full-length hair from root to tip. So you can rest assured that every strand of hair is the same length, strength, and thickness. 

Even if you are an expert in hair extensions, it is difficult to tell the difference between Straight Euro Double Drawn hair and natural hair. 

High-quality materials also make styling easier. On this extension, you can do all the styling measures you usually do with your regular hair. 


Straight Euro Double-Drawn hair has a reasonably natural structure. It is thick and plump from root to tip. It is a unique advantage.

Because not many hair extension suppliers can offer products of the same length, ensuring the ends of the hair are always thick, full, and healthy. 

Its epidermis remains intact. Hair has no signs of tangles or split ends. During use, if you know how to take care of your hair, it is not difficult to maintain the natural structure of this hair extension. 


The most obvious change when you use Straight Euro Double Drawn hair is that your hair quickly becomes more extended and fuller. It blends perfectly with your natural hair. You will be satisfied with its great length and bouncy. 

This hair also supports styling, and curling in many ways to match your look. 

Investing in a wig sample, you will have the opportunity to experiment with dozens of other outstanding hairstyles and hair colors. 

It will be an experience that makes you unable to be more satisfied. 


Is Double Drawn Hair better?

Double Drawn Hair is one of the most premium hairstyles. Its hairs are all selected to be of equal length, ensuring a smooth and delicate beauty. That is also why this hair type has a slightly higher price than the common ground. 

Does Double drawn hair tangle?

This type of hair is less tangled than the usual options because the materials that make up this hair are carefully selected. The strands that make up double drawn are usually relatively smooth, firm, and rarely tangled. 

What grade of hair is double-drawn?

The highest quality hair models will be rated AAAAA. These are curls where the strands are roughly the same length, and the cuticles are of the same thickness and direction. 

Is double-drawn hair bone straight?

This type is thick and straight, and about 85-90% of the hairs are the same length. 

Can double-drawn hair be dyed?

You can dye, bleach, or do any styling with this hairstyle. Of course, overusing this operation can reduce the life of the hair extension. Try maintaining a regular dying frequency to keep your extensions safe and textured.


After reading the above information, have you decided to stick with Straight Euro Double Drawn Hair 20 Inches And 24 Inches for a long time? This hairstyle will bring a new look and meet all your requirements. 

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