Vietnam human hair natural straight single drawn hair 24 inches



The demand for hair in the world is increasing. The hair extensions has the ability to increase the length, thickness, shine, softness and bring new beauty to you. Besides, you can easily create the different hairstyles.

Nowadays, Vietnam human hair is favored in the world. Retailers and wholesalers come to Vietnam in order to find the source of Vietnam human hair and look forward the most suitable partners annually.

Today, I will introduce you to the characteristics of Vietnam human hair , Why human hair is favored and production process of straight weft hair, one of the favorite kinds of hair.

Vietnamese human hair natural straight single drawn hair 24 inches
Vietnamese human hair natural straight single drawn hair 24 inches

Characteristics of Vietnam Human Hair. Why Vietnam human hair is favored

As you know, human hair has the special structure. The outer epidermis main intact without being stripped. They are preserved and arranged neatly. Inside the hair is a tough protein called keratin, living cells divide and grow to build the hair shaft. Blood vessels nourish the cells and deliver hormones, good for the development of hair.

Natural Vietnam human hair is natural black hair (color #1b). Also It’s natural brown hair (color #2), but it’s not much. It’s very strong, completely arranged cuticles. On base, Vietnam human hair is straight and a little natural wavy hair. It’s very smooth, silky, shinny and soft. So that people can use it directly or they can bleach and dyed it easily. Also, they can create many hairstyles with a variety of textures which they like and do not harm the hair if they know the methods of using and take care of it right.

Because Vietnam human hair is cut from the donors directly, not tangle or shedding so that it has high quality. You can use it forever as your own hair. For coloured hair, the colour will fade after 6 months or 1 year. After that, you need to consider the condition of your hair for restoration or new dying after using the colour chemical.

Here are the reasons that traders believe and prefer to use Vietnam human hair.

Introducing production process of straight weft hair of Vietnam human hair:

  • Collecting Raw Vietnam human hair Material:

The first, one team of my workers go to some small workshops in local (Vietnam and Cambodia areas nearby) to collect raw Vietnam human hair . It’s cut from the donors and gathered at the workshop. My workers check it and choose good hair and bring it into my factory.

We can collect 2 kinds of hair: natural black hair and natural grey hair, cut from the elders.

  • Classifying Vietnam human hair :

I collected Vietnam human hair any unwanted, unhealthy, or stray grey strands, and remove them. I arrange hair according to their colors, length, textures (straight or wavy) and make equal the top. I tie them with elastic bands and wash it cleanly.

Vietnamese human hair natural straight single drawn hair 24 inches
Vietnamese human hair natural straight single drawn hair 24 inches

I will talk about how to wash hair. Because, this is the important process, which keeps the hair to be cleaned and healthy.

The first, I brush smoothly with a thin brush before washing. After watering the entire hair, I put shampoo onto the palm of my hand, foam and gently massage into the hair. I wash it carefully so that the hair is not tangled. Then I rinse the hair very cleanly, from top to bottom, avoid dipping hair into the water bowl because the hair can be tangled, difficult to remove.

Use a soft cotton towel to put on your hair. Do not squeeze or twist the hair. Also, do not brush the hair while it’s wet. And do not use a hairdryer because the temperature will damage the structure of the hair. I should hang the hair on the stand and let it dry naturally.

After hanging it in an airy place so that it to dry naturally, we have bulk hair (raw hair) to delivery to my clients directly or make other products. As usual, I tie 100 grams/1 bundle of hair.

  • Making straight weft hair from the Vietnam human hair:

My worker who in charge of sewing Vietnam human hair into straight weft hair, will put straight hair and spread out each bundle of it on the table. Then, they using a sewing machine to sew it on a line. As usual, they sew hair with double machine weft to prevent shedding. Finally, They use a little glue into the hair weft to make it stronger.

So that, we have the finished product of straight weft hair. Also, we can use straight weft hair to make many kinds of curly weft hair and wavy weft hair by a little hot steam or dye it with requested colours before sewing.

For wavy or curly hair, we need more 4~5 working days to process it than straight hair.

Here is the necessary information I give you about our straight weft hair product and the reasons you should use my hair for hair extensions industry.

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