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Our Ivirgohair company supplies Vietnamese curly hair with two main kinds of curly: kinky curly (deep curly) and loose curly. They are very smooth and soft, but do you know the difference between them and how to use, how to take care your curly hair? This post is for you!

Firstly, Vietnamese hair is natural straight, so if you want to kinky curly or loose curly,  we will make for you. Difference with Cambodia hair, natural wavy.

Let’s talk about Vietnamese curly hair

Vietnamese curly hair extensions

Difference between Vietnamese curly hair: Kinky curly and loose curly

To kinky curly hair

Kindly curly hair is also known for deep curly. They have such deep curls, healthy curls, each curl looks strong and fresh with shiny black. The curls are very equally separated and when you pick them up, curls will be not extended each curl by longer.

To loose curly hair

Loose curly hair is the same with kinky curly hair: deep curls, healthy curls with sunny black color. But the only difference between kinky curly hair and loose curly hair is the stretch of the curls when you pick them up. To loose curly hair, each curl will be loose and further apart.

Both of them is quite similar each other, but the characteristics are the difference. It depends on your interests and your demand.

Which kind of Vietnamese curly hair do you choose?

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How many kinds of Vietnamese curly hair and how to use them.

Ivirgohair JSC supply many kinds of hair, especially Vietnamese curly hair such as Bulk hair, Weft hair, Tape hair, Closure hair, Frontal hair…

Each kind of hair has a different head, therefore they are used in different ways. Example to Bulk hair is hair extensions, they will be connected to your hair roots, make your hair longer. Bulk hair is the simple

Secondly, about weft curly hair, they are sewed head hair together and let sew them on your head with your hair, very easy to use. Besides, you also can use one frontal hair, and one weft hair to make a full hair around your head.

Moreover, we can supply color curly hair, not dried, and very regular color especially brown color. Your business is the only choice of color and choice of kind of hair, we will bring you exact hair which you want.

The tips and tricks for healthy Vietnamese curly hair.

Vietnamese curly hair is one of the kind human hair. Human hair is the most popular type of extensions; it’s to look after, they can be washed and styled like your natural hair because they are made from 100% natural human hair. You can use straightening irons and curling irons or tongs or dye on human hair.

vietnamese curly hair
Hair extensions from Vietnamese

Always comb your hair from the bottom to top

Combing your curly hair from the bottom is a genius way for fresh curls, the curls will be not tangled your hair and remember using a wide-tooth comb because Curly hair is the most difficult type to care, each curl is a potential breaking point to your hair.

A wide-tooth comb will not destroy each curl, prevent your hair from tangling and loss hair. Even though, Vietnamese curly hair hardly have those characteristics

Trim regularly your curls to avoid split hair

Split hair looks very bad for your appearance. If you want healthy curls that look bouncy and fresh, there are two ways to trim hair regularly: the first way, head to the hairstylist every six to eight weeks for a quick trim, that is a fast way. And the second way is cheaper and simpler, Use “cocktailing” to trim each curl at home. Cocktailing products is a mixing of two or more caring hair products such as smoothing serum plus mousse, or coconut oil plus styling gel…

If you do not have your cocktailing, you should choose a serum instead of, which helps your hair not only soft but also smooth. Each curl of yours will be separated and you will have a strong hair without waste time.

Apply the conditioner to your ends.

When your hair becomes dry or dull phase, why don’t you apply the conditioner immediately instead of using a ton of many products? Simply use your fingertips to apply your conditioner styling cream or oil to your ends, giving them extra moisture and bounce. A strong end makes your hair more healthy.

You can wash and use conditioner on human hair like your hair, find easy to use especially Vietnamese curly hair. Remember to apply conditioner after you wash hair regularly, that is the simple way to have a smooth hair and soft hair.

Dye your hair for different colors

There are many colors for your choice if you want to change your appearance. Kinky curly hair and loose curly hair will be the most beautiful in black. If one day you feel boring and want to change the color of your hair. Let dye them to become colorful hair such as green, yellow, brown or even red.

You can make a highlight on your hair for stylist’s hair, that will be prominent on the hair and anyone must look at your beautiful hair. You can choose highlight hair with red on black hair, very highlight, or green with the genius stylist, or white highlight.

Vietnamese curly hair is very strong hair, healthy hair and you can dye them. But you do not want to dyed permanently, you can dye template color, you can keep the color within 1 week or more. That is the genius way!

The fastest way for new appearance is taking care of your hair regularly. A heath hair is the most beautiful you have.

I am lily, a sale manager form Ivirgo Hair Investment and Commercial Joint Stock Company from  Vietnam. We only supply hair with the high quality and the best reasonable price. The satisfaction of customers makes me happy in my career. I am always here for any questions and anytime you need.

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