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We often wonder why celebrities can come up with a very short hair model and the next day to stand out in the event with long shiny hair and long soft hair flow. Where is their secret?

The miracle lies in the techniques of combining hair and combining effective hair care, helping young people with confidence long hair shiny and no less delicate.

Just for a short time, hair experts will give you long hair that will help you shorten the hair length, of course, that hair will be absolutely beautiful and natural. The question is: how is the hair connected?, Does it harm or damaging the hair is and how the hair is treated after extensions? which type of Vietnamese hair extensions kind of best?….

Vietnamese natural hair extensions

Vietnamese hair extensions
Vietnamese natural hair extensions

Vietnam woman has a beautiful hair is black, long, smooth, fragrant and clean. To own a dream-like hair, women use the available natural ingredients, making the perfect shampoo. The formulas that make up this oil include Fructus Gleditschiae, lemongrass, lemongrass, lemons, grapefruit peel, custard leaves, mulberry leaves (mulberry root casing)…

Customers are looking for luxurious hair without any mixing required, Vietnam human hair is both softest and smoothes hair. Vietnamese hair extensions can be restyled with ease. If you love thick and soft virgin hair, you would choose Vietnamese hair.

How is the Vietnamese hair extensions connected?

When connecting your hair, you will feel painless and completely harmless, not damaging to the hair if you choose the right hair experts experienced and choose the methods of Vietnamese hair extensions.

This technique does not hurt or damage the hair, which is suitable for those who own sensitive hair and scalp. This is the perfect choice for those who want to own a long attractive hair. The hair extensions will be connected to your hair, connected close to the hair roots and not to the scalp. From the advice of salon professionals, you can know many hair extensions methods. We should use multiple brands or categories as not all hair extensions work for everyone. In Vietnam, hair extension companies have produced many Vietnamese hair extensions methods.

Sew-in, the hair is treated and cleaned and then sewn into pieces commonly known as weft. The customer’s hair is braided tightly before sewing the single weft into the head. customer needs to have retightened the hair through the four months.

Clip-ins, the hair is sewn into pieces thick and is attached to a clip on the weft. a little piece the customer’s hair is braided tightly to attach Clip-ins. It takes a short amount of time to put in and around the head.

Lace frontals have two ways to use, the first way: The customer’s hair is braided tightly before creating a base for the lace fronts hair to be sewn; second way: You use glue to bond the lace front.

Tape Vietnamese hair extensions are made of a small part of each weft is 2 inches wide by the bandage. the tape will attach to your hair. The extensions can only be removed easily using applying glue remover and must be installed using liquid glue or glue.

Tips hair extensions are structured a little part by keratin. The part keratin made by hand, pre-bonded extension, 1g/strand. The hair stylist will use a heating device and melt the keratin to attach to the hair. Tips hair extensions include many different forms, that is I tips, u tips, v tips and flat tips.

Vietnamese hair extensions can be used with many different methods and easy to use, so it is loved by many customers in the world. Vietnamese hair is easy to make waves with deep wavy, body wavy, body water wavy, loose curly, deep curly,…

Vietnamese hair extensions

Ivirgo hair – Vietnamese hair extensions manufacturer

Ivirgo Hair investment and commerce joint stock company – Top high-quality company supply Vietnam hair extensions for human hair extensions methods.

Since our inception, we have been striving to improve both the level of skills and the scale of technology, investing in the most modern equipment in order to bring the quality products quantity to the consumer.

Company Scale

Factory area: Production workshop: 1000m2

Number of workers: 150 workers

Technical staff: 10 people

Vietnamese hair extensions

Ivirgo Hair investment and commerce joint stock company, we supply many methods of hair in worldwide with 100% Vietnamese hair extensions, Remy hair, 100% original virgin hair extensions & full cuticle, Full color follows customer’s request, unprocessed, without nits, No lice, insect…

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