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Best Weft Straight Vietnamese Hair 

Long, bouncy and smooth hair is what many women desire. Having long and soft hair is almost impossible for people with thinning hair or patients undergoing treatment.

Don’t worry! Ivirgo Hair Vendors sells hair products that extend the reputation and quality assurance that many consumers trust to use. You can choose from many hair extensions with different styles, colors, and materials.

Many hairdressers and users love to weft straight Vietnamese hair. If you are curious about this trendy model, take advantage of the detailed review below.


Its primary material is natural hair roots from Vietnamese women, and the genetic trait is smoothness and firmness. Hair fiber has a durable keratin structure, quite large in diameter compared to other hair types.

Its outstanding advantage is its straight and long structure and smoothness, which makes it easy to comb. Smoothness is the advantage of this hair extension.

Vietnamese women often prefer to use natural herbs to care for their hair because it is soft and not tangled.

Hair extension products from Vietnam are purchased from women in rural or mountainous areas. They have unique hair treatments that ensure durability and natural shine. It is the reason that many people love these products.


With Ivirgo hair, you will not need to worry about the quality of your hair extensions. We specialize in providing high-quality and durable hair samples. 

After purchasing from Vietnamese women, this weft straight Vietnamese hair undergoes careful processing by highly skilled professionals. You’ll get clean, shiny products that won’t tangle or break easily.

Hair will go through careful preparation stages before being delivered to consumers. They will clean to ensure no parasites are on the product, and lice deep inside them will be eliminated entirely.

The next step conditions the hair so that the product achieves the required softness and shine.


This weft straight Vietnamese hair has a distinctive Vietnamese black color. East Asian hair contains high levels of melanin, giving it a natural glossy black. 

This color is suitable for many skin tones and is also very easy to coordinate with different clothes. Black is also a color that goes well with many fashionable and elegant hairstyles to your liking.


We provide weft straight Vietnamese hair products for you to choose from in many different lengths. 

If you love medium-length hairstyles, a little over the shoulder, you can choose to buy 14-inch or more extensions. 16-inch models will reach your back.

You can opt for 20 to 22-inch hairstyles if you want a more traditional look. These large-length options will also work well for curly hairstyles. 

When you curl your hair, the folds will reduce the length of your hair. So, you need to choose a longer extension to ensure the desired size after curling.


Due to the large and sturdy hair, you can treat your extensions with bleach and other colors. 

These products will need more thorough bleaching to get the right color. Yet, you don’t need to worry about your hair becoming frizzy after dyeing. If you use suitable hair oils, your hair will always be as smooth and bouncy as you want.

You can also style it using weft-straight Vietnamese hair products. All techniques, such as curling, drying, and pressing, can easily be available on this hair model.

Hairstyles are available for a long time with standard care. Its solid construction will pass easily through physical and chemical staining.


We have received many inquiries about products from customers. So, here are detailed answers to the most common ones. Follow along in the article below.

Can pool water damage my weft straight Vietnamese hair?

Yes, the chemicals found in pool water are not suitable for hair. It can cause tangles, weakness, and breakage.

You should carefully take care of this weft straight hair with appropriate shampoo and nutrients to limit the damage. A swim cap is also a valuable tool to avoid hair damage chemicals in the water.

How many times a week should I clean straight Vietnamese hair?

Hair experts recommend washing your hair 2 to 3 times per week.

Weft straight Vietnamese hair care is similar to your natural one. It would help if you used shampoo to clean your hair and conditioner to maintain its natural smoothness.

Plus, you should keep your hair at a moderate temperature. High temperatures can damage hair and reduce its lifespan. Wet combing is also not recommended, as it can cause hair loss and frizz.


Wholesale Hair Vendors offers hair extensions in various colors and properties for you to choose from. One of our versatile models is the weft straight Vietnamese hair. It is of high quality with long-lasting and stable color.

Thank you for reading!

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