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The first, I would like to be on behalf of my company (IvirgoHair Investment and Commercial JSC in Vietnam), we sincerely thank all the customers who have supported us during the past time. At present, we are having a big event “Big sales for the Christmas” to gratify the customers. Please access the following link for more details: Recognizing that importance, we always improve the quality of products, create beautiful models to satisfy the needs of customers. We always collect the source of beautiful hair material with high quality to manufacture. We supply the hair over the world, especially supply to United State America the most, referred to as the USA. We are proud to be the wholesale hair vendors in USA.

We are the leading wholesale hair vendors in USA

Over the years, we have tried to expand the international market and reach the American market. We publish and advertise many pictures of the product so that many customers can trust and corporate with us. We work professionally and reliably, always providing 100% human hair with high quality. We become the wholesale hair vendors in USA since we founded the company up to now. The Americans are very knowledgeable and they know what they need. They expect the good wholesale hair vendors in Atlanta, Chicago, Los Angeles, Miami, Texas or etc…, the big populated areas, where people need much the human hair. And we are the supplier whom they need.

Los Angeles is the largest city in California and the second largest city in the United States. It belongs to the Los Angeles County. In the past, many immigrants have come to this city. Therefore, their demand for hair is varied. They want it suits their skin color and the fashion style. They find the wholesale hair vendors in Los Angeles to get many types of hair, like as the straight hair, wavy hair, curly hair; black hair or colored hair, etc… Likewise, Chicago is the big city, is the third populous city in the USA and the most populous city in Illinois and the Midwest. We are the big wholesale hair vendors in Chicago with over one thousand of kilograms per year.

In addition, Florida, Georgia and Texas are also three of the major states in the United States with the developed economy. There are many people who are living here. Florida has a large city called Miami. Georgia has Atlanta city. Our marketing staffs have researched and analyzed the market in the USA. They say that people in Miami have searched for the keyword “wholesale hair vendors in Miami” many times. They expect to find the suppliers of the human hair extensions in Miami market.  Similarly, in Atlanta, they are interested in the human hair extensions but they love the virgin hair the most. They look for keywords related to “wholesale virgin hair distributors in Atlanta GA”. Finally, we have to mention Texas. We have a lot of great customers here. They are the big wholesale hair vendors in Texas and the bosses of the big hair salons.

And hereafter, I will talk a little about the method of shipping the goods to the USA.

wholesale hair vendors in usa

The shipping methods of the wholesale hair vendors in USA:

For the most part, we transport the goods by the airway, especially in the USA. The USA has the largest airports in the world, such as Hartsfield – Jackson Atlanta airport, Chicago O’Hare airport, San Francisco airport and Los Angeles airport, etc … From our headquarters in Hanoi Vietnam, we can easily deliveries the goods to the United States through the international shipping services company: UPS, DHL, FedEx. My customers can receive the hair after 2-3 days (by UPS), and 5-7 days (by DHL or FedEx). They can choose a shipping method which matches their locations. If my customers live in the not good terrain or they are away from the international airports, they usually choose DHL or FedEx to secure the goods.

We hope that we are always the reliable wholesale hair vendors in USA in the present and in the future.

Some Q & A sentences about the topic “Wholesale hair vendors in USA”


Q1: How do we know if we are in the remote areas?

A1: We have a checking list of the remote areas or the far areas from the center for each shipping method (UPS, DHL, FedEx …). You need to give us the postal code/zip code. After checking where you are living, we will let you know.

Q2: For the first order, I need how much minimum weight of hair so that I can get the wholesale price?

See more: Price list

A2: We always try to support the customers our best. We want our customers to feel the quality of the hair. For the first order, you can place a minimum of 200 grams (0.2 kilograms) with the wholesale price.

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