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Mink hair is durability, softness, and so thick. All the shells are intact. Each bundle hair was collected from a donor. All the shells are intact of our natural human hair.

Some advice from wholesale mink hair vendors about how to care hair

  • Clean your hair every 1-2 weeks, a week is highly recommend. Two weeks must be the maximum length that the extension of your is not washed. Not keeping pure hair will lead to the product being built. Over time, products build up can disrupt and destroy the texture of the hair extension, it is some advice from wholesale mink hair vendors.
  • Washing your hair downward, rubbing your hair when wet cause serious problems, or make a quilt.
  • Take care of your hair every 2 weeks-1 months. Deep treatment is very important; It maintains the natural texture of the hair extension by locking the moisture. Always let the air-conditioner deep for 15-20 minutes. Rinse your hair.
  • Mink Brazilian hair vendors of morning maintenance: Straight / Wave model: use a back brush, lightly stroke. Apply a small amount of Macadamia Oil if needed. The oil is distributed throughout the hair.
  • Body Wave Hair
  1. Gather your hair into a loose braid.
  2.  Wrap your hair like you would straighten your hair. Keep your hair safe with silk scarves and/or bonnet. Sleeping on a cotton pillow without a scarf or bonnet may be the bumpy extension of the hair. The lace is torn on the lace trim and ends equally on your bundle.

Washing Deep Wave & Curly pattern: Curly and Curly Wave Wash: Since hair product is used more frequently than straight textures and muscle waves, more washing is required. We recommend using As I Am “Cleansing Pudding” once a week. Weigh hair every week to keep your hair hydrated.

wholesale mink hair vendors
mink hair vendors in usa

The advantages from wholesale mink hair vendors.

In the markets of Virgin hair product? Do not look! Our virgin hair vendors is a professional wholesale supplier of 100% virgin hair products. No matter if interested in creating a second income source or watching a full-time profitable hair business.

Why is there a risk of making hard money with an unknown company overbroad, with little or no customers service, no product warranty and quality control? It has done all the steps for you. We have taken the risk, researched and tested the hair from a variety of sources. That has brought us the luxury of co-operating with the best suppliers in the hair extension industry.

We have competitive prices to save money, as well as provide you with high quality and reliability for you and your customers. Our hair never changes chemically and we only give the best hair. The only thing better than our top quality hair is our superiority in customer service.

Our clients like to give us a call or stop by our showrooms. Build solid nexus with our customer is a big part of success. We are excited to offer you top virgin hair. Our store focus on giving you the best customer empirical with great products, service, and fast shipping. We consider the best wholesale mink hair vendors the USA.

We have a proven track record to provide the virgin hair that can be dyed, styled and handled beyond your expectation. We only offer quality hair goods to our great customers.

We love working with passionate celebrities, business owners and stylists. We here to buy your next hair is as wonderful as possible. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. We will be happy to help you choose your next pack or color.

Q: What color is your hair? Mink hair or brown hair or blond hair?

A: You can choose mink hair. Mink hair is sought after product on the market today. This type of mink coat is used for a variety of soft, durability and density (thickness). All cuticle layers are intact and you will notices selection of our virgin hair has a natural taper at the end.

Q: Does Ivirgohair company have mink hair wholesales in the US?

A: Ivirgohair is a global company, we are based in Vietnam. We supply natural hair in the US market. Our company provides Vietnamese hair and Cambodian hair. Vietnamese hair is little known but it has excellent quality, best in the market. Vietnamese hair with thick, perfectly dyed. Surely you have never seen such beautiful hair so far !!!

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