Vietnamese hairstyle for women has been changing day by day

If the eyes are compared to the windows to the soul, the hair is also an integral part to enhance the beauty of the human. Through a long period of time, Vietnamese hairstyle has made major changes to catch up with modern peace of life but still retain the distinctive feature of Vietnamese hair.

So, today, let’s discover the changes of Vietnamese hairstyle for women between now and past:

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Vietnamese hairstyle for women in the past

  • In the 19th century

Under the domination of the feudal system, Vietnamese women knew how to beautify the hair naturally. Their long, silky and flowing hair was styled simply.

Vietnamese hairstyle
Vietnamese hairstyle In the 19th century

Women in the north of Vietnam usually wrapped the hair around a piece of fabric which is called the pincushion. Especially young girls, to create a comely appearance, they were interested in leaving a short curly tail called the ponytail, lying on one side of their face.

Hairstyle of women in the central and south of Vietnam has some differences. They did not wrap their hair but rolled it carefully and gathered it into a bun.

However, it is very interesting that Vietnamese women in every part of Vietnam, during that time, always had the hair parted in the middle because people said that it was a symbol for women’s righteousness and virtue.This hairstyle was maintained until at the beginning of the 20th century.

  • In the 20th century

The first sign of change was that women let the hair grow to flow down their backs, not wrapping and rolling it.

Black hair shining down on the shoulder brings gracefulness and charm in accordance with Oriental standards. Although this hairstyle is very gentle and not too sophisticated when styling, it is enough to make Vietnamese women more beautiful and younger at that time. The image of Vietnamese women with the long silky hair and traditional dress – “Ao dai” could make anyone’s heart flutter.

Vietnamese hairstyle
Vietnamese hairstyle In the 20th century

After that, between 1930 and 1940 when the process of westernization had a huge effect on almost every aspect of social life, French women’s hairstyles were spread and became hot trends in Vietnam at that time.

It was said that French created a new face for Vietnamese women’s hair. More and more women cut their hair and curled it, which made hair curling shops mushroom throughout the country.

Vietnamese hairstyle for women in modern life

In the 21st century, with the explosion of fashion, Vietnamese women have also made great changes in their hair. Nowadays, women are no longer constrained by any prejudices, they have the freedom to choose any hairstyles they want. The length of hair is very diversified. There are short hair, shoulder-length hair, back-length hair and so on.

Hair tendencies are always changing, but straight hair never becomes unfashionable. The flat iron is used to make the hair smoother and shinier.

Bob is the name of a short hairstyle appearing in recent years in Vietnam. Vietnamese women at the present always aim to the simple and modern beauty. Therefore, more and more women seem to like shorter hair. This hairstyle is not only dynamic and charming but also personal and fashionable. Even many Vietnamese actresses also are interested in it.

Another hot trend of Vietnamese hairstyle for women at the present is curly hair. However, passing a long period of time, curly hair in modern life is very different from one in French period. It is younger and more elegant. This is a hairstyle which is very popular on the special occasions such as weddings and events. Because it helps women have a gorgeous appearance.

In addition, dying hair is also a hot trend in Vietnam. It can not be denied that it brings a new look for women’s hair. Sometimes, Vietnamese hairstyle may be affected by Korean hairstyle, but it is adjusted to suit Vietnamese culture.

Vietnamese hairstyle
Vietnamese hairstyle

So, do you ever wonder that why Vietnamese women have various hairstyles like that? Meanwhile, the hair of women in many countries is difficult to style. It is because Vietnamese women are very fortunate to have the natural hair which is very smooth and silky. Besides, they usually care their hair carefully by natural hair care products such as coconut oils, olive oils…

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