The reasons make Chipu become Vietnamese hot girls

Vietnam is the country, known for many beautiful girls. In my country, those girls are called under the name “Vietnamese hot girls”.

Nowadays, in the young generation, Chi-pu hot girl is very very popular, she is an actor, model pictures, and now is a singer. She has recently been popular phenomenon because of publishing many viral MV music. However, what makes her become famous is her appearance, she owns such a beautiful hair with many styles and always use hair extensions for each MV she plays.

Let’s find out kinds of hair extensions of hers right now.

Who are Vietnamese hot girls, who is Chipu?

Vietnamese hot girls are growing up very fastly, many many girls become hot girls only with a video, a picture or any scandals as long as they are beautiful. However, we can not ignore the beauty of Vietnamese girls. The most highlight to mention to Chipu.

Chipu’s real name is Nguyen Thuy Chi, is known by many people from 2006. Until now, no one in Vietnam don’t know her.

Why is Chipu the most famous in Vietnam?

As I mentioned before, she is an actor, a singer, a model pictures… she attends many evens within Vietnam and around the world. She is the model which young generation wants to become. However, faced with many scandals but she is still confident and keeps on her career.

vietnamese hot girls
The life travel around the world of hers

She has a luxury life with famous brand products, travel around the world to enjoy her life and play her MV music. Those MVs music of her very colorful and pretty actors, beautiful dancing.

Why do Vietnamese hot girls have such beauty?

Perhaps you should know that Vietnamese women, especially Vietnamese hot girls, all of them have very beautiful hair, very smooth, soft and long hair.

But famous people like Chipu, who have to change their hair continually, they have to use hair extensions to change hải day by day immediately, no time to wait for growing hair.

Chi pu is the most popular evidence for using hair extensions, we use Vietnamese hair extensions for new appearance all times, in one MV, her hair can change from short to long and contrast, long to short in each scene.

vietnamese hot girls
Using hair extensions to change hair from short to long

Do you know she used hair extensions from which company? the answer is our company – Ivirgohair Investment and Commerce Joint Stock Company.

With variety of hair, variety of color, variety of length, kind of hair, she chooses easily, and easily change.

Which kind of Vietnamese hair she usually uses?

In our Ivirgo hair company, we supply many kinds of hair, from Bulk hair, weft hair, clip in hair, tape hair, tips hair ( u-tips, i-tips, v-tips, flat tips), lace closure, lace frontal hair…

and with color, we can make many colors in pallete. from black, dark brown to light brown, white hair and red color… ombre or mixed hair. with the sharp: straight, wavy, curly.

With Chipu, she changes her style everyday, when strong girl with straight hair, when sweet, sexy with wavy and curly hair.

Chipu always chooses virgin hair grade 9A- the best quality in our company for her hair, that makes her hair become very thick and soft, smooth like silk.

You can see her changing in the lastest MV music “ I was wrong, say sorry to me!”.

Chipu changed from Short curly to long wavy very beautiful.

She choose #12 color hair in this MV music for a shiny hair

To make a hair like Chipu’s, you can use 3 weft color hair with 1 closure 4”x4” of our company, sew them and you will have wig hair and very beautiful.

You can choose dark brown color if your hair is brown, or if your skin is white, blonde color is a not bad choice. i will show you some style similar Chipu’s but different color.

Becoming beautiful more and more is the dream of all women, however, only strong women want to change themselves. Do not hesitate to give you a magic to your beauty.

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