The ultimate guide on hair extensions for you: How to get a perfect vixen sew in?

Vixen sew in has been a hot trend among girls a few years up to now, after there was a very viral video about someone had got this hairstyle done by a stylist, which was seen and share nearly thousand times on Facebook.

Recently, it is no more a really big trend about the vixen sew-in; however, this hairstyle still gets a very constant position among girls, especially African ones because it can be a perfect hairstyle with all kinds of hair textures as well as allow you to change  your hairstyle so often, more than you usually would with a sew in. In this article, let’s discover this unique hairstyle with us to get better knowledge about vixen sew in.

Vixen sew in, one of the most popular extension installation recently
Vixen sew in, one of the most popular extension installation recently (Source: Internet)

The first and foremost question – What is a vixen sew in?

This vixen sew-in is a hair method when people install sew-in extensions into the real natural hair. This method will help you to enlarge your hair styling options. The different thing which separates this one from other standard and typical weave install is the braid pattern which is used in this method.

Unlike other hair extension installs, which requires getting all your natural hair braided all behind or into one beehive pattern only, your hair is parted into different quadrants, it could be two, three or four parts, and each part will be braided into a beehive, and there will be some hair on each quadrant intentionally left out. This allows you to make some parts in between quadrants. You can imagine the quadrants through this picture.

What is a vixen sew in?
What is vixen sew in? (Source: Internet)

What are the advantages and disadvantages of having a vixen sew in?  

  1. Before getting a vixen sew in for yourself,  you may want to know what are the pros and cons of this extension installs. Let us look at the advantages as well as disadvantages of a Vixen Sew-in and consider whether it is a good option for you or not!

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The plus points of getting a vixen sew in

The plus points of getting a vixen sew in
What are the advantages of getting a vixen sew in? (Source: Internet)

It helps you more flexible in styling your hair

The most perfect thing that makes this hair extension so popular is that it lets you do a lot of hairstyles on your own. You can do anything you want, even if you want to get a ponytail hair or a simple bun, or you’re into unique braids, or you just simply want to let all down. You can do it all and even so much more.

It provides you with a flawless look

As the Vixen sew in has a technique which can mix your own natural real hair with the weave, so the final appearance is really faultless and maybe it looks even so realistic than other conventional sew-ins.

It is really easy for you to maintain

Normally, it can be a complex and hard thing to protect and maintain a weave when using it.  However, with the Vixen Sew-In, it’s a completely different story. Because your hair has already been divided into different quadrants, so you only need to pull all your hair into the Bantu knots or make buns or a neat braid before going to bed. In addition, as there is a dramatic amount of your real hair left around each of the perimeters and across the middle section on your scalp, it will be a lot easier for you wash and moisturize your natural hair.

The minus points of getting a vixen sew in

Hair damaged when heat exposure

Hair damaged when heat exposure
What are the disadvantages of getting a vixen sew in? (Source: Internet)

When you get a Vixen Sew-In, there will be quite a lot of natural hair left out . So that, when that amount of hair needs to be smooth using a flat iron, your hair will get a very high chance that the heat will damage it, so you should make sure the hair be well protected. As the heat can make your natural hair badly damaged, you ought to apply some kind of protection product for the leave-out natural hair before styling them with heat. Moreover, it is highly recommended that you use deep conditioning for the leave-out to remain the hair nourished and moisturized at least once times per week.

It can give your hair bumpy hair health

When almost your natural hair has been braided down as well as protected, some of your hair still left out and exposed, so the health of that hair area will become uneven and not stable. It depends a lot on how much heat you apply to your hair, and how you can take care of your hair. However, on the other hand, if your natural hair can mix with the weave texture flawlessly, you will not need to apply as much heat to your natural hair as needed, so that your hair health can be remained, protected evenly.

This extension installs is not always for everyone

Before getting a vixen to sew in, there will be two factors which can decide if vixen sew in is suitable for you or not: the length and health of your real hair. In the case your natural hair forward the perimeters of your head combined with the middle parts on your scalp does not have the same length as the hair you are going to install, or if it has been too damaged or weak, you are highly recommended not to use and apply this installation way as it can damage your hair and make it worse

How to make vixen sew-in with step by step instructions

How to make vixen sew-in with step by step instructions
Vixen sew in is a perfect choice for all the girls with strong and healthy hair (Source: Internet)

This hair installations will work better and more properly with hair which has a length from 8 inches as this is a suitable length for you to be able to have more and more versatility and coverage. In this part, we would like to give you a full instruction on how to get the best vixen sew-in. In addition, this instruction can be used by the hair stylist who makes the vixen sew in or you can completely do this hair installs for your own.

Vixen sew in
Sewing process of getting a vixen sew in (Source: Internet)

Braiding is the first step

You will start by dividing your natural hair about two inches around the boundary as well as leaving the middle vertical & horizontal cross-section of your hair out. Then, you start to braid these parts down in a circular motion. You should braid the hair carefully because when you braid hair down if the braids are small and neat, the vixen sew-in will appear to be more seamless.

Do not forget to get enough hair left out in order to blend with the weave and get a more flawless and natural appearance. After braiding, your archive will be two to four parts within the braided down leave out parts. You will braid these parts with the Beehive Method (which means circular motion). In addition, if you use a net, it will help you to flatten out all the braids and give the next part of sewing wefts easier.

Preparation before sewing weaves

In this step, you should collect all your needles! The perfect recommendation is that you should get at least 4 needles so as that you do not need to stop continuously as well as cord the same needle all over again. You should thread the needles with the length of an arm and then knot the bottom of the thread so it will not slip out when you sew.

The most important part: Sewing

Now, you start to sew the weave into the braids from both bottom left or right parts. Begin to go from the underneath of the braid and you sew from the left to the right of the part until you come to the top. You need to sew it in as flat as possible in order to make the sew as close and neat as possible. In addition, although cutting the tracks will create a slight shedding, but it is the best when trying to get this hairstyle. Moreover, if you apply the “Fold over Method”, you will get a fuller appearance and it also helps prevents the weave from shedding. However, unless you are a professional, you might get a slight bulking in each part if sew in mentioned. After finishing the two bottom parts, you can continue to sew the top two parts with the same ways.

Blending your natural hair with weave

After step 3, you start to unbraid the leave out hair parts around the perimeter and middle two cross-sections, then you apply a heat protectant product on these areas. Base on the hair texture of weave can you choose what you could do with your hair. Want a simple silky straight hairstyle? You can use the flat iron to make the leave out hair smooth so that it can blend well with the weave and create a seamless appearance. Or you prefer the curly hair?  You can totally add moose to your hair and then place the perm rods then sit under the dryer and wait until your hair is dry, then take the rods out and carefully distribute all the curls. Or maybe you are a fan of the deep big wave! All you gotta do is to unbraid your hair and apply a little serum then start your process.

Now you can style your hair in any way you want

Now you can style your hair in any way you want
You can have all the styles you want after getting a vixen sew in on your own (Source: Internet)

After finishing all the above steps, you can be creative unlimitedly. You can take all your hair up to make a high ponytail or bun, pigtails braid, or even Bantu knots, or simply let it down, etc.

How to Maintain and protect Vixen Sew-In

This guide is for those whose weave is 100% human hair, which is very natural and can be protected like human real hair. You can read the steps below to make sure that your vixen sew-in is maintained properly.

STEP 1: Provide your scalp with oil regularly. It is better if you use the natural oil such as coconut oil in order to ensure that your scalp will not get irritated and itchy which makes you scratch and this will lead to frizzy roots hair.

STEP 2: You should wash your hair every week with high-quality shampoo products to be sure that your hair will not get tangled or smell bad. ‘Also, you need to use conditioner for your hair as well to make it healthy as always.

STEP 3: Remember not to rub your hair to dry it. Instead of it, you should make parts of it to dry the hair, as rubbing the hair can roughen its cuticles and even messes up with the hair shafts, which make them easily fall out.

STEP 4: You ought to style it carefully, comb it from the tip going up to the top in order to avoid pulling the hair shafts too roughly. Also, you should not use heated styling tools too much because they can make the weave dry, brittle and reduce its life.

STEP 5: Do not take scheduling regular appointments with your stylist for granted. If your hair gets troubles, they can fast do the repairs for you on the loose extensions and restyle it.

The about is a guide about vixen sew in and how to make a vixen sew in for your own. Hopefully, after reading this article, you will get a better understanding of this popular extension installation method and make one for yourself. Wishing you all the best.

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