Complete guide: how to wash a human hair wig with expert

Have you ever longed for others’ lush and soft hair then you promised to yourself that you would let your hair grow like that. However, the nature of your hair is not good enough then your dream never becomes true, which facilitates the development of human hair wig.

Human hair wig beautifies your appearance but it requires users to learn to care for it. To be honest, washing a human hair wig could be one of the most daunting tasks that one has ever experienced. To help you solve this problem, Ivirgo suggests you should read this complete guide to know how to wash a human hair wig!

How often to wash a human hair wig

A wig is a monetary investment and a necessity that you will probably be wearing many a time per day. Thus it is crucial to take good care of a human hair wig in order to not only prevent you from replacing it but also keep it natural in nearly mint conditions. However, proper care does not mean you wash it too regularly.

So how often to wash a human hair wig? The general rule of thumb for human hair wigs to be washed ranges from 10 to 15 times of wearing. Your washing should be limited as much as possible as the more you wash, the shorter the lifespan of your human hair wig is.

How to care for human hair curly wigs
Is it good if you wash the human hair wig like this?

Human hair wig is directly attached with your scalp, causing to an increase in sweat. Therefore, if you are active or perspire a lot, you are likely to wash the wig more often. Even in a more humid climate or polluted environment, washing after six to eight times is recommended.

Standard steps to wash each type of human hair wig

How to wash a human hair wig: blend

how to care for a human hair wig
Human blend hair wig should be taken good care of to extend their lifespan.

Firstly, before watering the hair blend wig, use a wide-tooth comb to gently detangle any knots from the cap base to the ends of hair. Secondly, just get your blend wig wet with cool water (NO SOAKING). When it is thoroughly wet, distribute a small amount of shampoo equitably throughout the hair.

Rinse the wig until no suds are left by letting the water flow from the cap to the ends of the hair. Slightly blot the wig to remove excess water before conditioning. Repeat the steps of shampooing. Once all the above steps are done, we move on dry stage.

Finally, do not use your hands to wring, squeeze, twist or rub the hair. Place the human blend wig on the towel and after water is removed, carefully comb the wet hair downward. Finish combing, you should allow the wig to dry completely overnight and direct sunlight is not suggested.

How to wash remy human hair wig

Remy hair wig is part and parcel of celebrities, including Tyra Banks and Beyonce. It is officially exported from India and China which are considered as the highest quality factories of human hair. Remy hair wig is not cheap based on average budget of populations. Therefore, if you happen to have remy human hair wig, you should be pretty cautious when washing it.

how to care for a human hair wig
Remy human hair wig – a necessity for prestigious people

Basically, you still comb and get your remy hair wig wet as the blend one. However, there is something that is needed to pay attention to:

  • Wet the hair by a mixture of 50% conditioner and 50% water
  • Use a vent brush to brush the hair wig
  • Add a mild moisturizing shampoo in 7 minutes before lathering it with shampoo (NO RUBBING OR TUGGING is necessary)
  • Rinsing as mentioned in ‘How to wash a human hair blend wig’
  • During dry stage, use organic olive oil to moisture and save it from becoming too dry. To prevent hair damage, be careful when using heat styling tools or curling irons.
how to care for a human hair wig
how to care for a human hair wig (Source: internet)

How to wash a human hair wig at home

Look at the picture and you can see that there are 8 standard steps to wash your human hair wig properly at home.

  • Comb to tangle free
  • Add mild shampoo
  • Wet the human hair wig in 5 to 10 minutes (no rubbing is encouraged because rub results in unkempt hair.
  • Add hair conditioner and soak in fresh water
  • Place it in the towel
  • Squeeze the human hair wig
  • Absorb the water
  • Keep its style by hanging in the specialized support. Once it is nearly dry (70%-80%), comb the human hair wig and use oil (olive oil is suggested) to moisture.
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