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The city life churns, furments, bubbles and fumes. In that hustle and bustle, to maximize productivity and leave a little time for yourself, you may ask for the help of useful accessories such as hair extensions. In addition to clip in hair extensions that we have mentioned in previous articles, today you are likely to master one more popular ones called weft hair extensions.

It is worth noting that our words are for both beginners and seniors in hair extensions. Therefore, you will be fully equipped with important knowledge about weft. It is not as complicated as you may imagine and we believe that with little practice, your weft hair extensions are bound to look amazing.

Why not read on to find how magical weft is!

Brief introduction about weft hair extensions

You can skip this part if you are so familiar with weft hair extensions. This is a brief introduction for beginners who have never happened to see this term anywhere else.

weft hair extensions
Before making a decision to buy or knowing how to take good care of a product, you had better learn its features.
(Source: Internet)

In a nutshell, weft hair extensions refer to hair products which have been sewn or wefted to create the bundle of extensions. Normally, hair extensions are named after the technique that workers use to create them. For example, clip in hair extensions refer to ones that you easily clip in and form a glorious look.

Unlike other types of hair extensions, weft has divided into several kinds and each type will determine how natural your hair integrations will look. It comes as no surprise that the most natural looking hair is made from Remy human hair as hair sewn onto wefts is facing in the same direction for a seamless finish.

  • Machine weft hair
weft hair extensions
Traditionally, machine weft hair is one long piece of hair extensions sewn together (Source: Internet)

As its name reveals, the hair is sewn together by machine to create a tracking effect. It can be considered to be one of the most common weft hair extensions to use thanks to the natural feeling it brings about. After sewing them into a bundle, the strands are cut up into sections to fit a person’s head. Normally, hair is sewn to a braid.

General assessment: this kind of weft hair extensions is also the highest quality and the most versatile in the market. You can trim and style the hair in any way you desire without tempering the weft conditions as we are sure that it can blend well into your natural tresses.

  • Skin weft hair extensions
weft hair extensions
Skin weft hair extensions will make you feel completely different (Source: Internet)

Skin weft takes root from tape hair extension family and sometimes, you may assume that hair is growing from the tape. Basically, skin wefts will come into 4-centimeter pieces. Why is it called skin weft? The strands are attached together by a special tape called polyurethane looking pretty like skin. (( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Argan_oil))

General assessment: It is perfect for those having very thin strands in nature as it will help to avoid being recognized by others. However, the special adhesive tape does not last long – only a week at least.

  • Hand tied weft hair
weft hair extensions
As a person who appreciates labor accomplishments, hand tied weft hair is always prioritized (Source: Internet)

You can guess how hand tied hair extensions are created and you are right. As for this kind of weft hair extensions, hair is woven into a few strands of fishing line. When compared to machine weft, it is much thinner. We do not know how you are feeling about it but in our opinions, what is created by human beings does convey and embed a significant meaning and feature. It is just inexplicable but for sure, you think it is awesome.

General assessment: Because it is made by enormous efforts of workers, it is the most expensive weft and you cannot cut it. One suggested place for you to get true hand tied weft hair is Ivirgo hair company originating from Vietnam. You may benefit from their sophisticated and appealing products.

These are three popular types of weft hair extensions that you should be aware of. Remember that you should be really careful when buying them, especially paying attention to the quality accompanied with the price.

Pros and cons of weft hair

Sometimes, when you jump into the market filled with glamorous kinds of hair extensions, you will easily get confused at which one you should go for. Depending on your requirement and budget, you can have your own choice. However, everything has its pros and cons; hence, it is much beneficial if you are aware of them.

In this part, we will provide you with information in form of the table. Normally, weft hair extensions are in comparison with tape in ones but we will present this topic in another article.

Pros Cons
  • Offer more security as they are sewn into a small plate of your natural strands
  • A natural look is achieved when everything is done correctly
  • A weft is fitted in layers and concealed underneath; thus, it is more durable and versatile
  • Long weeks of usage and less stress on multiple parts of your own hair
  • Fine hair is not welcomed
  • Tight braids result in pain in your scalp; sometimes, the wearers get headaches
  • Proper care and maintenance are required
  • Some types of weft hair extensions require a hair professional to remove

Industry tips on how to handle weft at home

You cannot care for it if you have not even tried to apply it onto your head. This can be regarded as one of the most important steps in renewing your appearance. However, no worries because you have tips from experts and believe it or not, it is super easy to follow.

You have to go through the preparation process in advance to let extensions go on more easily, last longer and look better. There are only three things that you should bear in mind.

  • Want color weft hair extensions? Make sure that you finish dying your roots and the color is topped up. The shades of the two – extensions and natural strand should be close.
  • A thorough wash should be prior to weft hair extensions’ application. No conditioner or styling products this time because this may not help to secure hair.
weft hair extensions
You can try detox shampoo for weft hair extensions as well (Source: Internet)
  • Last but not least, remember to ensure tangle-free natural strands. You cannot skip the process of air drying, careful combing and brushing.

Weft application

After finishing preparation, are you ready to accompany us in the journey to install weft hair extensions? Let’s get on board and figure out the industry tips. Knowing this enables you to save a great deal of both money and time.

weft hair extensions
The picture is extracted from the video in which a hairdresser is installing sew in weft hair extensions (Source: Internet)

We understand that there are some of the readers here who have tried to do it yourself but failed. It is acceptable as most of our clients find it a bit tricky to get started. You can only perfectly apply weft hair extensions on your own if you master at weft. In other words, only hairstylists can do that without the help of a friend to get the back for them.

Here is the list of moves that you need to follow. Noted that easier said than done.

+ Estimate the width of your weft hair extensions then take a portion of hair. Comb through the strands and use hair clips to keep hair in the proximity move out of your way.

+ However, it is necessary for you to create a tightly braided braid. Let’s get started with one edge and braid to the middle. Then tight a sheer rubber band at the finish and repeat with the other side.

+ Do not forget to trim the weft hair extensions so that they can fit the length of your own strands. At this time, a needle and thread are used to prevent the hair from dropping.

weft hair extensions
You know what? If you are going to get weft hair extensions installed, you must be very patient (Source: Internet)

(In this step, we have to divide into smaller notes in that there are several kinds of weft hair extensions. Therefore, multiple methods are born. Sometimes, you have to handle weft hair extensions with micro rings or glue. Nevertheless, the way it works is much the same.)

+ Thread a bent needle and gently sew the hairline along the length of the braid. Then, step by step secure the weft ends. Relying on the volume and thickness that you desire, repeat for a specific number of pieces.

weft hair extensions
It is not exaggerated if we say that weft hair extensions are a magical solution to save girls from an ugly haircut (Source: Internet)

Removal of weft hair extensions

If you are wearing a weave-in hair extension, we would say it is easy. If you happen to choose a glued-on hair weft, we are afraid that you have to pay a visit to the nearest salon to get everything done. As you know, to get rid of the glue, you are supposed to have a remover and know how to use it properly. Therefore, to stay safe, you have to pay money for the hair professional.

We are only instructing you how to remove weave in single weft hair and get rid of microrings.

  • Weave-in integrations
weft hair extensions
Clip in hair extensions are the easiest one to remove and they are followed by weave in counterparts (Source: Internet)

+ Hold a pair of scissors to carefully cut the threads which are being attached to your natural hair

+ Repeat for each section

+ Then finally, get the rubber bands out and brush through your strands

  • Weft hair extensions with micro rings
weft hair extensions
As you can see in the two pictures, to remove micro rings, you have to spend more time and efforts (Source: Internet)

+ Pliers are required to remove or even insert micro rings. How to remove? Imagine that you are grasping something with a plier. Do the same with micro rings.

+ Open the attachment by pinching the rings at the end. You can see the change in the shaped ring, reserving its original shape which is oval or round.

+ Pull out the hairpiece and get rings out

+ Finally, repeat until no micro rings are found on the head of the wearer

Aftercare guidelines

To keep using weft hair extensions for a longer time, please do not skip this part. Spend some seconds and you can save a great deal of money. Why not continue reading? These tips are very accessible but their effects will go beyond your expectation for sure.

  • A deep conditioner is a must item. Just leave a small amount of conditioner to soak in for a few minutes before you flush it out.
  • Weft hair extensions have their specifically designed brush. Just come and get the consult of your hairstylist. More importantly, you ought to start with the ends upwards. When hair is wet, do not brush.
  • Never sleep with your damp integrations and braid your strands before going to bed to keep them in mint conditions.

Weft hair extensions are always there to help you get tons of options for length, color effects, and volume. You can cut and style them to fit your look. They are nothing different from your own hair. Therefore, if heat is the enemy of strands, integrations cannot be friends with it. Keep heat away as much as possible.

So, these are a few lines about weft hair extensions that are helpful to you, in our judgment. Please read them carefully and choose what you believe to follow. If you are still confused, do not hesitate to contact us for more details as we can help you. Win-win!

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