What Are The Different Types Of Hair Extensions? Maybe You Don’t Know!

Beautiful and healthy hair is a dream of many women. Not everyone has thick 0bright hair. Sometimes, people need the help of hair extensions to become more attractive. Understand these demands, the producers provide many types of hair extensions on the market. What are the different types of hair extensions? Depend on the financial statement of you, you can choose hair extensions that are suitable for you.

Do you often use hair extensions? How many types of hair extensions have you used? In order to give you more choices, we will answer the question: “What are the different types of hair extensions?” We think that the article will help you gain meaningful information. If you continue reading this article, it is really nice that you are trying to find the best hair extensions for you. And we promise you will be not disappointed!!!

How many types of hair extensions?

The answer is there are lots of different types of hair extensions. Human hair extensions are the lengths of real hair that are closely attached to a person’s scalp in order to add the thickness or the length of the hair of people wearing them.

People can divide them into many different ways: difference in hair extensions quality, difference in hair braid extensions, difference in hair extensions textures,… Therefore, it is difficult to determine the number of types of hair extensions. Although, you need to distinguish them and know the cost of each type. The list below will provide the newest information about hair extensions.

what are the different types of hair extensions
What are all the different types of hair extensions

Different types of hair extensions qualities (5A, 6A, 7A, 8A, 9A,…). What is the meaning of the grades?

The grading system (5A, 6A, 7A, 8a, 9A,…) was invented by the manufactures in China to explain on the easy way with their customers about how good hair extensions are. We will talk about the history of the grade. 5A was appeared around 2012 – 2013. At that time, 5A was a great kind of hair extensions.

All things were changed in 2014 when 6A was introduced widely. Continuously, 7A, 8A, 9A was welcomed and the qualities of hair extensions have been upgraded increasingly. Simply, you can understand that 10A hair extensions are the best hair extensions nowadays. Technically the higher the letter rating, the better the quality of hair. 9A hair extensions are also great quality human hair .

They are extremely soft, silky, and strong. They have the same length and blends well with straight hair textures. You can dye hair extensions color if you choose 9A extensions. By taking care of your hair suitably, this hair can maintain up to 2 years. You don’t worry about the tangle of extensions. Although, the price of them was little pricey.

8A human hair extensions

8A human hair extensions are highly appreciated by the experts. They make the people feel luxurious, help their hair become sleek,shiny and thick extremely. They can last for a long time if you take care them regularly

7A hair extensions

7A hair extensions are favorite choices because of reasonable price and good quality. They are quite popular and also are preferred most. They are soft, bright, strong and thicker at the end than 6A extensions.

what are the different types of hair extensions
Different types of hair extensions pros and cons

6A extensions

6A extensions are the second lowest grade of hair but they have pretty many advantages. First, they can be curled, styled and blends with most hair textures. Besides, they are silky and soft.You can bleach and restyle hair as well.

5A extensions

5A extensions are the lowest grade of hair and you almost can’t dye and bleach 5A hair and they are only suitable for people like thick hair and the end with natural color

Depending on your money, you can choose types of hair which live up to your expectation. We advise that you should choose 7A hair extensions because they have many advantages and blends with hair textures. Ivirgo Hair is proud of being the wholesale hair vendor and we have many types of hair extensions (5A, 6A, 7A, 8A, 9A) so that you can choose comfortably.

Different types of hair braid extensions (Bulk hair, weft hair, tape-in hair, lace frontal and closure, clip-in hair,…). What are pros and cons of each type of hair extensions?

Tape-in hair

Tape-in hair extensions are suitable for women with fine, thin hair. Tape-in hair extensions are pre-bonded hair to sections of your own hair using a double or single sided tape. The tape wefts are lightweight that is gentle on hair. Therefore, they help your hair become long and thick without any damage. Tape-in hair extensions include no tools or chemicals. You can be safe when using them.

Because of many highlights, tape-in hair extension is very popular. You can see below to know the reasons:

  • Affordable cost: Tape-in hair extensions are the least expensive hair extensions for the cost of extensions and the easy application. You only need to spend about one hour to apply them in order to have beautiful hair. The cost of the application is low so that you can be comfortable to use them
  • Easy to maintain: they can be last up to 8 – 9 months if you take care them
  • Limit the damage: Tape wefts are lightweight so that they don’t cause any danger. You can reusable for many times before removing them.
what are the different types of hair extensions
Different types of hair extensions textures

Fusion hair extensions :

The type of extensions is suitable for medium and thick hair. They cause serious damage to fine hair. The price of them is expensive so that you should think carefully before buying them. With proper care, fusion extensions can last for a long time. However, they take much time to apply and hair is difficult to control. invisible tapes

Weft hair extensions:

Great, high-quality and are undetected when you wear them. You will feel confident and comfortable. However, they are little pricey but I think you will not regret buying them because they are really amazing. The extensions can be clamped on your hair and not moved. If you take care them, they can be used in a few months.

Clip-in hair extensions:

All clip-in hair come in one or more pieces which are also called as wefts. Clips have lightweight and don’t put pressure on your hair scalp. They are also silky, soft, bright and strong. Especially, they can be installed very quickly. If you want to find a temporary method for fine thin hair, clip-in extensions are the best choices.

You can wear them to go to the party or special events and become more beautiful, more attractive. American and English people usually use them

Bulk hair extensions:

Bulk extensions are a bundle of hair with no weft. Bulk hair is used to create weft hair extensions. Brazilian people prefer them because they can knot hair extensions and the price is affordable.

Different types of hair extensions textures (Straight hair, wavy hair, curly hair,…)

Straight hair extensions:

This type of extensions is the most popular type and many women like to buy it. Straight hair can be dyed most of the color. They are suitable for many types of hair. Therefore, most of the people can use them

what are the different types of hair extensions
Different types of hair extensions and prices

Wavy hair extensions:

Wavy hair includes three kinds of them: natural wavy extensions, deep wavy extensions, and water body extensions. They are usually Cambodian hair that makes your curly hair have soft waves.

Curly hair extensions:

You need to distinguish curly from wavy hair. Curly hair includes kinky curly and loose curly. Ivirgo Hair has full of hair types above (straight hair, wavy hair, curly hair) so that you can have more choice about hair extensions.

The list above is the answer to the question: “What are the different types of hair extension?” You completely choose the suitable hair extensions if you follow our instructions and connect with us to discuss. If you want to find out more deeply, please call us at+84 968 509 490 to hear the advice and have hair extensions you want with the best price and quality. Don’t hesitate anymore. We are welcome to you and we are friends who help you have beautiful and healthy hair!


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I have fine thin hair. Which type of hair extensions should I choose?

Thank for your question! actually with thin hair you can choose clip in or tape hair. clip in very easy to use or remove. you can install clip hair by yourself.

About tape hair you have to go to salon hair and hairdresser will apply for you. basically you can keep it.

Q: I want to find the hair extensions which have reasonable hair and can be dyed and bleach . What should I buy?

We advise that you should choose 7A hair extensions because they meet all your expectation. They also have a good quality and you don’t worry when using them

Q:I usually attend the parties but my hair is thin and weak. Can you give me some advice?

Surely. Clip-in hair extensions are the best choice for you. They are suitable for fine thin hair. Your hair will become thicker, more beautiful within a short time to apply.

Q:Thank for your sharing. I think it is very useful. Now, I found the type of hair which are suitable for me. I can be confident about my hair extensions

We are happy to hear that. Ivirgo always wants to bring meaningful sharing to the reader. We hope that you will follow our articles and like, share to support for useful information

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