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Hair dye is now one of the favorite ways that many girls can enjoy a completely new stylish look . Dyed hairs are made up of three basic colors: yellow, red, blue, and are based on a color-matching rule that designers can produce thousands of different dyed hair colors matching skin color…Many girls looking at the variety of colors in the hair color palette can be very easy to be overwhelmed.

To dye your hair the first thing you should do is to choose the right color. There are many factors for you to choose appropriate dye color. Combining these you will have dye hair color to help you younger and more luxurious. Perfect dye will tone the skin and make your eyes sparkling. Where is the new hair color suitable for you? The following color definitions will help you to find out What color is chestnut brown and famous colors for hair.

chestnut brown color hair
chestnut brown color hair

What color is chestnut brown

So what color is chestnut brown? It is a brown one with some light reddish and its name come from the color of the nuts from the chestnut tree. The chestnut seems to fit everyone. If you have natural black on your hair, it will make the chestnut color easy to blend. There are some places where the hair is slightly reddish color, but overall, this color will make your hair beautiful. Chestnut is suitable for people with straight or wavy hair. If the tone is a bit darker than your hobby, you can choose to lighten the ombre at the root of your hair or lightly gently have some white highlight in your hair.

what color is chestnut brown
What color is chestnut brown? (Source: Internet)

What color is toffee

To answer the question what color is toffee, this is a light brown hair color which is very hot and trendy now. With its gloss as well as the delicate tone, you will have a naturally smooth and natural hair that make you outstanding and a lot more pretty. It’s because of the neutral tone that you can easily combine with the costumes in different events without fear of deviation. To make it more attractive, you can have some dyed highlight with lighter bronze color, which will add to the charm of light brown toffee hair and feel like you are watching the color of what color is toffee.

what color is chestnut brown
This stunning girl answer to the question: What color is toffee (Source: Internet)

3. What color is sangria

Sangria is one of the typical Spanish cocktails. Sangria is derived from “sangre” which is thought to be blood, which is also the characteristic color of this drink. Therefore, what color is sangria has a red color of this kind of wine. Because the sangria’s hair or “pomegranate hair” is not a natural red, they will give you a more challenging, hot, attractive than the usual red. Because this hair color has the purple undertone, it is very suitable for those with dark skin tone

what color is chestnut brown
What color is sangria? (Soucre: Internet)


What color is champagne

So what color is champagne? It is the tone from 2 kinds of champagne: Red champagne and gold champagne. When the color of the gold champagne is mixed with the fair skin, it will give the face warmer and more “sunshine”. The most important thing when dying gold champagne color for your hair is to color properly if your hair turns into yellow or orange, your skin will become dull. You can add a layer of light smoke color to the hair to get more “virtual magic”.

Champagne color

Sexy and passionate, the red champagne color will be a great color tone in the fall for those who love the mature beauty. Even the stars and famous makeup experts are also fascinated by this color. Red champagne is similar to the cherry color, but more slightly, when under the sun, it is slightly more red, while in the shade it will become a light brown.

What color is hazelnut

A lot of questions about “What color is hazelnut” have been raised in the hair color question. Hazelnut or simply “peanut color, chestnut brown, milk coffee color …” is expected to be the most famous color. This color will give you a simple but trendy style. What color is hazelnut is a neutral color that can be easily combined with many different colors of skin. This light brown tone can give you more elegant but extremely luxurious, eye-catching look.

Hazelnut color

What color is truffle

This is one of the most natural and stunning hair colors so what color is truffle? It is a pure medium brown hue with one hundred percent of gray coverage. This color has no other shades to that it will allow you to show your own natural tones. What color is truffle will work best with anyone who has natural hair with dark blonde, or the darkest brown hair color.

What color is truffle
Truffle color

What color is honey

Many people are wondering What color is honey? As the name, the honey color dye has a brown base that combines with brilliant yellow shades. This hair color will make your skin brighter. Not too boring and not too prominent. we can say this honey color of hair is very attractive, giving a smooth shining feeling from the tips to the tops of your hair. In addition, this is a color suitable for all faces, so just combine light makeup and you will be really standing out and special.

what color is chestnut brown
What color is honey? (Source: Internet)

What color is cranberry

Let’s move to the last color of your article today. What color is cranberry? It is a mixture of red and dusty pink, which is a bright red with pink shades. Do not worry about the highlight of the color because with this reddish color you will find yourself becoming more youthful and modern. What color is cranberry red when combined with bright white skin will help overall face more prominent, more impressive.

The red of cranberry is a trend that is very popular with young people. To be able to dye this hair color, you must be really confident about the brightness of the skin. If the skin does not reach the proper brightness then you should not try this beautiful hair color.

cranberry color
cranberry color

The above is the lists of What color is chestnut brown and other beautiful hair colors for you. Hopefully, you can find the most suitable one for your hair in order to have the best new look.

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