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For the fans of the elegant beauty, maroon is believed to be an essential tone of color in their collections of clothing, lipstick and fashion accessories. Like other tone of red, Maroon has become one of the most significant color in the autumn-winter fashion trend. Up to now, it is undeniable that Maroon still remains its certain place in the fashion trend in the world. Because of its popularity, many people raise a question: “ What colors do you mix to make maroon ?” Let find out the answer in the following post.

What is the color maroon?

What colors do you mix to make maroon
Color maroon

Maroon is a mixture of brown and purple. Although in theory, it is known as a mixture of colors, it can be considered as a dark variant of unsaturated red. The name “maroon” of this dark brownish red color originates from the French word marron, or chestnut.

What colors do you mix to make maroon?

What colors do you mix to make maroon
Creating maroon by mixing blue, red and yellow

Maroon is a dark red color that many people like when choosing to paint or dye. Maroon like other colors is a mixture of three basic colors including red, blue and yellow.  The results are usually decided by the shades color of red, blue and yellow that you have used, so we cannot know the exact ratio of the colors used for combining three colors. Therefore, we should do it in careful and patient way in order to attain the exact shade of maroon you want. It’s too easy and simple to achieve maroon just by combining three colors: red, blue and yellow, so let’s now see the steps in the Maroon recipe.

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Step 1: Mix Red and Blue

What colors do you mix to make maroon
what colors do you mix to make maroon

We cannot figure out the exact ratio for mixing red, blue and yellow to create maroon. However, it is believed that combining red and blue have specific ratio and the ratio is 5:1.

Considered as a darker color, blue is likely to overwhelm the red color and produce a blueish tinge instead of a true reddish brown. Therefore, you will need a lot of red to mix color, with five parts red for every one part blue.

Each time, add only a few amount of paint to avoid wasting. When you have determined the right amount of paint, you can mix a large amount of maroon paint

Step 2: Add Yellow Color

What colors do you mix to make maroon
Add Yellow Color

We know that basically Maroon is created by two main colors blue and red. However, just with two colors, we can see that it is difficult to make a precise maroon shade. That is the reason why we need to add the yellow to the mixture of blue and red.  The yellow color is carefully added in small amounts in order to create a brownish trace to the mixture.

The result that blue and red can create a color tone from purple to dark brown or not depends on the precise color of the paint. A little yellow may cause the original red and blue mixture to turn reddish brown.

Add one or two drops of yellow and mix until it dissolves completely. Continue adding a few drops of yellow until the mixture becomes reddish brown and you can attain the exact maroon you want.


Step 3: Test the Paints Hue

It is necessary to find out the color hue after the maroon color is created. A dark red hue is considered as the ideal hue for the perfect maroon color. Since reddish brown is a dark color, it is difficult to determine the hue of the color you just created.

To figure out the hue, add some white to your reddish brown color. The color you see when adding white is the color tone of the paint. However, you should take only a little color to test the shade instead of adding white to the whole paint, which can cause your color to change.

If your maroon color has more violet color than red, you will adjust it by adding more yellow paint.

Maroon color in hairstyle

What colors do you mix to make maroon
Color maroon in hair (what colors do you mix to make maroon)

Considered as a dark and dangerous mixture of brown and dark red, maroon hair color can be the perfect choice for both natural and unnatural shades. We can deny that maroon hair can work well on all complexion tones, so the color is so adaptable. When mixed with blonde hair, this brownish red color can create fiery and bright beauty. Another choice for girls loving this amazing color is adding it to ends or as highlights in order to bring a warm, moody richness for hair.

That is some information about maroon color- an amazing color. Hope this post can be beneficial for you. Hope that you can find out the answer for the question: “ What colors do you mix to make maroon ?” that you desire. Thank you for spending your time reading.


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