What Colors Go With Burgundy? Mixing Tips Revealed By Stylists!  

What colors go with burgundy

Recently, burgundy is considered as one of the most trendy colors to shoppaholics and beautifying communities as a whole. Instead of choosing basic colors like black or white, now they prefer dressing up burgundy clothes. So, why is burgundy so hot? What colors go with burgundy? This post today will find out the attractiveness of burgundy!

What colors go with burgundy
What colors will match with burgundy? (Source: Internet)

Why does wear burgundy colored clothes become a trend?

It is said that everyone should have at least one burgundy clothing. It sounds quite ridiculous but true. Burgundy is a beautiful color which is suitable for most of figures, both men and women. The reason is that burgundy is not too bright as other bright color, so it can cover some defects of your body. If you are not thin, this color is so ideal to consider when you go shopping. Also, burgundy is not too dark. Therefore, you do not need to worry that this color will darken your face and body, like black. It can even brighten your face. However, to choose what colors go with burgundy is not an easy task.

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Burgundy is more attractive when it is dyed in warm clothes. It means that in the winter, it is recommended to you to choose burgundy stuff to fill up your wardrobe because burgundy has its own visual warmth. It makes users look young as well as so gorgeous. Therefore, now you do not need to always rely on browns or golden tones anymore.

What colors go with burgundy?

To any color, if you know what colors match each other, it will be a masterpiece. In contrast, if you cannot find out what colors are suitable to wear together, your dressing will literally become a disaster. Actually, it is not so difficult to find out what color go with burgundy. However, there is a fact that not all people can be able to match burgundy with other colors well. So, today, I will introduce some colors that stylists think it can be perfect to burgundy.


What colors go with burgundy
Black and Burgundy (Source: Internet)


Black is the color which can be suitable to most of figures and most of colors. And paring burgundy with black is so amazing. This combo is so perfect for the cold months and for evening events, parties and so on.


What colors go with burgundy


Like black, the combination between burgundy and grey is really great. Grey is not strong and too dark like black, so it can give you a softer look. This combo can be suitable to wear in autumn and spring.


What colors go with burgundy
Navy and Burgundy (Source: Internet)

Another color which can be perfectly go with burgundy is navy. Navy and burgundy can bring to you a brighter look than grey and black. This shade of blue also makes you look young and active. Probably saying that navy is one of the best answer to the question “What colors go with burgundy”.


What colors go with burgundy
Camel and Burgundy (Source: Internet)

This warm tone is another choice to mix with burgundy. Camel will give you a soft and modern look. This color can also brighten your face as well.


What colors go with burgundy
Gold and Burgundy (Source: Internet)

Gold always makes people think of luxury. The combination of burgundy and gold also give you a gorgeous appearance, something so royal and noble. This combo will work best when you wear to participate in a formal event. I am sure that you will be incredibly remarkable among other people.

Stylist’s suggestions

Now, if you have already known what colors go with burgundy, now, I will give you some ways to mix this deep reddish hue clothes perfectly. Here is some suggestions for you to choose which style will be the best for you. Check it out!

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For an intense look

Burgundy is in the red family, so to make it stand out, we can mix burgundy colored items with its opposite colors on the color wheel such as greens and blues to add a pop of intensity.

Turquoise is one of the hue of greens which will be suitable to a bright shade of burgundy. To offer an understated look to yourself, you can mix burgundy with hunter green. Besides, denim really match to burgundy colored clothes.

What colors go with burgundy
The perfect combination between burgundy and denim (Source: Internet)

For a elegant look

When you want to participate in a formal event, a burgundy dress is a great choice. Mixing burgundy with analogous colors – next to burgundy on the color wheel – is so ideal. You can make you more remarkable by using some accessories like a deep pink bag or some items like a brown leather jacket to your burgundy colored shirt. Also, you can add some dazzle with the bright shades of gold or yellow. “What colors go with burgundy?” Gold, for sure!

What colors go with burgundy
A burgundy gold dress (Source: Internet)

For a monochromatic look

For gentlemen, I know that you do not want to be so “colorful”. Men usually tend to wear basic clothes with basic color like black, white or blue. However, it will look boring when you just use these hues all the time. So, to make some little change, maybe you can try a new color, like burgundy. For example, you can wear a burgundy suit like the way Actor Ryan Gosling wore in the below picture. He wore a muted burgundy suit which makes him look very swanky as well as so stylish. The way he chose a white shirt inside makes his overall appearance look so harmonious and enough, not too much.

If you are a woman, you can also wear the same. Choose a burgundy dress, and then picking some other accessories like purse, belt or jewelry and choosing a suitable shoes so they you can achieve a stand-out look wherever you are. If you are going to have an event, and you cannot decide what to wear, these examples for both men and women are not bad to take into consideration, indeed.

What colors go with burgundy
Ryan Gosling wore a burgundy suit (Source: Internet)

Make burgundy be an accent color

Actually, it can be said that burgundy can match to most of colors on the color wheel. However, if you cannot use this color correctly, it can be too far. If you are afraid that wearing a suit of burgundy is too bright and not suitable to your own style, it is ok. Another suggestion for men is to wear a burgundy shirt inside a dark-shaded suit such as brown, black, charcoal grey. A burgundy shirt or tie is an ideal option to mix with a grey suit because it can be an accent of your clothes. For women wearing pant suit, you can also use a burgundy neck scarf as an accent.

What colors go with burgundy
A man wearing a burgundy shirt (Source: Internet)

At the moment, after reading this article, I think all of you have more information about burgundy. What colors go with burgundy? Well, I guess each of you have your own answer. Hopefully, this post will be useful for to choose suitable clothes with burgundy hue and be stylish. Thanks for reading!

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