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In the last years, the popularity of hair extensions has increased dramatically. Among a variety of hair extensions types, 6a grade hair is so remarkable. This is also recommended a lot by professional experts. So, what is 6a grade? And what is the difference between 6a grade and other grades? This post will give you what you need to know. Let’s check it out!

What is 6a grade?

In general, 6a grade is 100% human hair without synthetic mixed. This grade hair can be used around 8 to 1 years, depending on how you take care of it. 6a grade is good for 12 to 18 inches, and if you are good at dying, it is fine for you to color your 6a grade hair at home.

what is 6a grade
What does 6a grade mean?

What is the difference between 6a grade hair and others?

Among a various types of grade hair, many people get confused. Maybe someone will wonder “What is 6a grade?”, “What is the difference between 6a grade hair and 7a grade hair?”. Well, it is so normal if you are not an professor.

Buying hair is like buying goodies. We need to determine “what is suitable for us?” as well as “what is suitable for our customers?” if you are a businessman. If you want to purchase hair for business purpose, you need to distinguish your market. Like a society, we have : low class market, middle class market and high class market. 6a grade hair seems to be very good for middle class market because of its affordable price and high quality. And that is why 6a grade hair becomes the best seller in hair market.

Other grade hair extensions, for example 7a grade hair, it has some similar features like 6a grade but still has a little bit differences. Certainly, 7a grade hair is longer and thicker than 6a grade hair. With full cuticle aligned, 7a grade is introduced as a natural unprocessed product which has less hair shedding and tangle. Although this grade of hair extensions is rather expensive, but it still becomes the favorites of people desiring to own long hair which is over 18 inches.

what is 6a grade
What is the differences?

Is 6a grade hair really good?

After questioning “what is 6a grade?”, a lot of people start asking some questions like “ Is 6a good?”, “6a grade hair is the best?” and more. All of these questions are quite hard to answer. There is one thing I know for certain that 6a grade hair is not the best but the most suitable for every class in hair market. Many years ago, when 4a or 5a appeared in 2014, instantly they became so popular. And this situation also happened when 6a, 7a, 8a even 9a, 10a were born in 2015, 2016, 2017 and 20018 respectively. Therefore, we can guess that the more grades are produced, the higher quality they have and following by the popularity.

However, until now, grade 6a virgin hair extensions has been still recommended for beginners who want to try using hair extensions. Experts revealed many reasons. 4a or 5a is just suitable for low class market. Although 4a and 5a grade hair extensions also have quite good quality, their lifetime is just about 1 to 3 months. In contrast, 7a Brazilian hair or 8a virgin hair is much better. They are 100% pure virgin remy hair, especially they are made of single donors’ hair which is very rare. So that why their price are really hard to accept. Grade 7a and 8a hair extensions are only suitable for high class market who can afford to buy.

Now, I guess all of you know why 6a grade hair is the most suitable in hair market, right? With great quality and nice cost, 6a is suitable for all users in all class. For sellers, grade 6a virgin hair extensions is also a great choice to introduce to your customers.

what is 6a grade
The reasons to choose 6a grade

Effective tips for taking care of hair extensions

If you think you already know what 6a grade means and why you should buy 6a grade hair, just move on to the tips you should know to care for your hair extensions. This reference is for all kinds of grade hair, not only for 6a grade.

Shampooing and Rinsing:

– Use wild or sulfate-free shampoo is the best choice in the process of caring for hair. Remember to detangle your hair extensions by using a wide-tooth comb before washing.

– Before rinsing your hair, you should be sure that the water is not too hot or too cold because too hot water can damage the hair, but too cold water cannot completely rinse dirt and shampoo from your hair extensions, so please prepare warm water. Moreover, make sure you wash from the roots to the ends of the hair thoroughly.

what is 6a grade
A sulfate-free shampoo ( what is 6a grade )


– Conditioning is a very important step. Just use a light-weight moisturizing conditioner or a leave-in conditioner and gently massage. Also, it is said that it is better for 6a grade hair and others to apply conditioner at least once a week and wrap at night, the result after that will amaze you.

– After moisturizing with conditioner, rinse again with warm water.

what is 6a grade
Moisturizing hair with conditioner ( what is 6a grade )


You should not use blow dryer to dry your hair extensions because the heat from the dryer will ruin the hair. Just let the hair air dry. Then you can brush your hair extensions with the wide-tooth comb again.

what is 6a grade
A wide-tooth comb for hair extensions

*Note: Washing too much is not essential. Actually, it depends on how many times you use your hair extensions, but it is better to just wash the hair extensions every 15 to 20 wears.

And that is everything I want to introduce to you. I hope that after reading this post, there is no one asking “What is 6a grade?” or “How can I select my own hair extension?” anymore. Finally, just remember that “Be pretty, be happy”. Thanks for reading!

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