What is 7a grade hair: Everything you need to know about 7a grade hair

In recent years, hair weave business has had a dramatic change. Today, there are a lot of different kinds of hair extensions as well as specific terms with a view to quantifying the quality of hair.

A plenty of hair purchasers usually take a hair weave extension so that they can make their own favourite personal style or they can even sell hair for business, but actually most of people don’t really know the actual types of hair what they are purchasing. You can see many nice hair sold on the websites and then you choose the one that you like and buy it without caring about the difference of each type of hair.

Having knowledge about hair grade can help you decide which one is the most suitable for you. In market, we can say the types with different prices: Low class, Middle class, and high class. Each market has a suitable hair grade. And, there are a lot of questions about 7a grade hair. So now, let’s see what is 7a grade hair and what is its features.

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what is 7a grade hair
What is 7a grade hair ? (Source: Internet)

What does 7a grade hair mean

“A” Grading system of the hair extensions is the standard used by hair weave companies to show the factories the thickness they want at the ends of their hair extensions. It does not all reflect the quality of each kind, but the portion of each strand.

To grade the thickness of hair extension, we will start at Grade A.This is the lowest grade available (the hair type of this grade is very thin and spindly), while 8A Grade is known as the highest grade available.The quality of the hair depends a lot on the thickness from the hair bundle

So, what does 7a grade hair mean or what is 7a grade hair? It is a high grade human hair with a strong and stable hair shaft. If you give it appropriate care, it can last more than a year.

The hairstyle of this grade a full cuticle and can be dyed to a dark blonde to remain good health. This is such a perfect choice for people who are looking for Brazilian hair. To preserve and protect 7a grade hair, you should apply conditioner to the hair at least once a week, and wrap it at night.

What is 7a grade brazilian hair

What is a 7a grade brazilian hair? It is one of the most popular hair type with a really good quality and worth the price. With this kind of hair, it has 100% human hair and double stitch wefts. Also, this type of hair can be dyed up to a #613 russian hair.

It is a single drawn type but it is not thin at the tips of the hair. The standard net of each budles are one hundred grams. Its silky strands will give customers a unique but natural look. This hairstyle require quite low maintenance and care. You can wear them anywhere confidently. However, if you take good care of the hair, you can actually add some months to its lifetime.

What is 7a grade virgin hair

What is 7a grade virgin hair? Grade 7a virgin hair is the same hair as the 6A grade hair but with a full cuticle, and it has had no acid bath, and is natural unprocessed. Also, the 7A hair is much thicker than 6A one, which means it has less short hair which is mixed in the hair bundles.

This hair type is cut directly from one donor only, which will last a silky look and provide soft feeling. What is more, 7a grade virgin hair can also be straighten to make different hairstyle.

what is 7a grade hair
What is 7a grade hair ? (Source: Internet)

What is the difference between 6a and 7a grade hair

A lot of questions about “What is the difference between 6a and 7a grade hair” have been raised. In general, 6A grade hair is a human hair with medium quality grade . If gaining enough proper care, it can last from 3 to 6 months.

It can be dyed up to a medium brown. While What is 7A grade hair is a higher grade with 100% virgin human hair, which has a stable shaft and natural luster. It can even last from 12 to 18 months if it is cared properly. Also, it is able to be dyed to a blonde color. The hair bundles of 7a grade hair are very full and and have natural healthy shine.

What is the difference between 7a and 8a grade hair

Another distinguish needed for another 2 types of hair is What is the difference between 7a and 8a grade hair. Quite different from 7a grade hair, 8A grade hair is 100% unprocessed virgin human hair with a full cuticle which face the direction of growth and has a very stable hair shaft. 8A grade hair can even last up to 2 years if taken good care of. It can be dyed up to a blonde color or white blonde but still remains in good health.

The 8A grade hair is a great choice for girls who like to style or dye the hair. This hair type is very bouncy and it is able to hold the wave considerably well after being styled. It is also a perfect choice for whom wants to change her hair with different styles and needs her hair to last for such a long time. If it is taken care of well enough, the 8a hair can even last in at least 2 years. Also, there is not any shedding or tangling issue with this type of hair.

what is 7a grade hair
What is 7a grade hair? (Source: Internet)

With the above article, hopefully you have a quite clear understanding about what is 7a grade hair , what is the difference between 7a and 8a grade hair, what is the difference between 6a and 7a grade hair and other characteristics of this hair type. Wishing you will find out the most hair type for yourself!

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