“What is a quick weave?”. The answer is…

You are worried about your hair that is falling down a lot. After that, you are trying to find down a range of ways to disguise your hair loss. Please, keep calm down and look at this brief post to find solution to your own hair. With this post, hopefully, you are completely able to be more confident in your hair. We sincerely introduce to you guys an intelligent and fast solution for hair. This is quick wave. So, what is a quick wave or how to look after a quick wave at your home town will be answered in this post. Let’s go!

Why do you need a quick weave?

As previously stated, that taking care of your hair naturally is said to be time-consuming and hard. However, you, guys are not worried about that. Girls used to own thin hair or short hair or even girls used to dream of having long silky hair, didn’t you? Right now, the best solution to all of your hair problems is using a quick weave.

You feel totally safe when using a quick weave. The quick weave is thin and makes you feel comfortable after the first use. Besides, it is easy for you to put on or take off in one minute without feeling hurt. More amazingly, like natural hair, you can totally dye or curl without worrying about hair loss or hair damage. So, a quick wave is really perfect for you guys, right?

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what is a quick wave

What is a quick wave?

Many people feel quite difficult to understand the question” What is a quick weave?” Actually, the process of “quick weave” is quite fast and easy to follow, and your hair exceeds your expectation. The best thing is there is no need for you to manipulate or style-making in a single day. Basically, a quick weave is a complete weave related to your hair extensions-connecting to a weave cap.

Not few people rumor that a quick weave can seriously damage your natural hair. It’s wrong, actually. If you adhere to correct tools such as complete cap, you will feel charming when using it. Also, not few people have wished to have long and strong hair extension but it seems to be expensive and needs a lot time to look after. Instead, you can use a quick hair as another choice helping your own hair become longer and stronger.

what is a quick wave

What is a quick weave hairstyle?

Depending on your interest and trend hair, you can easily to select the best quick weave hairstyle for your own hair. That selecting the kind of quick weave hairstyle seems to be extreme pivotal because it partly expresses who you are. So, let’s consider carefully first to understand” What is a quick weave?” Here are some trendy quick weave hairstyles in some recent years.

 A quick weave style with color –mixing

Make sure that you are using the right hair color products which are checked by many expert salons because there are a lot of fake products selling in the marketplace. That picking hair color products up is quite important helping you have the dream hair color as you used to wish.

what is a quick wave

A blonde quick weave hairstyle

Blonde is said to be an amazing color that you can use every time. It means that blonde is in everywhere and even no matter the season in the year. You will be confident when trying it on without having anxiety and pressure.”What is a quick weave?”, and this is an answer. With this hairstyle,you become more and more attractive no matter how you are in the crowd.

what is a quick waveA wavy quick weave hairstyle

With this style, girls, guys look younger for your age. Moreover, it is very flexible to make styles which are suitable for your facial types.

what is a quick wave What is a quick weave pronto?

What does the term” PRONTO” mean? It means that a quick weave that doesn’t consist of GEL. This method is made use of in at least two hours and lasts during from three to four weeks constantly.

what is a quick waveHow to make a quick weave pronto:

  • Step 1: Comb your hair from the root to ponytail. Make sure that you keep the position correctly with the rubber part. And then, use shampoo and conditioner for your hair. Move your hair to the position using Gel.
  • Step 2: Using a hair-dryer to dry your hair. This process may take you from 20-30 minutes to dry or even longer. Depending on kind of your hair, the time used to dry lasts longer than usual.
  • Step 3: Putting Glory GRO to protect your GEL hair and brush it on your head with the tint brush. Remember to use a dryer to dry Glory-GRO in about 15 minutes.
  • Step 4: Measure from hair extensions to the lowest part of your hair and cut the weft of your hair extension correctly depending on the previously measurement.
  • Step 5: Cut and connect the hair into a place until you reach the upper of your ear. After that, cut and make style your hair you want to wish.

How to take care of a quick weave at your own home

A quick weave has developed largely in some recent years. People will find it difficult to tell the natural hair and the quick weave hair apart. However, the weave hair is more special than your natural hair, so you need to take care of as careful as possible. Here are some suggestions for you to look after it at your own home.

Your quick weave hair needs to hygiene regularly:

  • Buying the suitable shampoo which is only used for quick weave hair
  • Using an ivory hair having wide teeth-spacing in order that you can comb it from the top to the bottom
  • Preparing water to brush (water is not too much hot or cold)
  • Mixing a little shampoo used for your quick weave hair
  • Taking the whole weave hair into the water you have prepared above
  • Brush your hair again with the warm water

If you don’t know the question” What is a quick wave ?”, hopefully, through this brief post, you can understand deeply the definition of it and the way how to make it as well. Be a smart user in order that you can become more and more beautiful without having some hair problems. Don’t wait! Please use a quick weave hair immediately to define yourself!

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