What is a wig cap: Everything you need to know

Today, the wig is not just for the hairless. Wis with different hairstyles has become one of the beauty accessories of fashionable girls. Among the variety of hairstyles, the color of the wigs, choosing the right fit for you and the trend of hair in the fashion world is not a simple thing.

You want to change your natural hair without doing any harm to your style. Or maybe you tend to try an up to date haircut and style but still aren’t ready to cut or dye a new color for your real hair.

Whatever the reason might be, a weave cap would always be an easy and convenient option to satisfy your needs. Therefore, before purchasing one, you do need some knowledge about wigs constructions. Now, let’s explore: What is a wig cap and its types of wig cap.

What is a monofilament wig cap?

Let’s answer the first question about types of wig cap: What is a monofilament wig cap? A monofilament wig cap is made from a special material that is very thin, mostly transparent and pleasant when touching. The hair in this wig cap is very light, smooth, and very natural for the scalp, because each hair is hand-sewn to make the hair texture grows like real hair

Usually, monofilament wigs are made from real human hair. A monofilament cap takes a lot of time to make, so the price for this wig cap is higher than other types of wig cap. Besides, these fibers are not as durable as human hair.

Almost every modern wigs marked as “monofilament wigs” are actually only partially monofilament. What is a wig cap is often the most important part of the wig, which is on the top, is the monofilament, while the back has a traditional structure. This reduces the cost of wigs and makes it easy to adjust with tabs.

What is a wig cap
What is a monofilament wig cap?

What is a wig cap weave

This cap is so perfect for becoming a wig! This cap is common with sew-in styles; it is kind of hair extensions on the cap instead of your hair. Having the extensions sewn on the cap can avoid the weight of hair.

The weaving cap has a kind of mesh material as a small hole on it which has adjustable straps in order to help custom fit the cap. This material works as a barrier between the weave extensions and the real underneath hair.

The special material also helps the weave extensions dry faster after washing the hair.  What is a wig cap weave can stay in the hair for  about several days or even weeks. Usually, the hairdresser will remove the weave so that to avoid the damage to real hair.

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What is a traditional wig cap

What is a traditional wig cap? With this kind of wig cap, the wafts are sewn on the surface of the cap. On the top of the cap, there is a lace top which is designed to be able to open. As the lace top is open, you can even put fingers through the lace and touch your scalp. This open lace helps to make your scalp cooler and more comfortable and fit better. The hair on the what is a wig cap is styled and cut in a specific style and the cap is crimped so you cannot see through the underneath of the cap. These characteristics also create a lift and volume. Almost traditional wigs are considered to have quite low maintenance because they are very easy to wear out of the cap. However, they have a considerable benefit with a very minimal styling and preparation needed.

What is a wig cap
What is a wig cap?

 What is a capless wig

What is a capless wig is one of the most comfortable types of wigs with a reasonable price. This kind of cap is made by machine with a construction having an open-wefting on the top of the cap in order to keep the wig light and the scalp cool. Like traditional wig cap, capless wigs also have a low maintenance because there is almost nothing to be kept.

The wig is considered capless if there is an open lace which accounts for 30-75% of the wig cap. The weft of the wigs can also open to more than 90% of the cap, and then it will have the name of “Full capless wig cap”.

What is a lace wig cap

So what is a lace wig cap of what is a wig cap. There are a lot of kinds of a lace wig constructions . You will depend on your needs and preferences to decide which one fits you most. There are  three mains kinds of lace wig cap: Front lace wigs, full lace wigs and finally, whole lace wigs.

Front Lace Wigs with the lace at the forehead and extend from ear to ear. So that this kind of lace wigs cannot make a high ponytail like the Full Lace one. Front lace wigs would give you a very natural hairline in the front.  It is usually made with two combs, one is on the front and then another on the back. This is the most popular lace wig cap.

Full Lace Wigs has a lace on the front (which is from ear to ear) and on the back, which let them be put in a ponytail. There is not any lace on the top of the cap. The middle section has a construction like a regular wig. It is often designed with two combs on the front and one on the back.

Whole lace Wigs is the kind of  what is a wig cap where the lace is all over. Its construction is very light and stretchable. They are usually made manually so that the hair has been tied to the lace by hand. The mesh lace allows the hair to be parted anywhere you want, which is breathable and light. These wigs also have 2 combs and adjustable straps.

The above is the article about What is a wig cap, which give you more informations about wig cap and its famous kinds. Hopefully you will find a suitable wig cap for you and have the best look with it.

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