What is Brazilian hair – a game changer in hair extensions?

Brazilian hair is the most wanted hair extensions in the current market for anyone who is looking for a trendy replacement. Some just buy it even without knowing the simple things like ‘what is Brazilian hair’ as their own eyes are glued on its sturdiness, softness, skillfulness, and density.

Why do we call it a game changer? As it dominates most other types of hair extensions available with its perfect quality. It can blow your mind, especially when you are ‘enjoying’ a haircut regret or the sadness of possessing unhealthy natural strands. Maybe you do not know, it is also called ‘one hair type, ten styles’ hair.

Why not come with us and see what is interesting about Brazilian hair? Today, we are going to delve into Brazilian hairstyles that can be achieved and the difference between Brazilian blowout, hair botox, and keratin treatment. The article will be presented in that order; therefore, you can skip a part that you find it useless.

What is Brazilian hair?

Like most of our articles, to provide readers with all the related information, we still give you a definition of Brazilian hair. For those who are familiar with this term, you can skip this part and continue with other helpful pieces of texts.

what is Brazilian hair
The picture has just revealed there are 10 types of Brazilian hair. (Source: Internet)

What is Brazilian hair?

You can find 147.000.000 results when typing this question onto Google, which means that it is a crowd favorite. Basically, Brazilian hair is the most prevalent hair type in South Africa in that the strands are typically soft, relatively thick and very durable. It comes in quite a few textures and it is the best suited to almost all the styles.

However, it is this popularity that distorts the trade of Brazilian hair; specifically, imitations of this type are displayed in different platforms and this seems to be uncontrollable. Hence, users are the sufferers and without adequate knowledge, you will be easily defrauded.

Brazilian hair – one type, a myriad of hairstyles

If we have to describe Brazilian hair in one word, we would say ‘versatile’. Customers are not looking for the pure Brazilian hair only; what they need are different styles and textures of it as well. It is worth noting that 10 is just an estimated number of favored types. Should you have a chance to conduct an in-depth research, the findings must be beyond your expectations.

Are you seeking for hair extensions? Forget about the definition of ‘what is Brazilian hair’ and stare at these glorious tresses. You will soon be lured into buying some (Source: Internet)

Here is the list of 10 types of Brazilian hair integrations with various styles ranging from very straight to very curly. Each kind has different curl patterns and maintenance levels. Therefore, once you find the one you love the most, please spend more time reading about them as it may need more maintenance than others. We will present all the types in form of groups in which hair shares some similarities

  • Straight Brazilian hair

what is Brazilian hair
Sometimes, traditionally does not mean out of fashion at all. Straight is common but if you know how to take advantage of it, you will rock the world! (Source: Internet)

It will be unnecessary if we provide you with a set of ‘what is Brazilian hair – straight texture’ because its name has revealed the silky straight style of strands. Thanks to straight Brazilian hair, you will immediately get a sophisticated chic and sleek look. Some hairstyle clues for you are bob cut, long bold hairstyle with a middle part and super long ponytail style – the one that rapper Cardi B rocked at the 2017 BET Hip Hop Awards.

Another kind to count is Brazilian kinky straight hair integrations. This type is the best suited to those who are looking for a natural afro look as it helps to add thickness, volume, and coarseness. It will be much more graceful if you are enjoying a loose curly hairstyle or large spiral curls.

what is Brazilian hair
To extend the lifespan of these curls, you are required to have a curling wand and a specialized brush (Source: Internet)
  • Brazilian wave hair extensions

In most articles about ‘what is Brazilian hair’, they are likely to spend at least one part to talk about Brazilian wave hair integrations. The reason is simple. Once people are looking for Brazilian ones, that means they are in love with waves and curls.

However, there are several types of waves which you can see the difference among for sure. They are loose waves, body waves, water waves, deep waves and Brazilian Spanish waves.

what is Brazilian hair
You can see the width between each wave to determine the type of weave that the hair bundle belongs to (Source: Internet)

While Brazilian loose wave hair possesses larger and looser curls, curls in body waves have some volume. The distinctive difference between the two is that each piece in body waves flow in the same direction. If you desire to mimic the image of Rihanna at the 2017 Grammys, just go for Brazilian body waves and color them red.

We do not know if we call Brazilian Russian blonde body wave as another type but we have to mention it because of its uniqueness. Blonde is back these days and it can be achieved with ease.

what is Brazilian hair
The non-traditional color you are be looking for is inexplicably glorious (Source: Internet)

Another wave to count in the introduction of ‘what is Brazilian hair’ is water wave hair extensions. This name seems strange to you a bit but imagine that different curls with various patterns flowing in different directions give it a water wave style. It may remind you of the mermaid hairstyle.

what is Brazilian hair
Do not take this hair type for granted because it í also utilized by Kim Kardashian and Chrissy Teigen (Source: Internet)

On the other hand, deep waves and Brazilian Spanish wave extensions refer to hair with a tighter curl pattern. They all help to facilitate a curlier and bouncier look for users. You can either create a high hair bun in the front of the head or just leave the soft curls in their original states.

what is Brazilian hair
Normally, the length of wave hair extensions ranges from 12 inches to 24 inches (Source: Internet)

Kinky curly Brazilian hair integrations

The kinky texture is not the one that every hair extension has. It is a thing that defines Brazilian hair, we think. In other words, when it comes to ‘what is Brazilian hair’, it is inevitable to mention the kinky feature. There are two kinds of so-called kinky texture, which are kinky curly and afro kinky.

what is Brazilian hair
Kinky curly is much more popular and less picky than the counterpart (Source: Internet)

While kinky curly gives you curlier and softer hair with identical shape and size spirals, Brazilian afro kinky hair extensions possess a very tight kinky spiral. However, both of them bring about a natural hairstyle that maybe all of the customers are looking for.

Beauty always accompanies with efforts. To keep the glorious look for a long time, you ought to follow a very high maintenance. The secret to rejuvenating curls is to using water-based moisturizer product. The perfect length of kinky hair extensions ranges from 12 inches to 20 inches.

So, this is all the 10 kinds of Brazilian hair integrations that you might happen to see out there. We do not know if this list is inspiring enough to lure you into buying a bundle but what we are pretty sure is that you can have a sound understanding of ‘what is Brazilian hair’.

Brazilian hair blowout, hair botox vs keratin treatment

In addition to questions related to ‘what is Brazilian hair’, people are also interested in Brazilian hair blowout, hair botox, and keratin treatment. Though all roads lead to Rome, each of them has some distinct differences. By ‘Rome’, we mean three aforementioned treatments create a smoothing effect, get rid of frizz, add shine, and help to significantly reduce styling time.

what is Brazilian hair
Looking at this picture, who could resist a head-turning?(Source: Internet)

While hair blowout and keratin treatment are really harsh as they contain formaldehyde and other chemicals that you may find in traditional methods, hair botox is a deep conditioning treatment which can fix the proteins in the strands by restoring the natural beauty.

Therefore, should your own hair be extremely damaged, it is highly recommended that you go for the latter one. We have received some reviews in ‘what is Brazilian hair’ column in which clients say hair botox seems too good to be true. Not only is the treatment gentle, but it also smells good, but repairs also damaged strands and adds shine.

what is Brazilian hair
Brazilian hair botox – before and after (Source: Internet)

However, this does not mean hair blowout and keratin treatment are boycotted. On the contrary, after a harsh process, all the customers are satisfied at how silky and straight their hair becomes. They are intended primarily as hair straightening methods.

To provide you with a brief summary in order that you can have a proper choice, we will enlist everything in the following table. Dos and don’ts are also included; hence, you are not fear of confusion.

Brazilian hair blowout Hair botox Keratin treatment
  • Similar to features of keratin treatment
  • Once used, it creates a lot of fumes. If you happen to inhale them, some allergic reactions may arise
  • For ladies with coarse and frizzy hair
  • A mask should be utilized
  • Hair breaking after some weeks of usage
  • Brazilian hair botox is not as strong as the two but effective in reducing frizz for a longer time
  • It is not for everyone, preferably those with fine and frizz strand
  • All hair types are welcomed
  • Hair Botox is a safe and environment-friendly hair treatment.
  • Concentrate heavily on straightening hair
  • Chemicals are strong
  • For ladies with thick curly and unruly hair
  • Have the potential to harm who are exposed to it
  • A mask should be utilized
  • Post-treatment hair breaking
  • It is available for men

Some claim that hair botox is not strong enough to give them the desired look. We would say they are not satisfied with the result at all. However, in theory, hair botox is in charge of restructuring badly damaged hair and repairing split ends. Therefore, it is nourishment-oriented rather than styling.

In a nutshell, keratin treatment or Brazilian hair blowout should be a better option if you are looking for straight and manageable tresses. Meanwhile, should you just want to bring your hair back to the day you were a teen, go for a hair botox? It is ideal for the silky look and frizz-free hair.

what is Brazilian hair
The hardest choice to make in the article about ‘what is Brazilian hair’ (Source: Internet)

To decide which option may work best for you, you should depend on the nature of your strands, the look you desire and how protective level you require. Even though you can apply these treatments at home, we do not suggest that you should do this. You had better visit a hair salon for more pieces of advice. Otherwise, you are harming yourself.

So, these are near all the fundamental information related to ‘what is Brazilian hair’, its styles and kinds of treatments available out there. We do hope that after reading these lines, you can have a sound grasp of your potential bundle of hair extensions. We are sure that you will not regret once you have a chance to wear them.

Do not forget to give your questions and feedback at the end of the article! We would like to hear more from you because the real experience is always valuable and worth it. Additionally, other customers will have an objective point of view before they are really involved in the decision-making path. Thank you for your careful reading and see you next time!

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