What is cambodian hair like and everything you should know about it

As the society advances, beauty becomes a potential industry where people are more and more caring about their own appearance. Hair extensions, therefore, are gaining their popularity, being a must-have fashion accessory for many women around the world.

The market which is worth millions of dollars has been dominated mainly by India and China. However, nowadays, people’s attentions have been diverted by Cambodian hair. So what is Cambodian hair like and why customers are falling in love with them? Follow us to learn everything about this game changer!

What is Cambodian hair like?

Cambodian hair is collected directly from Cambodia with 3 main textures, namely straight, wavy and curly. It is ethically collected from human donors and you do not need to worry about its lifespan and its healthiness.

To answer the question “what is Cambodian hair like?”, we would ensure you that Cambodian hair is long and has a natural wavy flow. It is naturally and lusciously gorgeous. At the same time, it is extremely lightweight, which enables you to add in your natural hair with carefree.

One more feature that makes you convinced by its popularity is that Cambodian hair is durable enough to withstand anything life throws at you. After applying your Cambodian hair extensions, you can be confident as you always look best in it and people hardly know that.

Anything else about the question “what is Cambodian hair like?”. Good news for you! Cambodian virgin hair extensions could be treated like your natural hair and they are easier to blend with your style. You can wash, shampoo, cut and color them in whatever way you want.

What is Cambodian hair like
What is Cambodian hair like?

While Vietnamese hair is well-known for its softness, Cambodian human hair is special for its straightness and smoothness. Many women with tangled hair spend a lot of time in salon with a desire to straighten their hair though they are aware of how much chemicals are used. Perhaps they are wasting their money and time because that artificial straight hair only lasts for months!!

So why not take advantage of Cambodian hair? Now you know what is Cambodian hair like, you trust its quality and one more thing that talks you into purchasing a bundle is that Cambodian hair is pretty easy to maintain without much effort. Their lifespan is awesome too.

So it is all about things that help you answer the question “What is Cambodian hair like?”. Now we will move on the next section about frequently asked questions about Cambodian hair.

FAQs about Cambodian hair

Is Cambodian hair good?

From the information provided in the first part “What is Cambodian hair like?”, could we affirm that Cambodian hair is good. It is the case that everything has two sides and nothing is perfect in every aspect. Cambodian is not an exception. However, we can ensure that its benefits always overwhelm its harm, which helps increase its output.

Maybe you already know that India is the dominant market that many nations seek to buy natural hair extensions. It was not until Ms. Janice Wilson found out that Cambodian women’s hair shared the same characteristics with that of Indian ones in terms of length and waves.

Then of course, when people are being raised their awareness of “Cambodian hair like” and its wonderful features, there is no doubt that its demand is getting higher and higher.

It is famous for its soft, fine and luxurious texture. Additionally, it is as natural as your own hair. It is also easy to hold curl, straighten, flat iron and curl to your tease. Therefore, it is definitely good choice.

If you do not know about this type of hair extensions, we sincerely hope that after reading the part “Cambodian hair like” and our commitment to its fineness, you would add it to your favorite cart.

Cambodian hair when compared to other hair extensions

Is Cambodian hair better than Brazilian one?

You have already learnt “what is Cambodian hair like?” and to compare the two objectively, now we get to know the features of its counterpart – Brazilian one.

what is cambodian hair like
See the difference between Brazilian hair vs Cambodian hair…
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Brazilian hair is the most prevalent hair kind in South Africa. It is typically soft, quite thick and very durable, which means it is suitable for any style, especially straight, wavy or curly style. It is able to handle color extremely well – any color I mean. Its luster is low to medium. Due to its natural density, you are advised not to use as many bundles as normally. Remember the rule: LESS IS MORE.

So what really makes Cambodian hair different from Brazilian one? Due to its density, Brazilian hair extensions are likely to frizz than the other. The ability to hold curls of the two options is pretty the same and better than Indian or Malaysian textures.

Consequently, it can be seen that both of them are superb and on top quality with affordable prices. From my personal experience, I have tried both, dyed myself and achieved positive results. It is hard to tell which one is better; therefore, it depends on the wearer and his/her preferences.

We have informed you of ‘what is Cambodian hair like” and “what is Brazilian hair like”. Now, between these two types, it is always best for you. Should you be worried about where to buy Cambodian hair or Brazilian hair which is truly originated from the native country, comment and I will give you some of my favorite reliable vendors!

Cambodian hair vs Vietnamese hair

As usual, in addition to repeating “what is Cambodian hair like?”, I would mention something about its competitor’s features. Hence, you would have an overview then make a sensible decision on what to buy. However, in this part, I would not mention Vietnamese hair characteristics.

Why? The hair from Vietnam or Cambodia is all collected from women who often wear traditional hair. By traditional hair, we mean their common features, which are strong and durable.

Nevertheless, if you are looking for much softer and thinner hair extensions, Vietnamese hair is superior. If you want coarser and thicker ones, Cambodian is better.

What is Cambodian hair like
Vietnamese hair is a neighbor of Cambodian hair

Hacks for Cambodian hair care

After you have invested a big sum on Cambodian hair extensions, it is necessary for you to understand tips and hacks to take care of your Cambodian hair. Only by caring properly will you increase its lifespan.

For good care, you really need to bear in mind the theory part about “Cambodian hair like”. Characteristics are the basement for tips and hacks to care for hair. A standard process of care includes 4 stages.

Washing tips

Cleanness is the fundamental principle. Wearing human hair extensions requires clean natural hair and scalp. As many other types of human hair extensions, top-notched shampoo and conditioner are always encouraged. Go to a salon and ask for advice!

Never forget to detangle from the ends to the roots before shampooing. Wash your hair gently in the reverse direction (downward). Dry it gentle and say no to rubbing.

Styling tricks

Heat is one of your Cambodian hair’s rival. The more you use, the shorter its longevity is. Brush Cambodian hair extensions a few times a day in a downward motion. Please utilize a high quality leave-in conditioner to maintain its softness but a sufficient quantity is suggested.

When you are about to color or perm your Cambodian hair and you do not have any experience in hair industry, do not do it yourself. All chemical treatments should be limited and taken care by stylists.

Sleeping habits

Never sleep when your hair is still wet. It is highly recommended that you tie your hair together in a ponytail to prevent tangles.

Hair treatments

For long lasting Cambodian hair extensions, moisture your hair as you do with your skin, which makes perfect sense. After activities like swimming and exercises, wash the hair immediately as dirt and sweat accumulation may become beyond our control. Remember to wear a swim cap made of latex to protect your luxurious Cambodian hair.

This article presents all domains you should know about Cambodian hair, from “what is Cambodian hair like” to how to take good care of it. We hope that after this long “essay”, you will not be confused anymore because from users’ viewpoint, we understand your difficulty in the market whose products are too rich and various.

Cambodian hair, in our opinion, is a choice which deserves your consideration. What we have written in the part “Cambodian hair like?” is truly its bonus points. It seems that it does not have minus point at all. If there is, it must be when compared to other products, it is not as good as them.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: You mention that Cambodian human hair extensions are long lasting. However, you do not give us the exact period of time it is. Now I need a number, dear!

A: Thank you for your constructive question. In term of its lifespan, it could be a year or so if you learn how to maintain it correctly. Let’s treat it as your own hair and it will live as long as possible.

Q: In average, how many hair bundles should I buy per one order?

A: It depends on your natural hair. We often suggest 2 bundles for each time and each bundle is 14-16 inches long.

Q: Does the Cambodian hair appear natural? Where do you often buy the products?

A: Absolutely, with magical hands of stylists, your hair would be real and awesome. The wind can blow, someone could touch your hair and you can swim, spa and sauna, whatever activities you want to participate in. It is really incredible. When it comes to the place that I often order hair extensions, I should go for Ivirgo or Amazon.

Q: I have just purchased a lace frontal Cambodian hair. Could you please tell me some special tips to take good care of it?

A: There are two principles that you should always bear in mind: brush with care and do not over wash. As usual, tangle free is a crucial step, requiring you to be gentle as much as possible. Avoid yanking or pulling on the lace frontal for fear of falling out or loose hair strands. You should wash this lace frontal Cambodian hair once a week then use a conditioner to remain its softness.

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