What is fine hair: Everything you need to know about fine hair

Silky, smooth, shiny hair has always been a dream to every woman. There have been thousands of writings and guides about how to grow such stream of hair; however, few of them have mentioned how to care for the hair that is already silky, smooth and shiny. Yes, I am talking about it: the fine hair. So, what is fine hair? How to know whether your hair is fine hair or not? How does fine hair look like? If those questions are still mysterious to you, then this article will help you answer them.

What is fine hair?

Fine hair is a type of hair concerning your hair texture, which classifies it from medium or coarse hair in terms of its width and diameter. Individual fine hair strands are smaller than medium or coarse hair strands in diameter. Fine natural hair owns a beautiful texture which is naturally thin, smooth and silky.

what is fine hair
Fine natural hair owns a naturally thin, smooth and silky texture.

However, this beauty leads to that fine hair rarely looks thick. It cannot hold curls well, which makes it difficult and time-consuming for you to keep your curls defined. Fine natural hair is also easily breakable and prone to fly away.

Is my hair fine hair?

You can only know your hair type by taking a strand test: take a single hair strand between your fingers and feel it. If you can not feel the hair, then yours is fine hair. If you can feel it between your fingers, it is medium. If you feel thick, strong strands, your hair is coarse hair.

However, if the guide above still could not help you out with your hair type, you can try the “thread test” suggested by Stenson. Compare one strand of your hair to a piece of sewing thread. If they two have the same width, your hair is medium hair, and if the strand is thicker or thinner, then yours is subjectively coarse or fine hair.

what is fine hair
Thread test to determine your hair type

What is fine hair: Difference between Fine and Thin hair

Yeah, some people might be confused that whether their hair is fine or thin. Though sound quite similar, these terms refer to different qualities of your hair. “Fine” refers to the thickness of one individual strand of your hair, while “thin” concerns the total density of your hair strands.

That means, it is possible that one can have hair that is both fine and thick or coarse and thin. Just run your hand through your hair stream, if you feel like there is not much, then your hair is “densely populated”. If you feel its every strand is thin, your hair is certainly fine.

What is fine hair: Fine hair care

Having fine hair can be both a wish and curse. As mentioned above, the naturally smooth, silky, shiny texture of fine hair is a dream to lots of women, and thin hair strands do not require much amount of products to coat nor time to style with the heat.

However, its “thin” look, lack of volume is always frustrating and ask you great effort to make your hair fluffy. That means it requires the perfectly right routine, products, and care in order to shape your hair the way you want.

Fine hair washing and conditioning

Because of fine hair’s nature of thin look and fragility, you would better use volumizing shampoo to improve your hair’s appearance. The best choice would be choosing products that are designed for fine hair to avoid …..

As fine hair strands are thinner than other hair types, they do not need too much amount of products applied on. You would also want to put much conditioner onto your hair, as over-conditioned hair would end up flat and lifeless. In addition, roots of fine hair are easy to get greasy, so try to focus on the ends rather than your roots.

If yours if American – African hair, you should try rinse-off conditioners for dry or damaged hair instead of “fine hair” labels. Because those for fine hair are often too light for your hair type.

Your hair, especially fine hair – is weakest when it is wet, so bear in mind not to brush or rub it vigorously. You can gently get rid of the water with a towel and try to avoid heat dry to prevent abrasion and damage. If must, use it in low temperature, which should be below 350 F, with a heat protectant.

what is fine hair
Genty pat your hair with a dry towel.

What is fine hair: Fine hair Styling

Fine hair is shiny, smooth and silky, but it lacks volume. That is why women with fine hair should stick themselves to short hairstyles: more, longer hair will weigh it down more, make it flatter and flatter. Besides, as short hair is perfect for all face shapes, you can give your fine hair a try!

People with fine hair are also suggested to wear layers of hair, as they would add more volume to the stream. Additionally, remember to stay away from heavy bangs but wispy. You may also want to try ombre dying, as it can add depth and dimension to your fine hair!

what is fine hair
Wavy bob for fine hair.

Now, the question: What is fine hair? is surely answered. These are everything you may want to know about fine hair and how to grow it more and more beautiful. Hope that you all can find the perfect solution for your fine hair now!

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