The ultimate guide to what is hair fiber and how to use it

What is hair fiber? Everyone wants to have beautiful hair but very few people know about proper hair care, good products for hair, what kind of hair and what kind of condition is suitable for their hair,… so they just randomly applied the products on their hair and have no plans, which cause unintentional and damaging results. Baldness is one of the most difficult problem to cure. Not only does it lose the natural beauty, they also make you feel unconfident when meeting the other people. Also, this leads to the hair loss on the top of head in both men and women.

So what is the most effective cure? For this hair question, we have many ways to overcome this situation. You can refer to the solutions below: Hair fiber. In this article, let’s find out what is hair fiber and how to use it properly for your hair.

What is hair fiber ?

Hair building fibers are microfibers which are natural organic keratin proteins, like a kind of protein that makes up the hair. Hair fiber has the ability to connect, tied to our hair

with static electricity, and make it look fuller and more abundant. Hair fibers are often packaged in a shaker container which is easier for customers to apply to hair.
Thanks to hair fiber, thin hair areas will disappear right the way and leave you with a thick natural hair area.

What is hair fiber
Hair fiber makes your hair look thicker with a higher volume (What is hair fiber)

How can hair fiber help you?

The first benefits of hair fiber is that, it is very easy to use. Hair Fibers products are very easy to apply, and what you have to do is to shake the bottle lightly and then just apply the fibers to the hair areas on which there are thinning hair and bald spots. This product will effectively conceal your problems and will stay completely long all throughout your day. This also gives you instant hair loss solution, which gives you the results in just less than 20 seconds.

The second benefits of hair fiber is its reasonable cost. Whilst other solutions are used to solve hair loss such as topical, medications and hair surgeries may cost you a lot of money, the hair fibers product has a quite reasonable and inexpensive price when compared to these methods.
Thirdly, this hair loss solution is very safe, as hair fiber products are made of organic keratin protein fibers which is very high quality, so you are ensured that it will not lead to any dangerous effects like any other methods. Hair fiber is guaranteed to be safe, which will not dry or make your scalp irritated.

The other benefit of hair fiber is its long-lasting feature. Hair fibers is designed to have the ability of staying all day long, and it is will not be affected by some environmental factors such as winds and heavy rain. This product assure you that this product will not make your clothes dirty as this will not weep and leave any unpleasant marks.
Hair fiber product also has a various kinds of shades that will definitely match the your original hair and roots color. It ranges from black to white shades.

Who should use hair fiber?

All sorts of people use hair fiber for a variety of reasons.

Natural Hair Loss

People suffering the natural hair loss can use hair fiber as a hair solutions because this make them gain more hair volume and a thicker, natural head. Natural hair loss is a common case with people, especially who are in elder age when their hair starts to fall out because of the age.  This will lead to the thinning hair appearance, so that why hair fibers are so beneficial in this case

What is hair fiber
Hair fiber is very helpful with people who suffer from natural hair loss (What is hair fiber)

Male and Female Baldness

This symptom is also called as androgenic alopecia, a common situation when hair loss occurs in both genders. It is featured by the thinning of hair on the top area of head. Hair fiber can manageably be used to solve this problem  because you can easily apply it to your hair in order to improve hair visual effects. Because hair fibers can stick to your natural hair, it can provide you with a thicker hair look which is definitely helpful to remain your confidence.

Alopecia Areata

This condition includes some random balding spots that can happen very suddenly on your head. As this condition is so unpredictable, you can use hair fibers to the areas where there is Alopecia Areata and reduce the thinning hair  appearance.


There are a lot of other reasons why people should choose to use hair fiber, including some kinds of bacterial infections such as folliculitis. This condition means the the follicles on your scalp get infected. This can give the consequence of hair loss, that is why using a natural hair fibers is a great option, especially because this situation is a temporary problem and you will not have to experience any serious and excessive treatments or procedures.

How to use hair fiber?

Step 1

After washing your hair, use a towel, dryer to dry your natural hair completely. Hair fibers should only be used when the hair is dry. Keep the hair fiber from your thinning hair area about 5 to 7 cm. For smaller areas of hair, you can bring hair fiber closer.

Step 2

Leave the cap completely downwards, shaking the hair fiber container and spray it on the thinning hair area. If you can not see the back of the head in the mirror, use the other hand to find the area where there is thin hair. You can bow and look up that area in the mirror if necessary. You will quickly become proficient in using hair fiber just by looking in the mirror once or completing without a mirror.

What is hair fiber
Using hair fiber with two mirrors can help you do the work easier (What is hair fiber)

Step 3

Lightly massage to spread the hair fibers throughout the area to be thickened. Then use a comb to brush and make your favorite hairstyle. You will notice that your hair will be much easier to style after being attached to hair fibers.

Step 4

If the thinning hair area is not covered up yet, sprinkle with hair fiber and then rub or spread the hair until your hair reaches the desired thickness.

Tips for using hair fiber

  • Use Toppik when your hair is dry. You can use the hair dryer to blow up the hair and put up before sprinkling Toppik to increase volume and have more space for Toppik clinging. After finishing the styling, start spraying Toppik into thinning hair. Soft massage for Toppik distribution evenly.
  • When using hair fiber the first time, you should use the phone, the camera to take photo the thin hair areas before and after using hair fiber to accurately assess the effect and experience when using the product.
  • Hair fiber will only stick to the hair, so do not sprinkle it into the baldness spot. You should only sprinkle enough hair fiber amount to avoid excess waste and achieve natural beauty.

The above is the guide to What is hair fiber, how to use hair fiber and some tips to use hair fiber properly. Hopefully you will have a natural looking hair with hair fiber. Wishing you all the best!

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