What is ombre hair: The 3 best things you need to know

Ombre hair is one of hairstyle that many women choose because beautiful hair help you bright in front of the other people. With fresh hairstyle, you will self-confident in every meeting as parties. However, some people don’t know this hairstyle, they only think to normal dye whole of hair without understanding about ombre hair. We will introduce this hairstyle as one of the way to make beauty for women.

Original of ombre hair

What is ombre hair

Ombre hair comes from the French in 19th century. Heretofore, men use “ ombre effect” in some areas, especially in fabric printing. This ombre technique is more popular that people create many graded colors. After that, in 2000s, “ ombre” is widely known as a color effect , people use it in nail art, hair-coloring.

What is ombre hair

Ombre hair is one of effect color for the hair from the dark to light, it make you become self-confident to shine when you go to the parties, go to work , even at home. “Ombre hair” is type of dying the hair that blending many color together in order that the hair color from dark to light and is harmony , good- looking.

However, ombre hair has more variations in formation process. There are two main types of ombre hair that are color from dark to light and from light to dark.

Many people wonder about “ what does ombre hair mean”. It is not a concept, ombre hair is understood simply as technique-coloring in arts. With ombre hair technique, people blend many colors together in order to find a favorite mixture.

How to own ombre hair



There are three main steps to own ombre hair that you can do it yourself at home. This effect of ombre hair usually makes the hair more bright in the hair tail. Firstly, you need to prepare essential tools such as a spoon, nylon gloves, a brush, an old bowl,…

Secondly , you carry out to bleach the hair. Finally, you dye the your hair to lighten the hair. The third steps you can dismiss because the bleach step helped your hair tail more lighter. However, after bleaching you can not be satisfy with this color, you should choose the color to dye.

Many people wonder what “ombre hair” is different with dying hair. With dying hair, you can use any color for whole of hair ( is not a effect) and “ombre hair” you just use color to lighten the hair by dying in the hair tail.

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