What is remy hair? the useful information you should know

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Nowadays, demand for human hair, especially remy hair, is more and more increasing because through the Internet you can choose any types and buy them anywhere easily. However, “What is remy hair?” is still a question which not all people have the exact answer for it.

Today, Ivirgo Hair will provide you with useful information about this type of hair so that you can distinguish it from other types:

What is remy hair?

“Remy” is a technical term of the hair manufacture and remy hair is defined as natural human hair with the intact cuticle. The cuticle is the top layer of your hair like the skin to your body. It keeps the moisture in and keeps the hair shiny, silky and moving. If the cuticle is still intact and aligned in the natural direction, it helps to protect the hair from tangling. This is the distinguishing feature of remy hair.

What is remy hair
What is remy hair?” is still a question which not all people have the exact answer for it.

However, to have a definite answer for the question: “What is remy hair?”, let’s compare it with other types of human hair:

Firstly, 100% human hair is the most popular with people. It can be from a single donor or various different donors, so texture and colors are also various including wavy, curly, straight and so on. Sometimes chemical processing will help to make all the hair not only look the same but also be aesthetically pleasing.

100% human hair is also classified into many types with various quality. Remy hair is one of the most high-quality types of 100% human hair. To make remy hair, it requires that there is no any chemical processing when the companies collect and produce it.

There is one way that you can test it to make sure if it’s real remy hair. When you wet your hand and touch remy hair, it feels smooth going down and rough going up, which means the cuticles have been intact and aligned.

The good use of remy hair is that you can style it however you want because it is completely natural human hair with high durability (at least 1 year). You can put heat tools such as flat iron, curling iron to it and bleach, dye, straighten, curl it easily.

Secondly, “What is virgin hair?” is also a popular question like “What is remy hair?”. Virgin hair has the same characteristics as remy hair. However, if remy hair can be from the various donors, virgin hair is from a single donor. This is the reason why all virgin hair is remy, but not all remy hair is virgin. In recent years, virgin remy hair is the type of hair particularly interested in by a number of our customers.

What is remy hair
Remy hair color

Ivirgo Hair is proud to be the top remy hair supplier in Vietnam

Many people misunderstand that remy hair is a brand of hair when answering the question: “What is remy hair?”. However, it is just a type of human hair. Therefore, it’s not exclusive and very popular on the market.

There are also many companies offering it, but the decision to choose remy hair from any companies is yours. Let’s choose it from a company which can make you completely trust in, and Ivirgo Hair will be really proud if our company is your number one choice.

Our company was established a long time ago, with approximately more 5 years experience in human hair business. We have the main office based in Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam.

Hanoi is located in the north of our country, a capital of the peace with hospitable people, historical sites and modern pace of life. We are very welcoming you to come to us at the address no 87, Tran Quoc Vuong Street, Cau Giay, Hanoi and visit this beautiful and busy capital.

We are a manufacturer of 100% real human hair, (no synthetic hair), 100% virgin, natural hair (original from women), 100% remy hair (full cuticles, no tangled hair) with a close relationship with many human hair collectors in Vietnam, Cambodia.

We are supplying Vietnamese hair and Cambodian hair including: bulk hair, weft hair, tape hair, tips hair (U-tips, I-tips, Flat-tips), lace frontal and closure, clip in hair. Classified according to texture, there are straight hair, wavy hair, curly hair.

In terms of the quality of products, with many highly skillful craftsmen and a strict quality control system, we can guarantee that our products are produced with most care and have the high quality with reasonable prices.

“We aim to please” – that is our motto. We understand thoroughly our customers’ demands to bring the most wonderful products to them. Currently, we are exporting to the market of Brazil, Russia, England, America, Italy, France and so on.

What is remy hair
Raw remy hair color

With the view of becoming a leading human hair supplier in Vietnam, our company is trying to penetrate more demanding markets in the future. If you are looking for a human hair supplier, let’s come to us.

With hundreds of hair companies on the market claiming to offer human hair, especially remy hair, it can be hard to decide who to trust. However, Ivirgo Hair hopes that our products always meet your requirement because your trust is our happiness.

To know more information about Ivirgo Hair and our human hair products we are supplying, please visit our website at one click the following link https://www.wholesalehairvendors.com/. To order human hair, contact us through Whatsapp, Viber, Line, Skype:+84 968 509 490.

What do you think about the question: “What is remy hair?” and our company? Or you have any questions for us. Please, leave your comments below. Thank you for your following!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How should I do to care remy hair?

A: Thank you for your question. These are 5 tips on how to care human hair, especially remy hair, Ivirgo Hair suggests you:

  • Don’t wash them everyday
  • Use moisturizing conditioners
  • Use a spacious wired comb or a soft bristle brush
  • Dry correctly
  • Avoid using heat styling

Q: I want to buy Vietnamese virgin remy hair, so how long have I been waiting?

A: Welcome you to Ivirgo Hair’s website. Although that depends mostly on where your place is, we commit to shipping as quickly as possible. Commonly, it takes you less a week to receive virgin remy hair you need.

Q: You said that the longevity of remy hair is at least 1 year. Meanwhile, some people said that it was 6 months.

A: Welcome you to Ivirgo Hair’s website. The longevity of any hair really depends on how well the owner takes care of it. However, Ivirgo Hair guarantees to provide the high quality products. You can completely believe that the longevity of our remy hair is at least 1 year.

Q: Is the price of remy hair more expensive than non-remy hair?

A: Thank you for your question. Although remy hair may be a little bit more expensive than non-remy hair, you can completely believe that our remy hair is the great hair with long durability and it is really worth of money. To get more details about prices, please click on this link: price-list

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