What is synthetic hair – 4 things you need to know about it

Recent years, together with the development of science and technology, the concept of synthetic hair is becoming more and more popular. It’s because of the needs of human beauty that wigs in general or synthetic hair in particular play an important role in creating personal styles. So what is synthetic hair and what is the reason for its widely developing?

What is synthetic hair?

What is synthetic hair?

Synthetic hair is artificial hair. People based on the development of science to produce synthetic hair besides natural or human hair. Synthetic wigs are most likely to be made of monofilament fibers, polyfilament fibers, acrylic or polyester. Synthetic wigs are usually produced in various pre-made styles such as curly, wavy, or straight. Although these wigs are machine made, in many cases we can not distinguish Synthetic Hair and Human Hair.

Differences between synthetic hair and human hair

What is synthetic hair?
Synthetic hair and human hair

Materials – The most fundamental and visible difference between synthetic hair and human hair

Human hair is made from real human hair. So what is synthetic hair made from? Synthetic hair is made from non-human materials-plastic. Because of the different materials, the cost of the two types is different, too.

Generally, synthetic hair can be bought at a lower price than human hair. Depending on the financial capability and the purpose of use, consumers will choose the most appropriate type.

Different characteristics of synthetic hair

When use and take care of wigs, we have to pay attention to the characteristics of each type to make the most appropriate choice. For human hair, we can comfortably dye or style, make for curly and straighten like your real hair. On the other hand, for synthetic hair, styling hair becomes more and more difficult. The excessive temperature of hairdressing tools or strong chemical dye will cause the damage of synthetic hair. It is even more difficult for us to restore damaged hair. Therefore, we can hardly expect the flexibility of synthetic hair.

One plus point of synthetic hair is that you can use it as soon as you unbox it. There is no need to spend much time taking care of your synthetic wig. Synthetic hair is also less tangled than human hair even when you get wet.

In fact, you can own both types of hair so that you can easily choose which one to wear in each suitable situation. Each type has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Why should you choose synthetic hair?

Synthetic hair and its affordable price

The biggest advantage of synthetic hair is its affordable price. A synthetic wig will cost you much cheaper than a human wig. For the hairstyles that you want to try once or twice to find out whether it suits you or not, synthetic hair is the right choice. You have not to spend so much money and instead, you will be able to pay more attention to your costume or other accessories.

Use synthetic hair for time saving

A synthetic wig can make you pleased if you do not want to waste your time in styling your hair or taking of your care. You don’t need to fully style your hair while wearing the synthetic wig. You can completely feel confident when leaving home with a synthetic wig which you only have to spend 2 minutes to wear. You still look very attractive with your shiny hair.

What is synthetic hair?
What is synthetic hair

Synthetic hair – An easy choice

If you are confused about the different hair types and hair origins (Chinese, Indonesian, Indian and European/Caucasian) of human hair, you can comfortably choose synthetic hair. All you have to care about are which style of hair and which color of hair that suit you. Confidently choose a synthetic wig and you can completely capture the attention of everyone.

Four steps to take care of your synthetic hair

Washing your synthetic hair extensions

The shampoo which is light and easy on your hair is recommended to use when washing. It should be a shampoo specially formulated for synthetic hair. However, a mild shampoo is always a good choice when you cannot find one for synthetic hair.

Conditioning the hair

Because the hair is not natural, moisturizing conditioner will not be as effective as it is on human hair because the synthetic hair cannot absorb it. You should use a conditioner that is very oily, like a deep conditioning treatment.


Don’t use a blowdryer because It can damage the hair. Blow drying the hair can permanently change the curl or wave pattern of the hair. It will cause a lot of useless tangles that will ruin your extensions. Wrap them up in a towel, and let them sit dry without interfering.


What is synthetic hair?
What is synthetic hair

Using a wide-toothed comb ensures that you will have far fewer snags when you are combing the hair since the teeth are wider. If the hair is curly, wavy or other textures, you can spritz the hair with water to comb it. In this case, water is the best tool.

Here are the basic facts about synthetic hair that we all need to know to apply for ourselves. It is not a coincidence that synthetic hair is so widespread. However, in addition to the benefits that synthetic hair brings, we also need to pay attention to the limitations of synthetic hair so that user can have the best experience when using it.

Wear synthetic hair once and get yourself the best answer for the question “What is synthetic hair?”. Let’s use synthetic hair as a jewelry to help you shine and be confident in daily life.

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