Parenting guideline: when does baby hair texture change?

Parenting is such a beautiful time of each individual’s life in that it marks your adulthood and from that moment, you are not living for yourself only. As the first-time mom or dad, you can look after and watch your baby’s face all day long without any complaints. You even take it seriously when you keep asking “when does baby hair texture change?” or “when can my dear talk?”.

All parents nurture their love in each question the raise regarding the baby’s appearance and activities. This article is to inform you of little changes in your baby hair texture and several tips on taking good care of it.

Hair and baby development

Before rushing to know “when does baby hair texture change”, you should be equipped with background knowledge about a baby development as his/her hair will change or grow based on age.

According to Shalders (2015) it takes a baby 12 months to undergo the transformation from a helpless newborn to an active toddler. However, 12 months for babies is not a long time at all because they grow and change at an astonishing space which makes you amazed somehow.

+Baby hair in the womb

when does baby hair texture change
The very first photos of your baby can make you jump for joy. (Source: Internet)

As you can see in the picture, some babies have hair even before they are born; therefore, it is not the case that all babies are born bald. In week 14 of pregnancy, babies show a soft layer of lanugo on their face and body. When they turn to week 32, these signs of hair can be seen much more clearly.

Newborn hair

Normally, it is divided into 2 stages which are newborn hair growth and newborn hair loss. As mentioned above, some arrive on the scene will a full head while some come out with little or no hair. However, they all meet at a point which their hair will end up falling out anyway.

when does baby hair texture change
Little cutie with a little hair on his head (Source: Internet)

Ivirgo Hair Factory will go into details in the next part because it is the change that you desire and want to ask about. In other words, it is the answer to the question “when does baby hair texture change”.

When does baby hair texture change

This part has three parts in which you will be informed of time and how noticeable the change is.

Newborn hair growth

At the top of the change is the hair growth where baby hair continues growing in the same texture as they are born with. These strands are so fine and soft that you may feel that  fine  touch of yours can take them away from the baby head.

Remember that any hair coming with your babies at birth or starting to grow soon after, will fall out. You do not need to worry as it is just a normal process that every single baby has to undergo. It also paves the way for a more important process in which mature hair, a hair type you will wear forever, will grow.

Newborn hair loss

During this stage, you just can’t do anything but wait for the mature hair to come. Depending on each baby, the hair growth can be at different rates; so, we cannot provide you with an exact answer to your question “when does baby hair texture change”. Nonetheless, you can expect mature hair to grow at about 6 months of age.

when does baby hair texture change
It is still regarded as a milestone for baby texture to change (Source: Internet)

In other documents, they even compare newborns to golden retrievers as they can become bald as a cue ball. Plummeting pregnancy hormones are to blame for this hair loss. They also trigger a phase called “telogen” – a resting phase and the last phase of the hair cycle (Hair Transplant Mentor, nd).

Newborn hair growth

You do not need to wait for such a long time because it passes rather quickly. Therefore, the question “when does baby hair texture change” has not been repeated many times as the first stage of the circle.

Once the first cycle ends, the next cycle starts with the growth. This means so much to the change in baby hair texture. You may be surprised at how strange your baby look.

During this stage, your baby hair texture and hair color change. Instead of thick and dark hair locks, your baby can appear with a lot sparser and lighter strands. Everything is possible in that your dream hair color – red may turn to ordinary blond. As for texture, normally curly will go straight and vice versa.

Once again, we cannot give you the exact time it takes for your baby hair texture change because it is just of nobody’s guess. “When does baby hair texture change” seems to be hard to answer. It can be seen that some get a totally new head after 6 months while some need 2 years or more to finish the transformation.

when does baby hair texture change
A vivid illustration for our answer to your question “when does baby hair texture change” (Source: Internet)

Care for newborn baby hair texture

No matter which hair texture your baby may have, you still have t follow these things to keep strands healthy and strong – the base for good hair texture in future. For those who desire straight locks, you should pay attention to conditioning and for those who are in love with curly hair texture, you may enjoy styling your baby hair by your naked hands.

Just enjoy the fine touch because in just next few months, they may turn to something that is beyond your expectation.

  • Do not wash your baby hair every day. More than a couple of times a week is not recommended. This also helps to relieve your stress on the baby change and limit the time you may ask “when does baby hair texture change”.
  • Gently massage baby strands with baby shampoo in order not to do harm to the scalp
  • Sometimes, you have to trim your baby hair to look presentable. Just be careful and be consistent in your haircut.

So, these are a few tricks and pieces of information that you, as a future parent, should be aware of. If you have any question or anything to share while you are taking care of your baby/infant, do not hesitate to comment below. See you in other articles!

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