Why does hair tangle so easily and how to prevent your hair from tangling

Just one thing we want you to understand that there is no running away from tangles and knots. Believe it or not, you day by day deal with hair tangle problem. Those tangles are sometimes the reasons why we get angry and are ready for cutting our hair.

So, why does hair tangle? For those who suffer from tangles, in this article today, you will thoroughly understand what the tangles is, why does hair get tangled so easily and how to prevent your hair from tangling.

It’s actually all about finding out what’s going on with your hair tangle, and the best ways to fix and care for it. Let’s get started!

why does hair tangle

What is tangled hair?

Tangled is referred to a hair in a confused mass. If the hair’s tangled, you can’t brush or comb through it. Needless to say, this tangles is a potential enemy to cause hair damage and hair breakage, even make it painful whenever you brush and style your hair. There are a lot of external factors that impact on your hair such as wind, sleeping or sports activities, and it seems to be hard to prevent this from happening. The anti-fans of tangled hair suppose that straight hair may seem easy to brush but it becomes more often than curly locks. On the other hand, some people assume that curly hair tends to get tangled easily.

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why does hair tangle

By the way, whether you’re curly hair fans or straight hair lovers, you all want to get away from tangled hair troubles and have sweet dreams about shiny – smooth and healthy hair, right? Let’s go to the next point of our story and answer the question of why does hair tangle?

Why does hair tangle easily?

You are not using enough conditioner

As you know, conditioner is such a boon and the best care treatment for every hair issue. There are lots of women still skip the conditioner step after brushing hair. That’s terrible! Maybe they understand in the wrong way that shampoo lifts the cuticles and that’s all.

This is the point! Because the conditioner is necessary to form and seal the cuticles. What’s more, it helps reduce the stress and tangles, as well as soften and protect hair after it is cleansing with shampoo.

why does hair tangle

Although you have beautiful hair or oily roots, you still need use conditioner to keep your hair healthy and have a good looking. A good hair conditioner is crucial for caring your hair after you washed it.

It not only makes your hair silky, shiny and smooth, it also helps with detangling and combing. Therefore, not using conditioner or using it not enough may cause tangling in hair. That’s why you should use conditioner instantly after shampooing to obtain tangle-free.

You are not totally detangling during wash day

It is a task that no one of us individually enjoys, but when you put it off or do half the job you will probably make things serious. Detangling is a necessary evil of the washing day. In another word, try to find an outline that runs for you, just be calm, and work in sections. Confused hairs do not miraculously leave if you neglect them. They just find other hairs to weave with.

You protect your hair inadequately at night

A tangle nightmare will come to you if you go to sleep with a wet hair. Amazingly, there are so many lazy girls go to bed without drying hair carefully and keep the wet hair until tomorrow. That’s extremely dangerous for your hair.

Furthermore, some use mental hair ties with a view to keeping your hair away from their face and tight hair too tight. Those stupid things are definitely not good for your hair and your ability to sleep peacefully through the night.

All you need to do is sleeping pillow silk case, brushing your hair out before bed, applying an overnight treatment or doing the twist.

why does hair tangle
why does hair tangle

How to prevent your hair from tangling

Whether you like it or not, our hair will hopelessly tangle. Does your hair get tangled easily? How could you do to fix it and deal with the knots? Don’t worry, we have some useful tips for you to minimize tangling and keep your hair truly healthy!

Choose the right hair care products

Keep in mind that the products containing alcohol are always out of reach because they are the number one troublemaker of your hair. Alcohol products may lead to dried hair and also tangle.

Therefore, find the way back to the natural things, use alcohol -free products or those specially designed for tangled hair. Moreover, you should invest money in buying conditioning hair care products since conditioner is great and benefits for hair. It moisturizes your hair and improves detangling. Often, it will reveal a shiny and free tangle hair.

why does hair tangle

Use a wide tooth comb to make it easy for hair tangle

It’s understandable to use a wide tooth comb or a special detangling brush for your hair. Not only it helps detangle but it also protects your hair from damaging. Be patient and start at the bottom of the knots, then work your way up until your hair is combed out perfectly.

why does hair tangle
why does hair tangle

Brush your hair frequently

It’s a good idea if you brush your hair 2 – 3 times a day, using a soft bristle brush or a wide tooth comb, especially before the shower and before sleeping. Note: Just be gentle and patient while brushing to get the best results!

Braid your hair properly

Brading is a perfect solution for hair tangle. All you need to do is typing your hair up in a ponytail, especially your hair is long and tangle and you don’t want to cut it. You’ll feel free when do some sporty activities like jumping, running or dancing.. and enjoy the whole day.

why does hair tangle
Why does hair tangle

Protect your hair while sleeping is so important

As we mentioned before, protecting your hair while sleeping is really important because your hair can get tangled when you go to bed.

  • Never sleep with the hair tied up or if you have to tie it back, go low with a soft ponytail or loose braid at the nape of your neck.
  • Sleep on a silk pillowcase: It will help reduce a breakage and remove tangling effectively
  • Brush hair before going to bed: It may get worse if you go to sleep with a lot of tangles and knots in your hair. Please spend a few minutes brushing your hair gently so that you’re tangle-free and sleep well.

In a nutshell, you finally have precise answers to the question: why does hair tangle so easily and obtain deeper knowledge about how to prevent your hair from tangling. Hope you find the tips helpful and share with others. But, again, making beauty always takes time and more patience at the beginning so keep trying and treat your hair right to get a healthy hair in the future!

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