4 Secrets About Why Does My Hair Grow So Fast Male Update 2023

A lot of men have asked the question: “why does my hair grow so fast male ” How come it seems that guys have quite a faster time to get their hair longer than girls? Some have said they were so hairy, and all their hair grows so quickly. Even when they got a shave yesterday, all of it has grown back so soon.

They’ve also noticed that their head hair grows fast when it has grown back fully just after about 2 weeks after they had a haircut. They are also hairy throughout their whole body, especially their legs and arms. This will make you feel uncomfortable, and it does not only affect the appearance but also the self-confidence of guys.

What causes fast hair growth in men and how to overcome them? In this article, let’s find out why my hair grows so fast male to find the best solutions to avoid the negative effects of this situation.

why does my hair grow so fast male
Why does my hair grow too fast male? (Source: Internet)

How genetics affects hair growth

According to many studies, if the parents are hairy, 70% of females are more likely to appear hairy, male or female. Therefore, before asking “why does my hair grow so fast male”, you can check if your parents and relatives have dense hair to see if genetics can make you get hairy

why does my hair grow so fast male
Why does my hair grow so fast male? (Source: Internet)

Eating Habits – Why does my hair grow so fast male

Eating habits are also one of the causes of why my hair grows so fast male which gives you more trouble because the hair grows so fast. According to many researchers, men’s anorexia can make the hairs on their skin denser and grow stronger. However, to explain why anorexia makes hair grow more, no scientist can find out.

In addition to anorexia, high sugar amount in a diet can also cause dense hair. That is because when you eat a lot of sweets, the amount of blood glucose that causes the body to resist insulin increases the amount of insulin, thereby stimulating the male hormone – one of the causes of the opportunity to grow more hair.

Steroid substance in medicine can fasten your hair growth

Corticosteroids are used to reduce inflammation in the body, as well as to treat asthma and rheumatoid arthritis. Corticosteroids contain cortisol hormones and over time, cortisol accumulates in the body.

It is worth mentioning that using drugs within 4 to 6 months will lead to Cushing syndrome, with signs of weight gain, swollen face, and uneven hair growth on every part of the body, and that’s also a reason why my hair grows so fast male. The risk of Cushing syndrome is higher in tablet-loaded steroids, as well as in those who use high-dose inhaled steroids for asthma, or steroid creams for the treatment of eczema or psoriasis.

Ways to stop hair from growing too fast

The reasons why my hair grows so fast male have been mentioned above, and now it’s time to find some solutions to this issue. There are some treatments, and methods you can use to prevent this problem and reduce your fast hair growth.

Do the waxing.

This traditional method can be painful; however, it is an effective way to help you reduce body hair growth. By doing this method, your body hair will be removed from the root, and it will grow back thinner, and slower. You can choose to buy wax to do the waxing by yourself at home or you can get to a spa or salon to be offered a more professional wax treatment.

Use depilatory creams.

These are chemical creams that can dissolve the hair upon application. Despite the past, in the past few years, there have been many changes in this hair removal method which made us feel more comfortable and pleasant to use as they are no longer having an awful smell and making the skin sting. These cream products, Nair for example, can dissolve the hair on the skin.

Although your hair might grow back a little faster with this method than with waxing, the hair could be thinner and lighter because of the qualities in many of these creams.

 why does my hair grow so fast male
Waxing is one of the answers to the question “Why does my hair grow so fast male”. (Source: Internet)

Use products containing soy

Soy in soy products can act similarly to testosterone which contributes to hair growth. You can eat soy foods or try to drink soy milk. Soy milk, which has a soy isoflavone solution added to it can even double the effect. However, you ought to use soy products properly because using too much soy can also lead to a hormonal imbalance.

You can use and consume soy products like edamame, soy milk, and soy burgers in your one meal per day. After some time, it may help you reduce your too-fast body hair growth.

Make natural mask to reduce fast hair growth

To reduce the body hair, you can try applying a mask including gram flour, and curd. Use one tablespoon and a pinch of turmeric. Then, add 1 tablespoon of curd and mix them well. You ought to add enough water to help it become a thick paste.

Massage gently your skin and then leave it dry. Then, rub the mixture off your face and body. Doing it three a week can prevent the fast appearance of your body hair. Water can also be replaced with yogurt or heavy cream. The mixture from these ingredients will be quite thicker, but you still apply it in the same way.

Another mask to reduce fast hair growth can be made from a lemon juice and honey mixture. You mix one tablespoon of honey with one teaspoon of sugar and the lemon juice. After that, warm up the mixture in a microwave until it becomes a thick substance, which is about three minutes. Let it cool until it is completely cool.

Dust your skin with some cornstarch or flour to make the mixture adhere to the hair. Then, apply it to your skin that has a lot of body hair with a spatula or a wooden stick. You then lay a piece of fabric over the mixture, and press it down. Let it sit for about one minute and then rip the cloth from your skin in the direction opposite to the hair growth. Repeat this with the entire hair area.

The above are some reasons about why my hair grow so fast male and some ways to fix this situation, which can give you some proper solutions to reduce the fast hair growth on your body. Hopefully, you may find it helpful and enjoyable when reading the article.

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