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Strong hair is the same as a good health. If your own hair has some basic symptoms like hair-splitting or hair loss, it may be in trouble. There is no doubt that there are a lot of people having a phenomenon of growing so slowly. Men, women, even children are considered to be victims of this situation. In this short post, we’d like recommend some detailed answers to “ why does my hair grow so slow ?” Also, we will tell you some solutions brought in by many medical experts and doctors around the world. For certain, your hair will be improved fast and effectively.

why does my hair grow so slow
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So…Why does my hair grow so slow?

With a view to treating this phenomenon as effective as possible, you do need to know the reason why hair grows so slowly by the way. This slow growth needs to be checked and addressed strictly because it relates to your health closely. Alright, these are some different reasons for slow hair growth that everyone can have.

Lack of Chronic Vitamin

This is one of the reasons leading to Vitamin deficiency by the way. This problem is a popular one for the poor, or everyone not caring about daily diet, which often occurs in America, USA, and regions belonging to the third world.

To solve this phenomenon, it’s vital that you should adhere to a healthy diet. Make sure that you are using foods having a variety of necessary nutrients with an accurate scale at all

Hair loss condition

You are finding an answer to the question “why does my hair grow so slow?” and here is the answer. There is no doubt that hair loss is a well-known reason resulting in slow hair growth. This condition can affect to both men and women. Unlike to men, women will easily see their own hair grow so slowly. It will take men a long time to see this condition.

Men may see the changes clearly when appearing thin patterns, according to experts and researchers. This problem is caused by a gene fighting against mind or the function of some other growth hormones and genes boosting and guiding growth hair stage.

why does my hair grow so slow
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Age and genetics

Both age and genetics play pivotal parts in your hair growth. When you seem to be older, your own hair has a tendency to become thinner and more brittle. Slow growth hair can also appear in your family (relating to genetics factor). Your mother or grandma has slow growth hair? Easily, you may be the victim of this problem.

If you want to gain healthier, thicker and stronger hair, please consider your own hair’s condition generally. If you define that your hair grows slower than it used to, please find a suitable solution. In some cases, doctors will support you with hair growth due to age and gene.

Bad habits in taking care of hair

Using too much styling tools becomes your habit, which can limit your growth hair. When you abuse styling tools such as combs, dryers, straighteners, or brushes, you will damage yourself your own hair. Gradually, it can impact on your tresses adversely.

why does my hair grow so slow
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Cutting your own hair frequently is an answer to the question above” why does my hair grow slowly?” This causes your own hair to grow so slowly. Cutting your hair regularly doesn’t boost hair growth quickly but it prevents your hair from hair breakage resulting in your slow hair growth by the way.

why does my hair grow so slow
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Regular blow-drying is another reason associated to your slow hair growth because it makes hair become weaker and thinner. More importantly, you should blow-drying from time to time when necessary. Also, you should use a stuff therapy to promote your hair quality.

How to treat your slow hair growth

You have already known” what does may hair grow so slow?” Therefore, in this following part, we’d like to recommend some effective tricks so that you can promote your hair growth. Anyway, you totally take care of your own hair at your home without spending a lot of time.

why does my hair grow so slow
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Eating foods with a variety of Biotin

As we all know, hair is evolved from root of the bottom follicle originated from protein cells. Therefore, to make it easy, we do need a diet with various protein, but to promote your hair faster, please make sure that you are eating Biotin foods, which helps protein building to be founded. Also, Biotin foods can also benefit your other parts in the body such as nails or eyelashes as well.

Some foods with various Biotin amount you do have in your daily meal:

  • Almonds, chestnuts or walnuts if possible
  • Eggs (its yolk consists of the highest Biotin amount)
  • Milk and cheese
  • Cauliflower
  • Avocado
why does my hair grow so slow
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Coconut oil

There is no doubt that coconut oil is used with its various benefits on your own hair, especially your slow hair growth. These are some coconut oil’s advantages that you can consider:

  • Promoting your own hair through penetrating into the follicles deeply
  • Providing the amount of fertile moist for dry hair
  • Brightening your hair as much as possible
  • Consisting of functions used to anti-bacteria with a view to massage the scalp
why does my hair grow so slow
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Cold water

Hot water will weaken strands of hair and make them become easily break. Please make sure that you are washing your hair in warm water, either hot or boil-boiling for certain.

You want to open the pores with a view to cleaning your scalp that warm water will help you. After that, closing cuticle layers prevent you from curling and getting rid of slow hair growth. Therefore, please make sure that you finishing washing your hair in cold water.

Using egg mask

One of the most effective ways to treat “why does my hair growth so slow?” is egg mask. Eggs are loaded in proteins, which can be a miraculous secret when talking about hair nourishment and new hair foundation. In this case, you can follow these steps to boost your fast growth hair:

  • Mixing a teaspoon of oil (Olive oil is the best) with an egg and follow it on your own hair and scalp
  • Waiting for 20 minutes before washing your hair
why does my hair grow so slow
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Get some Sunshine

It can’t be denied that if the amount of Vitamin D is low, it will prevent your hair from growing faster and thicker. According to a research on a magazine called Stem Cells Translational Medicine, it is said that Vitamin D have an ability to develop hair growth effectively. For certain, Vitamin D is an essential substance creating new follicles used to promote hair development.

why does my hair grow so slow
Why does my hair grow so slow Source: Internet

In short, through this post, all of you have known some possible reasons for the problem” why does my hair grow so slow?” together with a lot of treatments for this condition. Hopefully, after reading this brief post, you, guys can promote your slow hair growth more effectively so that you can have a dream, strong and healthy hair. Thanks for reading!

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