Why Does My Hair Hurt? Reasons And Solutions You Are Searching

Problems relating to hair pain are no longer a strange topic for people struggling with sensitive scalp and damaged hair structure, from small things like excessive natural oil to complicated medical situations like ringworm.

The situation can be even worse if you don’t misjudge the situation and have the wrong treatment. For the overview of hair pain, Ivirgo Hair Vendors has consulted professional dermatologists and compiled the common reasons.

This article will answer the questions: Why Does My Hair Hurt? The useful tips from professionals. Keep reading to find out!

Why Does My Hair Hurt

What Can Cause Hair To Hurt?

You are posing a threat to your hair health and scalp with a careless hair care routine. Over time, the natural texture becomes frizzy and dry, which makes you feel uncomfortable throughout the day.

Here are some common explanations if you are looking for the reasons for your hair degradation.

Not Washing Your Hair

Some people find it inconvenient to wash their hair habitually and wait for at least 3 to 5 days for a hair wash. This is only true for anyone who has just dyed their natural hair. 

If you don’t wash your hair in 3 to 5 days, oil and dandruff can accumulate over time on your scalp. Friction between these substances and your scalp is the main reason behind hair pain at a low level.

An improper hair-washing schedule also spreads natural oil throughout your hair texture, allowing gunk to cling to your hair. This can prevent hair growth and even hair loss.

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Oil And Dandruff Can Accumulate Over Time On Your Scalp

Wearing Your Hair Too Tight

People wearing hair extensions and accessories relating to hair encounter this. Improper installation methods can exert intense pressure on your natural hair and scalp.

Moreover, wearing these hair extensions in the long term produces pain and inflammation for users. Therefore, they feel uncomfortable and want to immediately remove the sleek hair extension on their head. 

Wearing wigs too tight doesn’t stop a potential pain like dandruff or excess oil. It leads to hair loss and breakage, a problem for those with thin hair and low hair volume.


Healthcare problems can lead to several symptoms relating to our bodies. Migraines are a complex medical condition, and it is challenging to endure their symptoms and consequences. 

Apart from causing throbbing pain on one side of the patients’ heads for a prolonged period, the disease makes them sensitive to surrounding sound. 

Hair Loss

Suppose your strands are shedding after washing or sleeping, especially at the top of your head. Hair loss causes our strands’ roots to become weak and easy to pull out without much effort. 

During the brushing process, many people may experience that your strands are shedding, which is synonymous with hair pain at a deficient level. 

Nerve Pain

Patients with migraines usually encounter nerve pain since migraines make their scalp hypersensitive to ambient effects, even hair shedding or a touch. 

In some severe cases, patients can encounter skin problems such as rash and irritation. The throbbing pain of migraines, the itching, and the inflammation are  a true nightmare.

How Can You Treat Hair Pain?

From patients’ perspective, facing many types of hair pain, from low to high, is difficult. We will give you some helpful treatments to tackle your hair pain effectively by identifying common reasons in the last part.

For those with excessive oil and dandruff, consider using anti-dandruff shampoo and washing your hair at least once to twice a week. Remember to apply shampoo on the scalp and spread for five minutes. 

The anti-dandruff shampoo will eliminate itching, flaking, and redness of your sensitive scalp. You can use this type of shampoo three to four times a week for severe cases as it has a moderate pH for hair health.

Consider removing your hair extensions to reduce scalp and natural hair pressure. It is advised to choose versatile hair extensions such as I-tip or clip-in extensions that allow you to remove them when washing or sleeping. Moreover, they are more affordable and easy to handle than other products.

If you have hair pain relating to migraines, there are some simple steps to get rid of the pain. Finding a quiet and peaceful environment by turning off the lights and trying temperature therapy will protect you from potential effects.

Combining medicine with a good lifestyle is the best way to deal with migraines, especially if you are older. 

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You Can Use This Type Of Shampoo Three To Four Times A Week For Severe Cases

How Can You Prevent Hair Pain?

Here are some extra tips and solutions to help you prevent hair pain in the beginning. You can easily avoid uncomfortable symptoms of hair discomfort by making necessary adjustments to your routine.

Remember not to pull hair too tight, putting intense tension on your natural hair. Those with hair extensions should refrain from styling ponytails or braids as this also loosens their hair extensions’ attachments. 

Chemical treatment and an unhealthy lifestyle are unacceptable if you want your hair growth well. Of course, you can dye your hair, but too often, hair dying is the main reason for redness and scalp flaking.


What To Do If Hair Roots Are Paining?

You can use lemon juice as a temporary solution. Mixing lemon juice with your conditioner and gently applying it to the hair roots can relieve the pain and restore the scalp’s pH. 

Is It Normal For Your Hair Roots To Hurt?

The answer is yes. People who typically bleach and color their hair are accustomed to having sensitive scalps.

Your lifestyle and hair quality are crucial in determining the structure of your scalp. Your scalp may ache just by moving your hair.

Does Hair Extensions Damage Fine Hair?

Even though hair extensions can add volume and enhance your aesthetic beauty, these products can cause long-term damage, such as itchiness, scratches, and pain, especially when you apply them. 

Consider choosing a proper installation method to protect your natural hair from annoying problems during use.


This article has helped you understand the question: Why Does My Hair Hurt? And helpful information to cope with it. It’s necessary to identify the exact reasons and adequately assess your situation. 

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact our customer service department. Thank you for reading!

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