8 major reasons why is my face so oily all of a sudden

Why is my face so oily all of a sudden

For woman, It is very obvious that beauty is one of the most important things. A beautiful, youthful and flawless complexion is the dream of any woman. However, few people have the ideal skin. Almost everyone has to experience problems related to skin care including uncomfortable oily skin problem. Most people who encounter this problem are wondering “ Why is my face so oily all of a sudden ?” and “What should I do?”. Let’s find out the main reasons of oily skin and how to tackle it.

What is oily skin?

Oily skin is known medically as seborrhea and is caused by excess skin oil produced within the pores.

Everyone needs a certain amount of natural oil to keep their skin soft and supple, but if too much sebum is produced, it can lead to acne flare-ups and oiliness which are some of the leading causes of acne.

To determine if your skin is oily or not, the easiest way is to use oil control paper. After washing your face, wait for 30 minutes, then use a sheet of oil control paper. If you have oily skin, the oil will penetrate immediately.

Why is my face so oily all of a sudden?


The skin is determined by the genes and can not be changed. If our parents and grandparents have oily skin, then we will. Remember that oily skin is not a problem, but the problem lies in the properties of oily skin such as “acne, dark skin, etc.”. And these properties will be solved if you have a proper skin care regimen.


Likely to be a genetic predisposition, many teenagers also suffer from excessively oily skin due to hormonal changes.

During puberty, fluctuating hormones can result in increased androgen levels – androgens are considered one of the top oily skin causes. Androgens are male hormones present in both males and females that signal the maturation of the skin’s sebaceous glands. As these glands mature, oil production increases.

If one day you suddenly find your face so oily, do not worry, that may be a sign of puberty!

Improper skin cleansing

Why is my face so oily all of a sudden

There are many mistakes in skincare that you often encounter such as washing too many times, using too much oil control paper and so on. These will lead to the consequence that your body have to produce more oil to offset the amount of oil that you have accidentally taken away.

Poor diet

Why is my face so oily all of a sudden

When the fast-paced lifestyle appears, people often opt for time-saving meals. Instead of family meals, people choose fast food. This will cause the hormonal instability and many other things, including excessive oil and acne formation.


Why is my face so oily all of a sudden

A polluted living environment is also the cause of oily skin. Hot weather and dust will make your skin vulnerable. People living in polluted areas will have the less healthy and oily skin.

Staying up late

Why is my face so oily all of a sudden

Our kidney, liver and lung release toxic when we fall into deep and continuous sleep. A sleep from 22h00 to 6h00 will help the body restore and of course our skin as well. On the other hand, when we stay up late, the upper three can not activate the detoxification function. Gradually, the body will accumulate toxins and produce sebum.

Unsuitable makeup product

Why is my face so oily all of a sudden
Why is my face so oily all of a sudden

The hormonal of each person is different from the other. Therefore, there are many products that are suitable for only some groups of customer. It is unavoidable that a few people get irritable with some types of cosmetics. When skin is irritated, our body also produces more oil than usual.

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Why is my face so oily all of a sudden
Why is my face so oily all of a sudden

When you’re feeling stress or anxiety your body releases cortisol, a stress hormone, which can also cause your skin to produce more oil in your scalp and skin.

How to deal with the oily skin?

Wash your face properly

Although the oily skin makes you uncomfortable, you should not wash your face 3-4 times a day. You should choose the “free oil” cleanser to reduce the shine on your face. The ideal cleanser for oily skin is the one contains salicylic acid – with a moderate amount to cleanse the oil in the pores without drying the skin.

Everybody knows that washing face with cold water has the effect of making pores smaller. In fact, warm water has the ability to clean the skin better. Skin experts recommended washing face with warm water when using cleanser. Thus, pores are dilated. Then you can rinse your face with cool water again.

Apply moisturizer

Many people still confuse that moisturizing is the main cause of oily skin. However, that is a completely wrong view. A regular moisturizing routine is vital, even for those with oily and combination skin types. Avoiding moisturizer may dry out your skin, and cause your glands to produce more sebum, resulting in even more oil.

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Use oil control papers

Why is my face so oily all of a sudden
Why is my face so oily all of a sudden

There are many types of oil control papers, which are specially designed absorbent papers that pull oil from the skin.

Oil control papers will not treat the sebum production in the skin, but they can be used to lift excess oil off the skin throughout the day to make it appear less shiny.

Always Wear Sunscreen

UV radiation is very harmful to your skin especially oily skin. Therefore, it’s important to use daily SPF to keep your skin safe and looking its best. You should look for sunscreen gels that are labeled oil-free for your oily face.

Get Enough Sleep

Why is my face so oily all of a sudden
Why is my face so oily all of a sudden

No one can deny the benefits of getting enough sleep. It is not only good for the skin but also good for the health of everyone. Sleep deprivation can result in insulin resistance. Insulin increases can result in the creation of IGF-1, a hormone that stimulates an increase in the production of sebum. Kick the habit of staying up late and you will get better skin.

Reduce stress

When you ask yourself “Why is my face so oily all of a sudden?”, be sure to keep your stress in check, as it has been connected to insulin resistance and worsened breakouts in numerous studies. Exercise regularly, practice meditation, take a relaxing bath and talk to a friend or family member to calm your nerves and release that built-up tension if you’re feeling overwhelmed.

Indeed, nobody wants to go out with an oily face. But don’t worry because a special care regimen will help us deal with sebum effectively. Instead of just wondering why is my face so oily all of a sudden, find out the cause and start an effective skincare routine!

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