Women Flat Top Haircuts: Update 2023 Information About Flat Top

When it comes to bold and stylish haircuts for women, one style that stands out is the women flat top haircut. With its distinctive and edgy look, women flat top haircuts have become increasingly popular, making a bold statement in the world of hairstyling.

We, as a collective, have embraced this trend, celebrating the empowerment and self-expression that comes with defying traditional gender norms. Women flat top haircuts not only challenge societal expectations but also exude confidence, individuality, and a fierce sense of style.

From short and sleek variations to creative and textured interpretations, women flat top haircuts offer endless possibilities for those seeking a daring and unforgettable look.

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women flat top haircuts
Women with flat top haircuts

Flat top haircuts for women: What is a flat top?

A “flattop” is a hairstyle of short haircut where the hair on the top of the head is usually standing upright and cut to form a flat-appearing shape. This shape may be short or higher, or it may be upward or downward sloping.

This women flat top haircuts is often made with electric clippers, freehand or the clipper-over-comb way. The cut can straight sides, angled sides or even rounded edges.

The flat top is a combination of two haircut kinds, the short flat top hairstyle and, the longer hi-top fade. Some famous examples for this hairstyle must include Rocky 4’s Ivan Drago or Kid from Kid ‘n Play. This haircut is always remarkable and standing out from a crowd, even if it is a signal of military or hip hop background.

women flat top haircuts
Women flat top haircuts

Women with flat top haircuts: The history of flat top hairstyle

Similar to the high top fade, flat top haircut became popular in the 1950s like a plenty of other popular men’s styles of hair. Although women flat top haircuts will give you a retro appearance that you might not commonly see on the streets nowadays, it doesn’t mean it’s a bad choice.

The structure of the women’s hairstyle of flat top is a lot unique, and there are some aspects which are the same to other cool cuts including a taper fade. You can cut and style the best flat top haircut even when your hair is straight or curly.

Flat top haircut women: How to maintain flat top at home

In order to maintain the flat top haircut at home, you girls will need some high-quality hair products, like pomade or hair wax. With black hair, you might need to have hair oil or grease because black hair has some different unique needs.

Moreover, a curly flat top could be even more difficult to maintain and style, so you need to be sure to get a product which can strong-hold and a hairdryer also. To style a flat top, you should read these following directions.

Let’s start with water, and towel. After washing your hair, or you just need to wet your hair, use a towel to wrap your hair. Use a small amount of mentioned hair care product while trying pushing your hair up.

Then, comb or brush your hair up and back, using a hairdryer if necessary to increase hold. With curly hair, you should use high-hold styling products in order to keep the women flat top haircuts long lasting and neat.

women flat top haircuts
Women flat top haircuts
women flat top haircuts
Women flat top haircuts

Women with flat top haircuts: How to cut flat top haircut

The flat top haircuts for women is somehow more common for straight hair, the curly haircut still have a possibility if you have the right cut and styling products. This is highly recommended that you get your flat top cut at a well known barber shop where the barber really knows what needs to to.

In most barber shops, especially older barbers, will know exactly what the flat top hairstyle is and how to excellently cut it. The popularity and unique beauty of this oldskool women flat top haircuts makes it a quite easy request, yet the most complex part of cutting women flat top haircuts is to get the hair at the top straight and last long. This part will be even more difficult for people with a curly or wavy hair.

To get women flat top haircuts, two sides of the hair are cut first, often with clippers being on a setting between the #1 and #4. It is recommended that there should be a high or low fade in order to have a fresh and modern cut.

Plus, your short, shaved hair on the two sides will create an outstanding contrast with the longer and higher hair on the top of the head, which allows you to show off your high hair on the top.

The barber would then comb up all of your hair, and use clippers to trim the top into the flat style. It is a lot important that the hair on the top needs being as flat as possible, so your barber may check your head twice and make some adjustments after finishing.

As the flat top fade relies so much on the consistency throughout the hairstyle, the maintenance haircut might be required at least once a month so that to keep the women flat top haircuts looking sharp and neat.


In conclusion, Women Flat Top Haircuts have emerged as a powerful and stylish trend in the realm of hairstyling. Throughout history, women have continuously challenged societal norms and expectations, and this bold hairstyle is no exception.

By embracing Women Flat Top Haircuts, we not only celebrate individuality and self-expression, but also break free from traditional notions of femininity. This versatile haircut empowers women to make a bold statement, exuding confidence and strength.

As a society, Wholesale Hair Vendors are moving towards greater inclusivity and acceptance, and Women Flat Top Haircuts exemplify the progress we are making. So, let us continue to embrace and celebrate the diversity of hairstyles, including Women Flat Top Haircuts, and encourage everyone to express themselves authentically and fearlessly.

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