Cambodian Hair

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Welcome to the world of Cambodian hair extensions, where wholesale vendors and manufacturers like us at Ivirgo Hair Factory offer you a remarkable selection. As enthusiasts in the industry, we take immense pride in sourcing virgin, raw hair from Cambodia, known for its unparalleled quality and authenticity.

Our collection of Cambodian hair is carefully curated to cater to your unique style preferences. Don’t hesitate any longer – unlock the potential of your hair with our exceptional products. Buy these extraordinary Cambodian hair extensions now at Ivirgo Hair Factory and experience the transformation for yourself.

What is Cambodian hair?

Cambodian hair is a type of human hair that is ethically sourced from Cambodian donors. It is known for its high quality, durability, and versatility. Cambodian hair extensions is available in a variety of lengths and textures, including straight, wavy, and curly. It is also a good choice for people with relaxed or pressed hair, as it blends well with these hair types.

Features of Cambodian hair

  • Healthy cuticles: Cambodian hair has healthy cuticles that are aligned in the same direction. This makes the hair less likely to tangle or matt.
  • Natural color: Cambodian hair is naturally dark brown or black. It can be dyed to any color, but it is important to use a gentle dye that will not damage the hair.
  • Silky and coarse texture: Cambodian hair has a silky and coarse texture. This makes it easy to style and gives it a natural look.
  • Can withstand heat styling and dyeing: Cambodian hair can withstand heat styling and dyeing. However, it is important to use heat protectant and a gentle dye to prevent damage to the hair.
  • Blends well with relaxed/pressed African American hair: Cambodian hair blends well with relaxed or pressed African American hair. This makes it a good choice for people who want to add volume or length to their hair without having to completely change their hair texture.

Benefits of using Cambodian hair

  • Long-lasting: Cambodian hair is long-lasting and can last for several years with proper care.
  • Retains its shape well: Cambodian hair retains its shape well, even after being styled.
  • Resistant to matting and tangling: Cambodian hair is resistant to matting and tangling, making it easy to manage.
  • Easy to style: Cambodian hair is easy to style and can be styled in a variety of ways.
  • Looks natural: Cambodian hair looks natural and blends well with other hair types.

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Ivirgo Hair Factory is a reliable supplier in the hair industry, offering wholesale Cambodian hair to customers worldwide. With a strong reputation for providing high-quality hair products, we have become a trusted source for individuals and businesses looking for authentic Cambodian hair extensions.

We takes pride in sourcing our hair directly from Cambodia, a country known for its premium quality hair. Cambodian hair is valued for its natural luster, strength, and versatility, making it a popular choice among those seeking luxurious and long-lasting hair extensions.

The factory ensures that our hair undergoes a meticulous process to maintain its integrity. Each bundle of Cambodian hair is carefully collected, sorted, and treated to ensure that it remains soft, tangle-free, and natural-looking. The hair is meticulously crafted to match various textures and lengths, catering to a wide range of customer preferences.

As a wholesale supplier, we caters to the needs of both small-scale and large-scale buyers. We offer competitive pricing and flexible ordering options to accommodate different business sizes and budgets. We commitment to customer satisfaction is evident in our prompt and reliable shipping services, ensuring that orders reach customers in a timely manner.

Ivirgo Hair Factory understands the importance of providing exceptional customer service. We have a dedicated team of professionals who are knowledgeable about our products and are ready to assist customers with any inquiries or concerns. Whether you are a salon owner, a hairstylist, or an individual looking for high-quality Cambodian hair, Ivirgo Hair Factory strives to meet your specific requirements.